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Spiritual Realisation

I'm known over the internet by the "cosmic" title Da-Renn, with surnames appended in recent years such as Zuvuya or latterly Avadhut. But for here I'm prompted to use my parental given name. A gesture of humility that is both right and good.

I'm not an intellectual (thank God) or a writer per se and this blog isn't really a blog; it's a testimony of sorts, an evolving text to be honed and expanded as I grow in Spirit and the inspiration comes. The core sentiments remain the same but mine is such a transient mind everytime I look additions or rearrangements need to be made... I'm changing all the time, in a Way entirely contrary to new age concepts.

I've never been normal 😌. Like many people nowadays and throughout history - to greater or lesser degrees - I've realised the immortality of the human spirit. This isn't mere speculation, nor is it fanciful thinking: it is explicit awareness arising from a refined sensitivity to being alive.  

Spirit is forever, no one ceases to exist.

(It is where we exist that is the great matter at hand).

So called intellectuals - the worldly wise - scoff at notions of spirit, often mistaking it for religion they generally think it's bullshit, bashing science around our heads as if it proves a point. Well science works for sure, we see that all around us, but science isn't without it's bullshit: it bullshits about our true reality. By denying the existence of spirit it is bullshitting the entire world.

I can appreciate the awesome beauty of the scientific universe, however, there's something far more profound about a human being than just physics.

I was over 30 years a new ager: musing, meditating and generally messing about. An ambiguous aspect of awareness often estranged me from the "real" world. Commonly feeling alienated from friends and acquaintances, in later years - strongly influenced by hindu thought waves - I came to know it characteristic of an Avadhuta, which made sense because human systems and socialities often appear absurd, they always have. This personal idiosyncrasy led me through religions, sub religions and the new age with it's merry assortment of star beings, ascended masters and archangels. I was deep into hinduism for years and for a time experienced Brahman consciousness. But now my head's been wholly turned and I must curtail the Infinite Absolutes to embrace some clear and present actualities.

I'm a no nonsense discerner of the human spiritual condition. With that I don't seek to gratify or sycophantically oblige anyone. As a lifelong new ager self-righteously walking "my own path" thinkin I had it all sussed and sorted I'm well aware multitudes are hyper-sensitive and extremely defensive about their beliefs, and so I warn you: my views are rather leftfield, and also somewhat controversial. I'm bound to offend. I may upset you. For those who know me this new discernment is as much of a surprise to me as it likely is to you. I don't like hurting feelings but there are many factors telling me this isn't a time to hold back because of a reluctance to do so. I don't deal in facts and figures - too many leading misleaders do that already. Instead I share experience and insight.

Some have to go through some profound shit to know what that shit is about.

I can only hope some of you don't stop up your ears but are open to the Spirit of the letter. If you bear with me I'll make myself very clear and point out the dark heritage and intentions of the love & light new age* and reveal the truth about the gamut of ascended masters, archangels and light beings  while offering a straightforward perspective on some deliberately maligned yet vitally important spiritual truths.

*I'm speaking for new agers and secular folks alike. I use the term new age loosely in reference to occultists, spiritists, mediums, metaphysicians, witches, esoteric teachers, shamans, mystical kooks, new earthers and paradigm shifters: basically everyone reading this 😘

The world is operating under an ancient esoteric dupery, a quite gigantic spiritual fugazi. With earnestness it's time to resist and admonish the attendent new age tsunami and push back hard with something old yet forever new, something right against the hordes of "cosmic" hauteurs with their fatuous parapsychogenic delusions. It's time to inform them why they are mistaken, time to help them understand the "universe" doesn't function on their terms, that it doesn't operate the way they've been led to believe: that we cannot own genuine spirituality.

High brow mystics, witches and spiritists are instilled with the notion they're being "genuinely" spiritual; but they're supporting not Genuine Divinity, only tiresome fads and fashions endemic to this planet, jumping on a variety of colourful - rickety - bandwagons - following jumping on a variety of colourful rickety bandwagonsfallow trends imposed on the psyche of earths cultures for generations.  

Designer spirituality is the new age speciality!

I'm so glad I'm not trendy.

My intention is to address the runaway spiritual madness of our times and add some pure Spirit to the metaphysical morass of the past few millennia.

I've been into a variety of exotic spirits and my own spirit most of my life, reaching the Heights and depths of the latter while heeding the copious verbiage of the former. In recent years I've come to an astonishing realisation: there is another Spirit abroad in the world, One that is nothing of me, One Purer and Holier than we can currently comprehend. 

The Spirit of Truth.  

The Spirit of Truth is One with Divine Wisdom - the wisdom of men and women pale in comparison. There is a clear human spirit/Spirit distinction, the realisation of which carries enormous ramifications for anyone, especially established new agers, if they are open. 

Realising that Spirit is startling enough but along with Spirit of Truth there is another spirit abroad in the world: the spirit of lies. Both are ancient and multifarious in activity but only one is of the Truth. The other is a liar and the father of lies. We fail to recognise the spirit of lies until we're allied with the Spirit of Truth

It takes courage and no little humility to follow the Spirit of Truth for it shows startling things about the world we live in, things devastating to our previous ways of thinking and relating psychologically and spiritually. It's apparent mankind is a deceived creation being taken for an almighty ride (and posolutely not in an amusement park) yet multitudes are exalting themselves these days: thinkin they're somethin, thinkin they've got a handle on spirituality, making careers out of being know it alls; thinkin Spirit is all to do with the body/mind - not something wholly other than. Knowledge is all the rage; but the sort of anagogic knowledge many swear by is provenanced in ancient subterfuge.

There are but two sources of spiritual knowledge: one True and Infinite, the other false and finite, merely giving the illusion of infinity.

I used to think the new age had things the right way up regarding judeo/christian scripture, but now I see how twisted it's vision of pretty much everything. I have specific insight, an inner cognition I wish to communicate and do not weave elaborate fictions around it - the new age is doing quite enough of that. I'm living and learning, and - completely distrustful of contemporary disseminators of "spiritual" doctrines, channelings and esoteric systems for good reason - receiving much needed teaching and sound guidance from inspired scripture. This is no latter-day indoctrination, my understanding has been opened to scripture. I've learned it's a secondary effect of being open to the Presence of SpiritI'd read it all before but not like I do now, something blocked my understanding, even patience for such things. I now see the twisted metaphysics behind scriptural obfuscation.

The scriptures are no dead letter. Amazingly - with the indwelling Spirit - scripture reads as if written today, the ink still wet, providing literal examples to future generations for instruction and edification.

Although much effort has been expended to defame and misrepresent, the scriptures remain spiritually sagacious: authored by ones unsullied by our sort of advanced materialism, labouring for a Greater Reality free of the materially hinged conceits, technological distractions and debased electromagnetic interferences: basically the holistic bullshit of the modern age.

We live in a world of extremes: life can be a pain in the ass or a whole lotta fun, and everything in between. This is a realm of deep darkness but also Great Light, yet it's the darkness that continues to hold sway over the mainstream.

It ain't all love 'n' light down here folks, not the way new agers think anyway. The way things are are not the way things were meant to be. Actually the way things are is a big joke and the jokes on us. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic, causing the heartbreak and brutal death of billions of people. New agers are wilfully ignorant of the whys and wherefores of the enormity of historic and contemporary suffering. The gut wrenching wickedness and immensity of hurt to both man and beast has fractured the collective human spirit; we're no longer in affinity with each other but blinkered and extremely selective with our love and empathy. "... we shouldn't concern ourselves about such things" - proclaim the new age (feel good first) fascists - "they're too negative. Follow your joy, be positive and radiate love and light." As if they're so many spiritual masters 😔

Evil exists and is everywhere folks, even in the spiritual. It's in our genes. Cognizing modern civilisations bedrock of war, suffering and death allows for a clearer perception of where we really are as opposed to where we like to think we are in make-believe (and what extreme make-believe it is passed off as reality). From the Spiritual perspective mankind is still fast asleep and living a lucid collective dreambody, currently and historically wide open to multiple incursions from hosts of shiny phantasms spreading a great many esoteric lies.

As a race we're being hoaxed wholesale. For thousands of years the earth has been held under a deep spiritual darkness; although it appears light here it is a sham light, the purpose of which is to constantly deceive. Light carries data and this planet is dominated by a spirit of fallen light projecting alluring rainbows programmed with deceptive information and delusive ideas through the prism (or crystal 😉) of humanity.

From the perspective of Spirit our world is as dark, dank and mixed up an arena as can be.

Reality is a scam on our souls most folks are in complete denial of. Mainstream science is blind to Spirit and blinding billions along with it. For all the pragmatism and endeavour science will never provide a complete answer to life, the universe and everything for Spirit cannot be measured, contained in a test tube or cultivated in a petrie dish. Spirit cannot be observed under a microscope, nor discovered via a large hadron collider.

The historical, industrial and scientific age has furthered a reality alienated from Spirit. Modern technologies and notions of quantum science actually take us further away from the Truth and from Spirit, presenting instead ultra-fallacious views of macro and microcosmic reality. Talk about creating our own reality! Sans the guidance of Spirit mankind is wide open to manifold subjective manipulations, formulating intricate ideas made into - sometimes explosive - reality.

It's in no way wise to put our faith solely in science for our ultimate progress and enlightenment, it's a dead end where Spirit is concerned. The only place Spirit can be discovered is within us.

I can appreciate the pragmatism of science while realising Spirit works just as well in the world, and more: with our cooperation we can work Miracles. As I grow in Spirit I'm learning everything anew; where once I thought as a new ager now I think the exact opposite, even against such things. Spirit does not conform to the whims of the people of the world. Spirit does not work through the sort of materialistic sciences they are entirely dependent upon. Spirit does not manifest through the self-help gurus and pop psychologists many put so much stock on these days. Spirit isn't expressed through sex or body consciousness. Spirit isn't revealed through drugs or ingesting psychedelics.  

Spirit works at the behest of a whole other transcosmic reality.

Spirit carries no airs and graces, displaying no arrogance or snobbery. The prime directive is love and service - following cosmic rules and regulations to the letter. In action Spirit is forthright and to the point. Scripture records the activities of Spirit in the affairs of mankind, scribed by those moved by the Presence of Spirit, harbouring zero desires for prestige or any fears of losing life, money or livelihood by proclaiming profound truths most people didn't like - or understand.

Only those up their own ass ignore the paragon insight of inspired scripture.

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