Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spirit vs. the New Age.


Everyone is journeying to the Mountain of God, yet many are stuck wandering around in the foothills. Many colorful tents, bazaars and diverting people can be found there. They look to this and check out that; sit down here, sit down there - often for entire lifetimes. Some are on the mountain calling down: keep your mind on the summit, begin the climb! - Darren.

I hate blowing my own trumpet, but I feel a call to brush aside the propensity for seclusion, vacate the hermitage and speak out. The best teachers are the best learners and I'm learning to be brave about  unlearning almost everything supernal I've absorbed over the last 30 odd years - which to me is an astonishing thing.

God save me from those who think they know it all and those presuming to have gone beyond my words. If they'd gone beyond my words they wouldn't be incarnate anymore. If it's not their revelation - on their terms - they don't wanna know. For me just the concept of Spirit is amazing, given what we're made to believe in this world - the actual Reality is verily mind-blowing.

I'm so contrary to the new age post 2012 and I have to go with what I've always known deep down but had to deny, even if it means losing "friends." Spirituality is not about popularity, it's not about riches or fame under the terms of this world - it's about breaking free from the bullshit.

Realising some alarming things of late, not least the massive scale of ancient deception so many are buying into, I thought it'd be radical to give thoughts of genuine spirituality, and the ever attendant eschatological concerns, a rest and go my own way, new age stylee...

... not that I've reverted to listening to channelings (God forbid) using crystals and indulging in tantra. For me it's distraction via the material world: music, the arts, decorating and furnishing my new Oxford flat etc... everyone has weaknesses. Turns out it was an invaluable lesson in understanding human/spiritual dynamics. It's all relative: the olde urge to do our own thing as if it's the right thing to do, the atavistic luciferic/spiritual rebellion still playing itself out in ever new and elaborate fashions.

The insight I and many others have procured o'er recent years can be daunting to relay for shy retiring souls more comfortable observing, so I threw the baby out with the bathwater to see what returned. Silly really for Spirit cannot be tossed aside and stayed close, continuing to give impressions and insight. This isn't always the case (with Spirit), apparently multitudes are too far gone and a lost cause, wholly absorbed as they are with age-old astral zone manipulation and new age virtual - but not quite - reality. I must have something important to say. Indeed, there are things extant and imminent I have to comment on. One thing is clear: mankind has inherited some seriously perverted numinosities.

I've observed high profile new agers since the late eighties, all through the nineties ascending earth bullshit (proffered by those ever present channeled beings) right on up to the twisted versions of "Now" we're presented with today. We live on a totally crazy planet estranged from Divinity and the new age is only perpetuating it. Too many are listening to leading misleaders or those duplicitous phantasms posing as light-filled, courteous ladies and gents; eagerly downloading the considerable profanities of apochryphal spirit's playing on human naiveties via myth, fantasy, esoteric perversions and promises of a massive - always imminent but never actually here - new age terms paradigm shift. It makes me wanna throw up. 


Love is of sole relevance to Spirit - the only Presence in creation that is meaningful and everlasting.

Loving each other is all well and good but along with pretty much everything else the Way of Divine Love is perverted. These days self-love is all the rage and taken to ridiculous, fascist levels. Much of that stems from the influence of the hindu "self-realisers" and buddhists of the last couple of ages, the ubiquitous "guru's" and "wayshowers" who took it upon themselves to guide mankind, presuming godhood. But in the face of such high-falutin BS it's properly enlightening to realise Spirit cares not a jot for self-love, personal success and worldly attainment mean nothing to the Divine. Real Divinity rejoices only in acts of un-selfish Love. Considering that, just how much of the deceit, conceit and emotional baggage we hold onto so dearly will fall away like so much retarded horseshit before the Presence of the True Spirit of Light & Life. 

How we'll grieve at the way we shamelessly puffed ourselves up, how we'll be shocked at the lies we believed in so avidly; how we'll cry about all the petty nonsense we hung onto with such staggering tenacity.

"... the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” 

“Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence. And God saw the earth, and behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth.”

Believe it or not - despite multifarious occurrences of contemporary brain-washing - that is a record of times long ago. As in the days of Noah our world is similarly debauched, or not far off. The people of Noah’s day were depraved and not in the least bit concerned about it. We can surmise disgusting even terrible things went on, abominable things in the eyes of the Most High (or anyone with a healthy degree of Spirit sensitivity). It took a thousand years before Elohim decided enough was enough and flooded the earth, eradicating for a time the extensive genetic corruptions of the watchers/nephilim. We should take Elohim's lead and be radical with our own lives, destroying everything gone before to begin anew. Yet far too many are in active denial of any need for self-sacrifice, or if they have it's sacrifice wholly on their terms. Most of 'em eschew the concept of a genuine personal sacrificial gesture because it's all about self-sovereignty and indulgence for them, in so many others it simply doesn't compute:  

"We're spiritual beings aren't we?  It's just gotta be a perfectly smooth transition from materialism and flesh worship to the fifth dimension right? Love of the world surely leads to our ascension, okIt's all love 'n' light down ere innit?  Spirit indulges us all the way, yeah??" 

Well no, no it does not. Spirit doesn't indulge you at all. There are spirits that indulge themselves through you however, and they certainly aren't good

Being ever hard at work True Spirit doesn't do comfort zones.

"Having lost clear notion of objective reality, new agers assert that everything that happens to them is really a reflection of themselves. This is called solipsism. It reduces the universe, as G.K. Chesterton put it, to 'one enormously selfish person.'"

The new age encourages us to think our temporal egos are spiritually sugared, that we are developing gods, so it's no surprise subtle and not so subtle control freakery is rife within our realm of mind, body and spirit. 

We have within and around us a limitless energy supply that ideally flows through faith, will and attention. But our faith is generally misplaced, our will largely subjugated, our attentions captivated and constantly diverted. We're endlessly distracted by sex, celebrities, technology, politics and death. Our health is under attack on multiple fronts with poisons in the air and loads of crap in our food and drink. Rather than heal and unify, the fractious new age has perverted and scattered man's innate spirituality.

The matrix of deceit extends well into the astral realms and is the cause of all the channelings and transmissions relayed to mankind over the last 150 years or so.

Away from the fanciful figments ever so prevalent, the Spiritual reality and consequence of our actual world situation passes a great many influential people right on by. They indulge make-believe before reality and draw many along with them. I used to be an activist of the new age, I couldn't get enough of it, reading loads of channeled material, never questioning the sources - it all felt so good. Now I don't trust it at all. Now it feels so bad. The Ruach ha'Qodesh simply does not use the techniques and divinations of the pagan/babylonic new age. We have to completely extricate ourselves from such activities and breathe a very different esoteric air: no easy matter for many prominent new agers swear by channeling and fortune telling and make a very comfortable living out of it thank you very much. They will not accept or consider that they're part of a grand deception for how could they be deceived? It's simply not possible 


Contrary to popular belief it's not mass awakening but high foolishness that abounds. A popular conglomerate of entities carrying serious clout in the new age are the so called Council of Nine; but for all their magniloquence, rather than enlightening they're actually hindering multitudes. The nine are yet another motley crue of unholy discarnate beings channeling through various very gullible folks. They claim to be something cosmically significant (of course) in their case Almighty GOD operating as nine principles of the universe!


Utterly ludicrous if I may say so and there are so many reasons why. For one God doesn't split himself up into nine, twelve, twenty-four or seven billion yet multitudes are falling head over heels for such insidious bullshittery. 

Here's what the apostle Sha'ul (Paul) had to say about such things: 

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

That is an insightful statement. Those early christians had transcended the concerns of the flesh and battled criminal esoteric forces all the way. As the above line of scripture clearly implies: it ain't all love 'n' light down here folks, our spiritual situation is actually very serious. For millennia mankind has been dominated by dark entities posing as light and is under mass hypnosis. The new age has lulled us into a false sense of security but it just doesn't do to be giving up our minds or projecting "light" for what light are you projecting? With empty mind who are you inviting in? Testing spirit's 3 times to ascertain their allegiance isn't gonna reveal the truth about them, they play on such things. So many are fooling themselves and everyone else along with them. We have to shake off the inherently ludicrous and "put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."  Wise words written by a Spiritually sagacious man.  

The character of Sha'ul (Paul) is much maligned as we enter the latter stage of the end-time period. There are those who consider him a liar. I'm sorry but that is a grave mistake; whoever thinks like that has a subtle dark spirit lodged in their innermost psyche, always playing on and appealing to their spiritual pride and vanities. So many are disseminating fallacious notions of scripture given by discarnate beings next of kin to chaos. In my haughty new age years I too dissed Sha'ul once or twice thinkin I knew better; but now I see better I see he was full of the same Spirit indwelling me. We shouldn't equate what Yahshua said in Matthew 24:5 with Paul's experience on the road to Damascus: he encountered the real Yahshua of Nazareth 😊 not some imposter. People are turned off of Paul because he was so much on fire with the Truth: deep, passionate and strict; full of a sense of the imminency and Power of Spiritual Reality and of God. Well you would be if you'd encountered Him so dramatically. Read Romans to get a better view of Paul.

To insult Paul is to insult the Ruach, which - scripture says - is tantamount to the unpardonable sin. Get over yourselves people, especially you (yeah YOU): be rid of your ridiculous pride and narcissism and go practice some sacred humility. 

There's nothing sillier than a headstrong new ager or systemic mystic thinking they're on a sacred mission, feeling the "force" and pretending to be someone they're not, proclaiming with stupendous conceit: "I know what I'm doing, don't tell ME what's what, I'm in control of MY life" etc etc. I've been around and corresponded with such ones many times over the years, who've gone on to get themselves in a right tizz over relationships, money, careers, and by life refusing to follow their highbrow mysticism and sense of entitlement. And if life does treat them fortunately, jeez: "It's a Cosmic Manifestation! What amazing synchronicity!! We control reality!!! And we don't hear the end of it. I've been headstrong most of my life - so prideful and arrogant - a law unto myself.  It is bullshit.  If the likes of them don't ram home the inherent deception of the new age nothing will. I've come to the conclusion they don't know what they're doing at all, not really; that current "free will" contains only a modicum of True Freedom, the rest is still very much bound to the matrix lightfield and it's illuminati sponsored cosmetic freedoms.

Since around 12 years old I've had the sense we exist because spirit exists - because Eternity exists. We cannot be this miraculously aware - I reasoned - in a closed and isolated cosmos, only by a Spiritual everlastingness.

New agers love to proclaim we're all connected. But how are we connected to everyone and everything? David Icke shouts loudly we are Infinite Consciousness. No we are not. Infinite Consciousness enables life in us sure but we are not the Infinite itself, only demented people claim to be so.

We are made of energy, we are of the universe, the latter certainly connects all of us physically, mentally, even psychically; but they are creations and not what we should be looking to for the definitive revelation of Love, Light and Truth. Our roots are in the infinite, yet like a plant isn't the soil supporting and nurturing it - we are not the Infinite. We didn't pop into existence because we can, the entirety of the cosmic establishment laid at our feet. There is an Astounding Mind, a Miraculous Hand behind our conjuring, but instead of the Truth about these things we're presented with so many fallacious cosmic ideals: such as personal godhood is attained after enlightenment, progressing over thousands of lifetimes. I don't subscribe to that crap anymore. There already is an Omnipotent God sustaining all creation and life, there's absolutely no need for another. With that in mind we shouldn't try to force our will upon the Greater Will as if our will is somehow reflective of That.

It isn't.

Mankind is still too immature to be playing with concepts of personal godhood. Contrary to popular belief we can't do what the heck we like as individuals, cultures or races without serious consequences.

Surrounding and sustaining creation are cosmic laws set forth in All Wisdom which must be adhered to, otherwise more darkness is produced, more chaos manifested. It's the same in Spirit. Refusing to follow Spiritual laws leads to enforced ignorance, strong delusion and much suffering - the epitome of a lost soul. I wonder why is it so hard to accept Spiritual laws? Because we are fallen state and under the jurisdiction of the olde adversarial powers-that-be, playing games with our psyche.

For all the urge for rebellion against the system it's utterly stupid being rebellious against Spirit

We accept the Universe exists because of precise and balanced laws with no quibbling for they allow everything to exist and for us to be alive here on earth. It's the same in Spirit: there are Harmonically Concordant Laws we must abide by if we wanna live the harmonious Spirit filled Life we were created to live. But alas the gnostics are out and fallacy reigns supreme: from the fallen, disconnected, exoteric perspective a tyrannical, jealous and wrathful god or demiurge reigns (or doesn't if you're in the Dawkins camp).


The yin-yang cosmos can be merciless to our souls if we refuse to align with Spiritual Laws.

We live in a fractured reality, our spirituality is fractured along with it. As a race we obviously aren't One. In this day and age delusion is the name of the game: believing we are Infinite Consciousness and actually being so are two entirely different states of being.

Most people's idea of the Infinite is thoroughly distorted by avidya and totally managed by the matrix. The many claiming enlightenment are merely unwitting pawns of the spirit of lucifer/satan and the ever attendent fallen angels. The rare few with a genuine sense of Divine connection - initiated by the Divine - always manage it in a sensible, pragmatic and responsible fashion, not a free for all. No one alive today can claim to be Infinite Consciousness with world transforming Authority and Power: there is no True Christ walking the earth - not yet anyway. Those making a lot of money and renown informing everyone of Infinite Consciousness while overlooking the necessary disciplines, practices and self-sacrifices are being irresponsible to say the least, to themselves and everyone else.

                            There is Only ONE Being of Infinite Consciousness.

The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that commentating scholars busy themselves over for generations. Endless literary controversy is for sluggard minds. What more quickly liberating thought than ‘God is’ - nay, ‘God’? -- Read more at: http://www.yogananda.com.au/gurus/yukteswar_quotes02.html
The rishis wrote in one sentence profundities that commentating scholars busy themselves over for generations. Endless literary controversy is for sluggard minds. What more quickly liberating thought than ‘God is’ - nay, ‘God’? -- Read more at: http://www.yogananda.com.au/gurus/yukteswar_quotes02.htm

                    Infinite Consciousness manifests solely through One Being.

As a Spiritual aspirant I can't be anything less than fascinated by the existence of a Creator of Heaven and earth. In my experience God most certainly is. That That Supreme Truth was attested to by numerous saints and sages through the ages escapes the notice of the gangs of self-absorbed new agers and conceptually twisted by the neo-vedantic guru's of the past couple centuries, even the past few thousand years. The True Light Realisers inform us that Love of and Devotion to the One True God is the Highest Spirituality and the Greatest Joy.

Here's a funny thing: new agers have no problem believing in and calling upon angels, but believing in the GOD they work for is another matter entirely.  So what's the problem? Why not call upon the Top Dog wherein All the Power of the Cosmos and Beyond resides, as did King David? Why not throw yourself entirely upon the mercy and grace of the God of Heaven and earth? Is He out of the realm of credibility in these more "enlightened" of times?  Come on now.

From a young age I've harboured a deire to know the truth of Life, the Universe and Everything. Because of that desire I've experienced periods of spiritual revelation and elevation; but nothing like what I received shortly before diving headlong into the new age scene. It came unexpectedly one day while walking and praying in unremarkable landscaped woodland near my hometown of the time. Out of the blue the regular perception of reality dramatically shifted as Pure LOVE descended from above, pouring as Living Water into an empty vessel, filling my soul to overflow. Barely able to contain the Divine Draught, my cup ranneth over. My body became as jelly, and verily the earth shook. Attempting to walk further along the sun suddenly emerged from behind a large cloud - shining brighter than usual on an otherwise overcast day - felling me flat on my face before the newly revealed Majestic Splendour. OMG expresses my awe in a trendy way but with more authenticity. I sensed Love absolutely everywhere, interpenetrating everything - within me and without. I realised that I and All of Creation existed because of Almighty Love, and that where there is such Love there is an Almighty LOVER. Simple yet bowl me over Awesome. It became quite clear that Divine Love has an Eternally Loving Source that is - for want of a more acceptable word - GOD.

I really can't do justice to the experience in so many words, you had to be there 😜 Contrary to what the new age teaches, before the Presence of GOD you hit the deck, face down on the ground - the only way you can stand is horizontal. He gave me what I could physically handle, and that was almost too much. If the Glory had increased just a little upon my senses I'm sure I would've died.

As it was my mind was sweetly blown, leaving a quivering yet ecstatic heart. A few days of after effects followed: Peace, Certainty, Awareness. I understood that of myself I am nothing and that God is Everything. It was obvious I cannot grasp God, He grasps me if he so chooses, He reveals Himself to me if He Wills it to be. He is the Heart of Hearts, the Source of All Love, Intelligence and Wisdom. He displays many Perfect Emotions but Love comes first, and it is a Super Love. The Only Way of even beginning to understand Him is by cultivating Awareness of and integrating that Transcendent yet Imminent Love I sensed interpenetrating everything, overriding even the matrix field of deception. Loving ourselves - or each other - is nothing compared to the Love of God, an Unconditional Love He desires we reciprocate for a Joyful, Miraculous Life. I realised true Spirituality is a HalleluYah, Praise the Lord type affair - pretty much as Sha'ul and the early christians described: the Spirit of daily Repentance, the death of ego and rediscovery of a Glorious Eternal Being residing beyond the universe yet entirely present within it.

To enter the True Kingdom of Heaven we have to give up our need for personal sovereignty and the desire to control, and become as little children.

"Man is not God but is to submit to God, but (helped by the spirits of antichrist) we rebel against this, always wanting to go our own way, formulating a god we are comfortable with, one that does not judge our moral failings and who is a vague cosmic force that we are part of."

It's popular to believe in a universal force a la star wars. To firmly buck that trend I'm telling you God is not energy; He is not the universe: He is the Creator of the universe - big difference! People today go on about the universe this, the universe that, I have to reply: "... the universe? Why not look to the Creator of the universe?" Yet for them God is loaded with religious undertones and to be dismissed outright without further consideration. What they're doing is substituting a wHoly other God they feel uncomfortable believing in, choosing instead to believe in something they feel part of, that in a sense is them, and so they love creation over Creator. By doing so they're committing to a corrupted lesser power eager to fill the heart void with fallen energy of one type or other: a fallen light and a false god before the True Power and Light of Life. 

God created everything from nothing, creating all cosmic and terrestrial energies from the miracle of His Being, manifesting and balancing to perfection the immense cosmic forces surrounding, penetrating and binding the galaxy together. To think energy is a part of God - or is God - is a mistake, for He is wholly other than creation and Holy other than the universe. The universal force new agers love to resonate with and spout on about is the pervading light of luciferos: a currently all-pervading fallen energy twisting and reinforcing insidious ancient agendas. The "universe" is akin to a supercomputer with the spirit of satan acting like a malicious virus infecting large amounts of time/space petabytes.  

The Most High is entirely other than creation yet fully Present and justified within it. Like it or not He is the Only One able to wield Almighty Power in a wise, loving and ultimately sensible way.  Thank God.

Everything was sorted in early creation, everything is still sorted in Him. Here's a beautiful truth: the more we reach up to God in our hearts, the more we give of ourselves and love Him more than the world the more He reaches down to embrace us, keeping us safe and supplied where it really matters - informing of the truth and dispelling the bullshit.  

We have to pull our heads out our singular and collective ass and be grounded; keep our wits about us for the devilish spirit is a real nasty fucker prowling around walking the length and breadth of the world looking to tempt and deceive.

"Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name..."

Here's a contentious issue: in these maddeningly confusing times it's vitally important to be clear about what Real Spirit is, who the Real God is. It turns out He isn't who we think He is, He isn't what we want Him to be. In recent years I've come to know the woodland Presence I experienced as YHWH or Elohim - His Aramaic/Hebrew names - for that's where my guidance led in the pursuit of Truth. It's a big issue for many but I don't have a problem with YHWH being the One True God, it makes perfect sense to me and the Spirit within me. I no longer harbour implicit bias regarding Divinity, just an openness to veracity and a willingness to be shocked and awed. As I said at the beginning, my eyes and understanding have been opened to scripture, revealing how YHWH's Image and reputation have been twisted quite on purpose for millennia. The term GOD can be a problem, but it describes Him perfectly. I find it stupid when people get into a tizz and cause a right royal tiff over Divine gender (implicit bias compels them).

YHWH gets a lot of bad press and tons of misrepresentation on purpose, via some supremely ignorant people; but His Almighty - take no shit - Character is beautifully revealed in scripture. If you take the time to look God's Love and Guidance is revealed in many details.

The ramifications of renouncing new age/gnostic concepts and accepting God as cosmic and terrestrial Ruling Father are far reaching in anyones life. Gnostics insist the Prime Creator is female, but that's an aspect of the satanic rebellion at play within them: a deep seated reaction against and rejection of the Biblical Father YHWH. If you have a problem with YHWH and cannot handle male sounding terms for the Most High, well, that's YOUR problem. I know many influential new agers think they've got a handle on the biblical God, in all bullshit they think they've got Him sussed out; but they haven't a clue. From antiquity to the present day the spirit of satan is ruler of the world and the intellect behind it. The prime directive was - and is - the distortion and perversion of the reputation, character and Word of YHWH. Yahshua - being a true spiritual radical - defied religious conventions yet remained obedient where it really mattered, against all odds, knowing His God to be the One True God and referring to Him as He, following HIM all the way to a mocking, brutal death (and Glorious Resurrection).

What's good enough for Yahshua is God enough for me 😁

The Holy Spirit is hidden from the masses of spiritually closed eyes; blindfolded by science, psychology and a plethora of psuedo-esoteric notions they follow the many broad ways leading to spiritual death. The ancient hebrews thought divorce from Spirit as good as death and many today are as good as dead and living astral zone fantasies. Ego aggrandisement, love of money and all sorts of esoteric and sexual obsessions ultimately split us asunder: right now we're "one" under a very different god than the One True God.

Under the god of this world the only similarities we share are breathing, eating, drinking and shitting.

Bearing the brunt of the new age for over 30 years I'm seeing the inherent deceit within the multifarious systems of scientific and esoteric thought I used to put so much stock on. I listened religiously to seemingly authoritative, charismatic people and the gamut of channeled messages from the merry assortment of ascended masters and star beings with all their hopes and promises ultimately leading to nothing. The conflicting and contradictory information became confusing, at times my heart and head were at odds: the philosophies of ego-self over GOD, that the universe is God; of making money before Spirit, that money is energy so give it willingly and take a lot of bullshit in return.

Sheer madness! 

"There is a kind (generation) who is pure in his own eyes, Yet is not washed from his filthiness. There is a kind-- oh how lofty are his eyes! And his eyelids are raised in arrogance."  

New ager's are always out promoting themselves, magnifying their image and supposed wisdom in the eyes of their followers, projecting a cloying self-righteousness. Yet dispensing with the bullshit facades and adopting a serious attitude: real Spirituality is all about sacrificing the ego ("I die daily") which opens a clear Way to the Presence of God. We have to be self-less in the pursuit of Real God, completely negating the popular self-more, self-love bullshitteries lapped up by multitudes today. Some of the more self-less hindu style teachers were correct in proclaiming the Highest form of Spirituality is God Devotion: to love "the Lord your God with all your Heart, Mind and Strength."  Loving your neighbour as yourself is a natural side effect of that Greatest Commandment. Scripture clearly states that our weakness is our strength, our humilty our Glory; that we should rely on God for our sustenance and guidance in all times and spaces.

It's not self-help we need but God-help.

Yahshua said: "I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me." That means exactly what it says on the tin, spoken by One allied with the Truth. The new age is topsy-turvy in this most important regard, forever confusing mortal thoughts and feelings with Gods Word and Will and replacing the Adon (Lord) with concepts of "higher self" ad infinitum.

The "higher self" is none other than Satan/Lucifer, and he's more than happy to fill you with ideas about yourself and your life that are really ideas about his-self and his plan for planet earth.

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy inner room, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."

New agers love to flaunt spirituality: sending out prayers for all to see, meditating on youtube, posting pictures with beatific expressions; attracting attention, making visible they are "spiritual" people; but showy spirituality is not genuine, it is inherently ego driven. When I pray or meditate I don't show myself off in public, I certainly don't ask for the things of the world, I pray for more awareness of the Light that gives me life and everything I need.

In the words of Sadhu Sundar Singh:

"If God is your own, then all things in Heaven and on earth will be your own, because He is your Father and is everything to you; otherwise you will have to go and ask like a beggar for certain things. When they are used up, you will have to ask again. So ask not for gifts but for the Giver of Gifts: not for life but for the Giver of Life - then life and the things needed for life will be added unto you." 

"Claiming to be wise, they became fools and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of an image of corruptible man."

New agers insist on going their own way, on following their own hearts (feelings, desires), yet scripture tells us the heart is deceitful above all things. So it's of no real use to follow our hearts because we only get more of the deluded idiots we have now, thinking they're some sort of spiritual e.t. or other exotic enlightened being incarnated with specialised knowledge on a par with - or even surpassing - all the ages of saints, sages and scripture.

Some influential serial fantasists following their hearts become delusional to such a degree they believe themselves to be God, metaphorically placing themselves on the throne of creation. I've seen one or two of 'em even crown themselves. What presumption, what arrogance! I would scream bullshit right in their faces if I wasn't so full of this damned english reserve. Man was made in the image of Elohim for sure, but is now fallen: physically and spiritually fallen. That image is utterly tarnished. We are living in the fallen image of the descendents of "Adam." Yet God is still with us when we look to Him, guiding us out of the mess in miraculous ways; but we are in no way Him. To believe we are is an irresponsible even dangerous way to think and teach.

Who do you think Yahshua went off in seclusion to pray to Himself?  Nope. His higher self? Come on now. 

Eloah does not change with the times, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; yet new age gurus believe they have the authority to twist the Way, the Truth and the Life to suit themselves: to compromise, deviate, to figuratively spit on Yahshua and do what the heck they like.

Scripture advises us to "Trust the Lord with all our heart, and lean not on our own understanding."

New age gurus and teachers gadding about posing as important persons imbued with Divine authority are absurd people feigning such things. Those stealing souls, beguiling them and making a lot of money off them - proffering esoteric perversions - are spiritually culpable. Instead of following the Way of Spirit they look to themselves and shout: "Look who I am, look what I am doing, listen to what I am saying!" Because they do not know Spirit they have to make a lot of shit up to compensate, and are encouraged to do so; taking inspiration from a whole world of hermetic deception and wilfully forsaking sacred humility for the sake of feeling powerful and in control amidst a fallen world.

Entirely ignorant of Spirit they have no recourse but to stick their head right up their ass and cry: "I'm an exotic pleiadean spirit or an aspect of a god or goddess, you must listen, because I'm so enlightened and wise - glory be (to me)." 

Such people have no business being in authority if they don't know how to come under Authority.

Man's God given intelligence and imagination has created incredible things: advancing technologies, amazing buildings, diverse musical forms, poetry, epic stories, astounding art and crafts. What remain of our higher virtues cannot be taken away, they can however be exploited, scattered or diminished.

A lot of folks really need to be knocked down a peg or three. If you can't understand what I'm saying here, if you've renounced scripture and follow your own understanding then you're not aligned to Spirit. I know how that sounds but I'm stating a fact you should be concerned about, not aloof. Aloofness is bullshit. I've known plenty of folks with highbrow spiritual attitudes in my time, I've followed a few: elitism is rife within the new age. There are new age style prophecies of migration to the Greater Reality, an exclusive seperation of those seeking truth and oneness from those choosing to stay in lies and duality. There's talk of an "Event" happening soon, paradigm shifting the planet and connecting the people of earth to the rest of the cosmos. But by taking their cues from delusional teachers or discarnate channeled beings they've got it all upside down and haven't a clue what will really happen. There's gonna be an event for sure, a real serious one: a human harvest, a sorting of wheat and tares and so it behooves us to get ourselves straight before Spirit.

The why's and wherefores of our ancient and current predicament have been revealed yet collective pride and spiritual vanity obscures perception of the Truth. The Lemurian and Atlantean stories I used to lap up with relish were supposed to be psychic remembrances, now they show up as myths rooted in epic lies. Such fanciful fictions are more alluring than the biblical stories because they tickle peoples ears and caress their immortal ego's 😉 It goes on: there are those who parrot on about how buddhism or hinduism were established long before Yahshua and christianity arrived, as if it's a significant point. But it isn't: being older doesn't make a religion better situated in truth - far from it. Yahshua came in the fullness of time, when He was meant to in the course of history.

In so many ways the Truth has been twisted and perverted to suit hermetic global agendas. But no matter how much pressure is applied the Truth always prevails and shines through. The Old and new Testament (old and renewed covenants) books were revered scripture before they became "the Bible" and all that entailed. I've come to see the book of Genesis as both allegorical and literal. "Truthers," occultists and what have you distort the meaning for their own ends but I somehow know the story is a literal allegory 😄 I'm wide open to the literal interpretation - and why not? God is miraculous by nature: an incomparable Composer, Conductor and Artist.

The fall of man happened long before the Mesoamerican, Mesopotamian and Indo-Aryan civilisations developed, allowing plenty of time for the serpent powers to slither their way into everything mankind subsequently conceived and created. The serpent influence is everywhere to be seen in the ancient and modern world (for those with eyes to See).

The Serpent powers are the reptilians, the e.t.s, the archons etc; thorns by any other name and they are legion. New agers love to big it up but the consequences of eating from the tree of knowledge and falling out of alignment with Elohim weren't at all good. There's no benefit to be had by disobeying the Most High. The dark lords ran us into the dirt then organised us; forming religions, sub religions and the new age. Darkness is being held up as light. Kundalini "awakening" is considered a desirous attainment and often presented as high spirituality; but it gives rise to the most wily of personal misconceptions. Look around at a world bombarded with sexual imagery, sexual vibes are the easiest thing to evoke, stimulate and exploit - and multitudes of unwitting new agers are totally mad for it.

The serpent forces encourage and promote sexual proclivities, even faux spiritualising it with tantric sorts for their benefit, because it is absorbed by the lower light buffer - all of it - the Most High neither receives nor requires such offerings. Sexuality is their forte: the startling truth is they harness and utilise our sexual energies to strengthen them and further enslave us.

As depicted on ancient egyptian pharaoh headdresses, the serpent now stands before the ajna of many a prominent new age guru, eclipsing the True Light with darkness - "illuminating" with sham light.

It's time to dispense with the beguiling, deceitful serpent powers and take a fill of Holy Spirit, ultimately raising the morphic fields of nature back to lion lying down with the lamb levels. It is the Most High who ensures our release, not from below but from above. With the Holy Spirit on board it's like being born again: being born from above. True Power comes with Alignment to the Righteous Will of Almighty Spirit.

"Then Seth and Eve went towards paradise, and Eve saw her son, and a wild beast assailing him, and Eve wept and said: 'Woe is me; if I come to the day of the Resurrection, all those who have sinned will curse me saying: Eve hath not kept the commandment of God.' And she spake to the beast: 'Thou wicked beast, fearest thou not to fight with the image of God? How was thy mouth opened? How were thy teeth made strong? How didst thou not call to mind thy subjection? For long ago wast thou made subject to the image of God.' Then the beast cried out and said: 'It is not our concern, Eve, thy greed and thy wailing, but thine own; for (it is) from thee that the rule of the beasts hath arisen. How was thy mouth opened to eat of the tree concerning which God enjoined thee not to eat of it? On this account, our nature also hath been transformed. Now therefore thou canst not endure it, if I begin to reprove thee.' - The Apocalypse of Moses (or the life of Adam and Eve)

I hate to use apocrypha in my argument because they can open a can of worms, but in the pre-fall period the animal and bird kingdoms saw man in the image of God subordinate to him and her. But the fall took the wholistic fields of nature down a few levels - out of  Eternity into decay - and everything changed. Life became unnatural and un-Spiritual. Now life feeds upon life and death is all too familiar. Along with the animal kingdoms the geological and crystal kingdoms are fallen state and all nature spirits are - directly or indirectly - in the service of the serpent forces. We were given dominion over the earth, the gaia mind was subordinate to the mind of man. However, due to the serious breach of contract we now "crawl on our bellies" like the snake to fill our stomachs everyday instead of receiving sustenance from undiluted cosmic light, prana and the vital chi energies contained in pre-fall fruit and vegetables. Because of disobedience the earth was turned spiritually upside down; now our heads are no longer situated in Divinity but fixated on flesh and material concerns. The Light of Divinity became obscured from sight: the Ruach ha'Qodesh left us, rendering man "naked" and wide open to spiritual deceptions. Where once we possessed eternal life, now we have to literally die.

Once upon a time-space mankind enjoyed Dominion over all natural things, but gave away dominion to a deceitful lower power, causing the "schism" of David Icke philosophy, a deep chasm between Divinity and man. Throughout the subsequent millennia of darkness we've been manipulated to where we are now. For all the scientific advancements our modern world is built upon struggle and survival, on primal fears of lack, loss and death. Entrapped in the extremes of duality hierarchies were created, placing us in positions of masters and servants, rich or poor. There's no true equality or fairness in a harsh dog-eat-dog world of success or failure, have or have not, or have just a little and be happy with it. Under constant temptation and coercion mankind was subdued and divided: where once we walked amidst a garden in daily communion with God, now we walk amidst extreme dichotomies on a heavily polluted prison planet.

Men are from Mars, women from Venus?  No we're from Eloah but the division between the sexes often appears extraplanetary. Instead of relying solely on God we have to rely on each other, creating all manner of exotic ideas divorced from truth (twin flames and soul mates), conflicts and bullshit attitudes to compensate for the acute absence of the Ruach. 

I for one am no longer impressed by ones inflating their personal relationships to cosmic levels.

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."

"I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him."

True Light enters awareness from the spiritual Above, purifying carnal thoughts, transforming fears and base needs of survival with the surety of guidance and supply. But as per usual this topsy-turvy world flips shit around, making a big deal out of illumination from the bottom up - mistaking the strong sensory currents and surges for enlightenment. The former way is ego-less, the latter ego-more. Thus we have the new age of today, dominated not by Spirit but by sexual titillation, hoaky mysticism and ego aggrandizement.

The same questions are expressed time and again: "why does God allow suffering to exist in the world; why doesn't He do this, why doesn't He do that" etc. Well let me break it down: mankind is responsible for all the suffering in the world, period. Eloah is a Holy El placing Omnipotent Power in His Word. Words mean little to people today, they swear and cuss without concern or regret ad infinitum; but Eloah's Word carries Absolute Power. By His Word He created and sustains the entire universe. Eloah said to man: "...replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth." He turned authority and control over the earth to mankind absolutely - without reservation - and so no longer directly controls and dominates what happens in our affairs, essentially limiting what He could do. He wasn't gonna micromanage our affairs either, it was all up to us. He didn't intend for us to give our power to satan but we did, and so His hands were tied. God created everything good but mankind - with satanic help - polluted creation. Hey ho, what's done is done, what follows, follows. He Will NOT go against His Word, for if He did His Divine Integrity would be compromised and the entire universe obliterated.

As it happens Eloah (with infinite ingenuity) has intervened in a myriad of amazing ways - through those aligned with His Spirit.


New agers mimic spiritual abundance like apes mimicing humans.

In our current metaphysical climate God is 1% Knowledge, 99% Faith. The 1% being Glorious, the 99% Miraculous. It takes a profound leap of faith to embrace the Harmonic Flow of Omnipotent Spirit Yahshua lived so graciously and expounded on so eloquently; creating a Reality far removed from the flesh-centered beliefs materialistic new agers are forever mistaking for True Abundance.

For man to be God is satan's original lie. There is only One True God and He is Infinite beyond the comprehension of man. There is no end to the Adon's Glory, He resides in the utmost Eternities, the farthest reaches of Forever - anything else isn't worth contemplating. The supposed highest Hindu attainment of personal dispersion into and identification with the impersonal Absolute - or Brahman - is a massive matrix illusion. In recent years I'm compelled to back my cosmic ass out of Brahman and engage ecumenical matters 😲 which means forsaking hindu style spirituality.

Prior to the Ruach hinduism was my go-to religion. I was into Krishna for many years, flirted with the Goddess Kali, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Shiva et al but never got any sense of real Presence from them, no tangible response; to be honest I got nothing except colourful hypnotic fantasies. The same with the ascended masters and space commanders of the new age such as Ashtar, Hatonn, Monka etc. Being naturally cosmically inclined I really really wanted Ashtar to be real and prayed hard for him to show himself - like he did to someone I know - and got zippo (for good reason). In recent years my heads been turned right around: now I'm with Yahshua and receive definite, surprising feedback from the Ruah ha'Qodesh: a Living, Breathing Presence. And more: I've realised the Ruach has always been concerned with me; letting me go my own way, patiently waiting and guiding (where possible) until I came to some better sensibilities: Spirit nav, destination set to God 😃

Over the peak of my fascination with Brahman and hindu style guru's it came to me I was an Avadhoot* which put me on equal footing with any of them (sans the satanic megalomania) and absolutely I am equal for they are no better or higher than me. I somehow understood everything they said yet never felt - aside from the usual subtle coercions endemic to their rule - truly compelled to submit to their "mastership" (thank God).  

*Avadhoot nature implies transcendence, aloofness; yet such rarefied selfish states are ultimately illusory and full of the most grandiose delusions. There is an extraordinary play going on, a drama and importance to this planetary stage that shouldn't be taken lightly - for even GOD gets involved.

An Avadhoot supposedly resides in Brahman, seeing through the all-pervading illusion everyone else revels in. But I've always sensed there was more to realise than even hindu concepts of the absolute, which are exceedingly deceptive as it happens, because annilhation is far from conducive to a useful Spiritual relationship and actually impossible: for we are not Brahman. We are not God. We can never be God. Atman and Brahman are not identical. Around 2012 my "anubhava" had exhausted neo-vedantic teachings and, looking around at the increasingly absurd new age folk, something urged me to reject monism. I looked into historical vedantic schools and it's teachers to see who I could find and what I could glean. In the 2 years leading to the Ruach ha'Qodesh I identified more with the Dvaita (dualism) teachings of Madhvacharya and his "realist viewpoint," which - with hindsight - set up the transition to the Light of the Ruach relatively smoothly, allowing rejection of all that had gone before fairly easily.

I initially found Madvhacharya interesting because he debunked the monist views of Advaita Vedanta, even accusing one of it's leading the founders - the renowned Adi Shankara no less - and Advaitins in general of being deceitful demons. Ha Ha!

Why would one steeped in the lore and philosophy of the Vedas, the Upanishads and an honoured self-realiser himself be so bitchy?  Nevertheless I'm convnced he was right, for no religion or state of mind - or no-mind - is free from spiritually fallen influences. Unfortunately Advaita philosophy became the more widely accepted - as we all too clearly see in the new age.  Although an outspoken maverick and a radical realiser, Madvha had a glaring fault, harbouring the usual delusions of grandeur endemic to hindu thought waves and "self-realisation" in general: he thought he was the Son of God - Vishnu in this case - the third avatar of Vayu.  D'oh! 😩

For all the good it does to idolise such overinflated ego's you might as well idolise me - sit at my feet. Sitting with me is infinitely better because I'm sitting at the feet of the Adon of creation Yahshua, and before Him I realise I know nothing. Unlike new agers I don't put myself up as master and sovereign above the Most High, I'm humble enough to realise everyone falls short of the Glory of God.  The Ruach ha'Qodesh is guiding me ever closer to a clearer discernment of the Super-Conscious Totality of Eternal Spirit that I'll continue to refer as YHWH even if it annoys the piss out of you.

Hinduism offers erroneous notions of God far removed from what He actually is, a religion propagated by a myriad of cogent pagan spirits pretending to be aspects of Deity.

"The world as God created it is “good" not “darkness,” and what goes on in it is profoundly meaningful and significant. It is not a “play” (lila) that a pitiful solitary deity engages in his own mind to keep himself amused, as if it would be “enlightened” to view WWII or the Holocaust as “entertainment” in which ultimately “nobody was killed, nobody was suffering."

New agers simply need to grab onto a firm hook of humility. They've been led way off the mark and spoon-fed copious amounts of esoteric lies. Being humble doesn't mean weakness, it means meekness, and meekness means depending wholly upon the God who is our strength. The higher your office the greater humility required. "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."  Isn't that something to ponder, bursting with meaning: Yahshua isn't puffed up with His Magnificence but is meek and lowly in Heart. Our Creator will not advertise or promote Himself, He doesn't push His Light and Guidance upon us, we have to use our free will to acquire Him, get over ourselves and look to Him, follow His Way (or take the highway). Like prodigal sons and daughters we have to discard the new age ideas of personal sovereignty and return to the open arms, protection and abundant wealth of our Eternally Sovereign Father God.
It is the will and success of the powers that be to keep us ignorant of truth, either replacing it with twisted versions or allowing our high intellect and colourful imaginations to conjure sophisticated fake realities and elaborate untruths of our own.
I'm inspired by those inspired of God, those who live for and humble themselves before the Highest Spiritual Reality. It is time to reassess Yahshua and take his words and deeds seriously, not religiously but Spiritually, for there's still too much ignorance, darkness and death spread out over the earth and in His words are Light, Truth and the Promise of Everlasting Life. Yahshua is the Master Teacher among many teachers, an older Brother if you like; but it is the ongoing way of this world to control, conform, even kill the messenger, then set about muddying the Crystal Clear Waters of Spirit they were sent to disseminate.

"Once Satan and his demon sidekick were walking down the street, closely watching a man 20 yards ahead who was on the verge of realizing the Supreme Truth. The demon grew worried, and began to nudge Satan, but Satan looked quite calm. Sure enough, the man did, in fact, soon realize the deepest spiritual Truth. Yet Satan still did nothing about it. With this, the demon nudged Satan harder and, getting no response, finally blurted out, “Satan! Don’t you see? That man has realized the Truth! And yet you are doing nothing to stop him!” With that, Satan cunningly smiled and announced, “Yes, he has realized the Truth. And now I am going to help him organize the Truth!” (--story heard years ago from Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti)

The interesting thing about Krishnamurti is - not that I'm advocating him - he disconnected himself from the organisation that discovered and idolized him, the roots of our modern new age, Theosophy: Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky et al and their "Ascended Masters."

You can glean the devil at work in the early centuries A.D, organising the more influential ones promoting christianity. The same force corrupted human spirituality and made the new age into a business first and foremost, a business I'm no longer buying into, no longer selling my soul to.  Now we're well over the 2012 threshold I'm open minded enough to consider that much of what I eagerly absorbed was at best misleading, and at worst just plain false. These days my dominant thoughts are the new age is a soul trap containing a myriad of ancient and modern traps spread out in a net-work just waiting to catch you as you "awaken."

The new age is propagated by archaic beings merely feigning Light. It's a very serious affair: no less an affair than control of our soul essence. Along my new age way I felt many niggling doubts and saw signs I had to ignore. I was uneasy about some of the folks I met - not all of 'em but a significant few. Even in Glastonbury there were those who, while on the surface projected love 'n' light nevertheless gave off a not so heavenly vibe. With hindsight basically they were full of shit, and make no bones about it that shit is still highly prevalent.

I was often uncomfortable around the natives of Glastonbury: what True Light resides in the land is offset by heavy occult energies and a lot of delusional people being fed by and feeding into them. It's an extremely Yin-Yang environment and not the sort of madcap energy I wanna be involved in anymore. Here's a funny thing: I wanted to live there in my mid twenties and was introduced to Eckhart Tolle one time regarding that strong desire. He used to rent out a spare room in his Glastonbury cottage before he became famous. A friend took me to meet him and, looking around, I thought the place was nice and peaceful but rather small and the little guy was kinda creepy lookin. With no luck elsewhere, a couple months later I went back to see him about moving in. He politely informed me he'd decided to sell up and move to Vancouver. The rest is history and the NOW 😉 

With hindsight I'm glad my dream of moving to Glastonbury failed to manifest. There's a good chance the place woulda irreversably corrupted me if I lived there permanently. Just shows how our current dreams and desires are oftentimes not what are right for us in the long term: we shouldn't want it all and want it now. I like visiting the town, I love the landscape of Somerset (and of neighbouring Wiltshire, Devon and Cornwall) but I'm sad to say it's a mad mish-mash of human psychic bullshit. I'm glad I moved to Oxford instead, it's a very beautiful classical city - tho intellectually heavy - and not so new age in your face.

                                                                 (Pic by Darren)

Mankind has inherited some seriously perverted numinosities.

These days Eckhart Tolle rakes in shitloads of illuminati cash from the masses buying into his big ideas of basic enlightenment, or basic illumination anyway because he's certainly not Enlightened, his expanded awareness is severly limited. When asked about the afterlife - or God - he really doesn't know and often falls back on zen quotations. His sense of now fails to reach beyond the multi-million dollar bliss bubble. He fails to realise the current "Now" we all share is cluttered with corruption both esoteric and secular. Eckhart declares he's achieved full self-realization, stating: "The certainty is complete. There is no need for confirmation from any external source. The realization of peace is so deep that even if I met the Buddha and the Buddha said you are wrong, I would say, 'Oh, isn't that interesting, even the Buddha can be wrong."

And he just fell into such a realisation to boot.

New age arrogance all over. Tolle IS wrong, very wrong because he hasn't realised Real God, only the matrix lightfield version. He's another representation of the serpent twisting the Word of God, positing we can be as gods. Tolle is claiming to be on the level of buddha, even Christ.   

But he is nothing like Christ.

Neither is he anything like Buddha: "Nearing Enlightenment, Buddha was confronted by Devaputra Mara, the chief of all the demons (satan) who - after failing to disturb Siddhartha’s concentration by conjuring up many fearful apparitions - tried to distract him by manifesting countless beautiful women, but Siddhartha responded by developing even deeper concentration. In this way he triumphed over all the demons of this world, which is why he subsequently became known as a “Conqueror Buddha.”

Here's a contentious thought: is buddhism even based on a real persona?

"The Buddhist Dhamma was not written down for centuries after it had been first enunciated. The various Sanskrit and Pali texts which purport to contain the original teachings are therefore the product of evolution, and it is impossible to say which of the divergent interpretations, if any, represents the pristine form."

But of course! Buddhist scripture was written centuries after the buddha existed, if he ever did. In the mindset of scientific and new age paradigms it's OK to question the historical existence and motives of the biblical Yahshua but certainly not that of the Buddha: spiritual vanity entirely prevents the consideration. However, when you look searchingly into buddhism with an open mind "the" buddha begins to look like another hindu style myth of the ancient world fuelling the hordes of hyper-delusional new agers of today. Buddhism is certainly not without those crafty ol' fallen angels and their attendant demons, being all too apparent in it's myths and legends. No way has Tolle faced anything like the Buddha supposedly did yet he assumes (makes an ass out of u and me) he's on the same level, and indeed he is: the most bullshit of levels. So the story goes Buddha gave up his royalty and riches to seek the truth of life. On achieving "enlightenment" he wandered around teaching and living as a beggar; perceiving the ultimate deception of worldly wealth and sexuality he cared not if he lived or died. During His ministry Yahshua said: "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath no place to lay His head." 

Yahshua was all about the afterlife and spoke about a Heaven well acquainted with, saying: "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."  However distorted the vision, hindus, buddhists and egyptians knew full well we have an eternal soul and that there is an afterlife, writing books of the dead detailing soul journeys and bardo states. The egyptians portrayed an elaborate - though fictitious - afterlife trip, as did tibetan buddhists. Krishna expounded on the immortality of spirit and talked about the existence of numerous spiritual planets. The legend says Buddha remembered thousands of previous lifetimes.

Yet even the Buddha stated he never claimed to be Omniscient. Buddha, buddhists, neo-vedantic hindu's or new agers are not - in any way - the Most High God and shouldn't be considered or revered as such. 

They were informed by false gods, all of 'em. Those "gods" are still very present in the esoteric. Real enlightenment is twisted to within an inch of it's life. The lure of modern wealth, technologies and comfort are almost impossible to resist for "enlightened" ones and they don't even try to resist, having no compunction about amassing the worlds luxuries and collecting many devoted followers attending to their every whim, no matter how salacious. In their estimation anything goes: there is no evil, reprovals are anathema. Such psuedo-enlightened demagogues embrace the illusion because they're an essential part of it. 

Tolle and everyone else claiming enlightenment are anything but, they're just so many errant souls inheriting spiritualities rife with deceit and delusion. Most concerning is that focusing entirely in the now is not preparing us for what's coming in the afterlife, it actually blinds us to That. Tolle wisdom is entirely self-centered and absolute folly before GOD. If anyone thinks they are wise by earthly standards they oughta become foolish by adopting God's Wisdom, the only True Wisdom. 

We must not take a place in a heavenly afterlife for granted, as if we've got a slot allotted by default after doing whatever the heck we like while on earth. Listening to channeled beings, adopting gnostic and other psuedo-spiritual attitudes with big smiles and demeanors of conditional love doesn't permit entry into the True Kingdom. I can't reiterate enough how Spiritual Life is a serious business twisted to within an inch of it's life here on earth; by accounts there are some pretty dark, tortuous realms awaiting many people on the otherside. We have to be always on guard. 

Those taking their cues from historical and contemporary near-eastern or such and such a neo-vedantic mystic are led by criminals influenced by fallen beings mixing spirituality with the flesh and material gain - essentially equating enlightenment with worldly wealth and sexual proclivity. It begs the pertinent question: how many today are really enlightened? How many are self-less? How many Hare krishna devotees are Krishna Conscious? How many buddhists are Buddhas? The Dalai Lama certainly isn't. The "buddha in blue jeans" Matt Kahn definitely is not. Neither is Eckhart Tolle who stated he knows nothing about the afterlife and doesn't give it a second thought. We need to stop listening to such people and knock 'em right off their perches.

What goodness and sincerity is natural to such ones is turned to bullshit by compromised, twisted esoteric energy fields and dark manipulative presences.


"Vanity of vanities all is vanity!" The more accurate translation from the aramaic/hebrew reads "Futility, futility, all is futile!" Which means exactly the same thing 😉 The new age tells us what we want to hear: selling us hope of abundance and ultimate release from this mortal coil yet failing to deliver the goods no matter how strong the belief. It's like giving your charge over to a guru that isn't a True guru at all: instead of nurturing and maturing souls they leech life energy, take our money and demand sexual favours under banners of enlightenment. In a variety of ways we're like the ancient Israelites forsaking God and wandering off to go whoring and worshipping false gods; no better than children pretending to be grown ups, putting on our parents oversize shoes and giggling ecstatically at discovering (tantric) porn magazines.😨

Image, glamour, illusion is the name of the game of our deluional life; personal glorification amidst a celebrity obsessed and obsessive populace. Popularity is the name of the game: posting selfies smiling broadly, looking attractive, drawing people in and promoting "tantra" as if it's of utmost significance. They're so off the mark it's unbelievable. As if sex is the bounty of God, such an idea is no better than an islamic terrorist's idea of the afterlife. They're channeling the pervading spirit of satan enslaving them to the wiles of the flesh, mistaking hedonism for spiritual freedom.

I think new agers flaunting sexuality ugly. I see the corruption - the sin - behind their pretty/handsome faces. Aside from the strongest feeling of deceit they're a HUGE spiritual turn off.  In their puffed up self-esteem they believe themselves to be god/dess's but they're actually spiritually perverted and perverse.

"God is a Spirit: they that worship Him must worship him in Spirit, and in truth."  

Mankind is a spiritually deceived race encouraged to think it is awakening, that we are spirits strategically incarnated here and there to help transform and enlighten a backward planet; that indigo or crystal children are being born: illustrious spirits all, come to help the planetary ascension. But I'm sorry to have to report there are no special ones aside from God's own, those who cry out to Him. The notion of Indigo/crystal children is a fallacy propogated by fantasists, mostly by sappy new age parents. There have always been bright and beautiful children in the world and with the population explosion there are a greater number of them. It's pure genetics, in this fallen world like begats like: being fallen we give birth to fallen beings.

Satan's deceptive hand is upon the entire world, faux spiritualising the fallen orders of creation. In the desire to dominate and subjugate, the primal impulses of pride and defining ourselves sexually were first on the radar. In our days new agers concoct and embrace cosmic ideas of sex in concealment of their absolute weakness before it. Embracing conveniently contrived ideas of cosmic sexuality is a massive cop out and a denial of real Spirituality. Tantric sex is another broad fallacious way that leads to Spiritual death and ultimate destruction.

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever."

"The Secret"/law of attraction theory was given to the modern world by discarnate entities such as "Abraham" 😏 and are popular with new agers entirely missing the mark of genuine Spirituality; desperate for security and worldly comforts they hanker for transient things: material stuff, relationships and sexual satisfaction ahead of attracting the Eternal Verities of Love, Wisdom, Truth and the Ultimate Ecstasies that come from alliance with the Spirit of God. Those L.O.A. protagonists are some of the most odious examples of the new age: having everything we want simply because we want makes us no better than spoilt children. L.O.A. arose from the deviant doctrines of the likes of Blavatsky/Leadbeater/Besant and Bailey - propped up by those ever attendant luciferian light bearing spirits. 

Positive thinking is all well and good but it isn't the be all of the Way of Spirit. The law of attracting material stuff right at the heart of L.O.A. is gross bullshit. We need to be concerned about being sensitive to and attracting the Spirit of Life, ought to be positively thinking on the Adoni of creation and looking to Him with all our heart, mind and strength.

Highfalutin new agers assume making a lot of money is validation of their "spiritual" path but it most certainly isn't, it's merely validation of the crooked system they inhabit and conform to so readily, a system un-transcended, a system exploiting the masses of naive, needy people. Those pushing the concept of money equaling divine energy generally have good business nous: they're very clever at taking money from the gullible masses and expanding their own cash reserves, giving in return the corrupted spiritualities of a fallen world.

New agers love creation before Creator and look to fallen light to guide and supply. Nowhere is that clearer than in the many puffed up modern day purveyors of make it up as you go along spirituality. 

"Welcome to the information age" says the high priestess of the new age Teal Swan at the start of a video. She's certainly very selective with her "info." Miss Swan (or missus now you've married for money): if you pulled your head out your ass you'd (maybe) begin to glean the information you so biasedly accept and vomit so profusely can easily be refuted with some quite sound alternative information; but that wouldn't enhance your reputation now would it. Your truth is wrapped in a great many lies, misleading thousands of souls. Shame on you. As the arch hedonist and romantic poet Byron remarkably concluded towards the end of his decadent sojourn upon planet earth: "The tree of knowledge is not that of Life."  

How right he was. The tree of Life is no longer available to us: in all wisdom it was barred from the grubby, grabbing hands of mankind; we are prevented from eating of it for as long as we continue to enjoy wallowing in worldly mud and confuse the directives of flesh with the sanctities of Spirit.

Teal is yet another puffed-up new ager fooling a great many resonating new agers. I used to be full of the sort of self-obsessed mock-spiritual pop psychologies she readily plagiarises, well before the advent of youtube (thank God). I was just as spiritually vain, prideful, haughty, headstrong and arrogant to a fault: overflowing with luciferic light. Now my priorities have completely flipped around - pole shifted so to speak - in sharp contrast to the sham light illuminated do what thou wilt new age protagonists.

Teal admits she receives knowledge from spirit guides, which should alarm anyone with the eyes of the Ruach.  She believes she's an arcturan spirit. That right there - if you've paid attention to what I'm saying - says it all. The "Arcturans" are deceitful entities preying on the naiveties of a fallen state mankind, yet another nefarious group of disgraced angels preaching a very different love than the Love of God. "Tealers" (cringe) cannot distinguish falsehood from Truth and are among the worst of modish new agers - thinking they're more spiritual than everyone else. Tealers harass anyone posting revelatory videos disparaging their guru, they naively assume Teal is attractive in a positive way, so people notice her and listen to the copious utterings of illuminatus bullshit. But good looks are no indication of personal Divinity, many luciferians are attractive, the serpent forces use appealing forms to dupe people, keeping them enthralled and held completely under sway.

Women are equal to men, period. I used to consider them the superior sex but with new eyes I see they're not any wiser or more spiritual than men. Being equally fallen they're equally as deluded, just in different ways. It's no surprise Missus - married for money - Swan is a promoter of the concept of an emerging "Divine Feminine," which she represents of course - with vacant little eyes and fake condescending laugh - restoring balance to the world after ages of male domination and abuse. However, there is a stumbling block to such beliefs because there is no sexuality in Spirit.

Feminine spirituality is fallacy that has to be addressed at it's core. Look into the origin of the belief in an ancient Goddess (initiated by Dr. Marija Gimbuta) with open eyes and see they're based on spurious academic conclusions bolstered by even more spurious channeled materials. Implicit bias and faulty reasonings abound. There is evidence those early european supposedly female dominated cultures were exceedingly warlike and practiced human sacrifice. No wonder the patriarchy took control. But that sorta information wouldn't help magnify missus Swan's already grotesquely overinflated image.

It is obscene the way folks such as Swan put themselves up - at the behest of man or astral being - as mediators between humanity and Spirit. With much pride and arrogance she thinks she's a spiritual catalyst, but with the eyes of Spirit she's a braying ass: another self-absorbed miscreant posing as spiritual wayshower, pandering to the immaturity of millions stupified by hyper-delusional trends. If her crazy trumped-up followers really wanna know the truth about life, the universe and everything then they really oughta pull their heads right outta Teals ass and get into the assless Holy Spirit.

Yahshua exhorted His followers to go out and be fishers of men for Him. Teal Swan fishes a great many unwitting souls for her (and one particular fallen cherubim 👿)

The new age tsunami has brought in a lot of ancient flotsam and jetsam avidly recycled. With no apologies to the new age/gnostics among us - who've lost all sight of sacred humility - the new Magdalene movie (2018) is merely feeding into the massive deception in regards to Jesus. It's pure Hollywood: a lotta made-up shit based on made up shit. Joaquin Phoenix doesn't even believe in Jesus, he's an atheist, it's just another very lucrative acting job. There's a pic of him standing off set in Jesus garb puffing on a cigarette.

As with everything esoteric these days, gnostics are subversive by nature. Right now  as above so below pertains only to the atavistic spiritual corruption. Based on gnostic "gospel" texts suggesting Mary of Magdala was Jesus' closest disciple, the corrupt media is procurring and selling the same olde shit passed off as truth, exactly what happened in the early centuries following Yahshua's ascension.

Yahshua had female disciples: whoop de doo! It's no surprise, He had loads besides the main twelve. We're informed no less than seven devils were expelled from Mary (hardly any compared to the man with a legion inside him) of which she was eternally grateful and became a disciple among many other female disciples. The essential thing to remember is their focus was not on their feminine spirituality but always on Yahshua.

Like it or not Peter, James and John were Yahshua' closest disciples, it was they who witnessed Yahshua's Transfiguration and resided with Him in the garden when He cried out to the Most High for some other way, sweating blood in a crises of confidence. But new agers/gnostics hear only what they wanna hear, stuff that fans their spiritual pride and vanities. That Mary was present at other significant events means nothing besides the fact she was a woman with a strong devotion to Yahshua.

In direct refutation to gnostic teaching: when acquainted with the true Yahshua we know there were no sexual relations simply because - as with the Holy Spirit - He was necessarily set-apart: being in the world but not of it. Yahshua harboured zero attachment to the fallen state nature of things, He couldn't be tempted, was without conceit. New agers/gnostics fail to grasp such wHoly Otherness so they have to drag Him down to their level where they can more easily relate physically, mentally, emotionally.

There are influential people insisting the Holy Spirit is female and associated with wisdom/sophia. Influenced by modern trends I was swept along and pursuaded to think that way for a while, before Spirit alighted upon me. Sorry folks but I get no sense of gender, only Presence. It's merely the use of ancient semantics, grammar and pronouns with some spurious gnostic writings added to the mix getting people excited and jumping on bandwagons. King Solomon used poetic license when writing Proverbs for the instruction of children by portraying both wisdom and folly as female characters, the latter as a prostitute. Some folks make a big deal of Solomon's poetic way with words, but it's clear he loved a lot of women towards the end of his life, eventually losing the great wisdom because he allowed not God but the many pagan wives to influence his decisions. What a fall from Grace. Even if the Holy Spirit is genderly feminine by nature, still, no human is an emanation or representative of That. For me there is only Spirit and creation and the latter isn't mutually inclusive.

There's talk of a rising goddess. However, there is no rising goddess per se; the only "goddess" seeking to surreptitiously rise and regain power and control freakery is the so called "queen of heaven" mentioned in Jeremiah 7:18 aka the fallen angel Ashtoreth or Astarte or even Asherah the Hellenized form of the middle eastern goddess Ishtar. That is the energy operating through ones such as Teal Swan with arrogance to spare: part of an ancient union of fallen entities now working behind the gaia militia-mind, rising goddess mentality and other copious drivel sailing under flags of planetary awakening. 

Like satan Asherah can appear as an angel of light, even imitating the Holy Spirit in the more receptive and gullible. She's been very active: David Icke was visited by a benign female being/voice during the momentous ayahuasca trip he wrote so much about, informing him of the ubiquitous hindu roots illusory nature of reality; but for all the reasons presented here, not least the Presence of the Holy Spirit, I simply cannot believe or even listen to anything Icke says anymore.

The "rising goddess" meme is a particularly intoxicating fantasy for women, but still full of shite. If the world carries on as is women will receive equal treatment to men across the board, as they should. But there's nothing spiritual about it. There is no goddess rising, there is no Divine feminine. There is no Divine masculine. There really isn't, they're insidious lies designed to puff people up and make them completely absurd. I mean come on, I'm pretty spiritually aware yet I don't go around revelling in and pontificating about being a man, with a man's needs that must be met or else, zealously promoting Divine masculinity, that'd be utterly fucking stupid. Notions of Divine femininity are inducing manifold delusions of grandeur within hosts of fascist level quasi- spiritual feminists.

Being a woman goes to a lot of women's heads.  

"You do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away."

Divine gender fixations are ultimately useless, serving only implicit bias and the excessive conceit I see too much of today, radiating concentric waves of deception throughout the world. It is given to women to practice a very special kind of graceful humility, of which the female disciples of Yahshua demonstrated. I'm constanly being reproved by Spirit but as we see with ones such as Teal Swan, if left unchecked and unreproved the female ego can inflate to absurd proportions.

Being divorced from Divinity they're also divorced from reality. Consider another prime example (there's plenty of 'em) displayed by one Solara Antara Aamaa-Ra (yep!) and her magikal 11:11 Doorway scenario. I was well into that shit for a while. "Solara" is another influential "visionary" who shifted the goal posts when her vision failed to manifest in the very specific timeslot initially given. I've noticed new age prophets and spirit guides are notoriously shite at keeping to their own timescales. Apparently Solara is the spearhead of a wave of human migrants to a Higher Dimension or Octave of Oneness, splitting away from the many choosing to carry on in duality (very convenient for the spiritual snobs among us). The doorway opens once, closes once, and only ONE may pass through (the elite united together in Oneness). So we got one chance to pull ourselves together and join an exclusive club...

... the 11:11 doorway opened on Jan 11, 1992 and was meant to close on Nov 11th, 2011; but as the date loomed large Solara redrew the lines, and she's still doing it today. She's obviously in denial and will not let go of her unique position, the prestige she's established or the blind admiration of her followers. I'm sure she'll hold onto her elaborate delusions until her physical demise. Such people are almost impossible to get through to and need our prayers. They don't realise they're working for fallen spirits peddling twisted versions of scriptural prophecy. It's all about the battle for souls and the fallen ones are desperate to keep hold of ours.

The 11:11 is one of a number of mock salvations diverting mankind from the True Door. I've noticed the dimensional doorway motif many times of late, in ancient and modern settings. The doorway Solara worked so diligently to open for 20 years isn't a way for us out of duality and into a "Greater Reality" but a portal for demonic entities to enter into our world, allowing for a greater inpouring of Luciferic light. Solara used her spiritual vanity and free will to fling open a dimensional doorway for the dark forces. Way to go lady. Such things result from the very serious deceptions and inversions of Spiritual Truth so widespread today.

Seriously folks, many influential new age women need to curb their overactive imaginations and reel themselves in - especially those listening to or relaying channelled beings - and stop being so influential. They're perpetuating the deepest human level delusions passed off as profound wisdom. Yet pride, the sense of entitlement and no little goddess narcissism will not allow them to relinquish the modest fame, the false prestige and the helpful financial income the new age provides them.

I used to be positively into cosmic women and - for a time - Solara was chief. My supposed cosmic nature was delighted by her colorful notions of personal starry magnificence (like all new age fantasists she's sweepingly poetic) and promise of imminent migration to the "Greater Reality." But it's latter day enlightening to realise she was influenced by "Council of Nine" communicator J.J. Hurtak and his uber-deceitful - even blasphemous - book of "knowledge" (yeah right) describing the dimensional set up of the fallen angels: the Keys of Enoch. Along with the Urantia book, the Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled and other highly imaginative and detailed metaphysical fantasies too numerous to get into, the Keys of Enoch is total bullshit.

Despite the popular and convenient consensus that all paths lead to God, they don't. Most paths lead very far from the Most High. 

I know just how profoundly mankind has (long) been fooled into acting so foolishly with regards spirituality. The Ruach ha'Qodesh has made very clear I am foolish without proper guidance and that there is only ONE True Door of Salvation all other doorways are imitating: Yahshua.  

This is not a conclusion arrived at lightly but through subjective pressure and intimate flak. I used to duck and dive as much as any new ager around Yahshua's concise I Am the Way, The Truth and the Life statement: He must have meant it this way or that, but no: He meant it as He said it, as in quite literally.

Yahshua said He is the Door to Eternal Life, and He wasn't lying - there is no deception or foolishness in Him. If we wanna get into God's Kingdom we have to go through the Divine Person of Him.

Heed this: 

"... anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate (Door), but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. the one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep. The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognise a stranger's voice." Jesus used this figure of speech, but the Pharisees did not understand what He was telling them. Therefore Jesus said again, " Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep. ALL who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them. I am the gate, whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.""

And this: "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."

I love a bit of no nonsense spirituality and that is some statement to wrap your head around. ALL who came before Yahshua are robbers and thieves, including the ancient rishis of India and Guatama Buddha.

There is only One flock under one shepherd and a great many other sheep in other folds which must be brought back to the One.  

It's a staggering turnaround of my own affairs to be content with being a sheep. In my previous mindset - still uppermost in the minds of the masses of Ickeian vogued folks - it was verily a terrible thing; but the world has successfully inverted and misrepresented the Truth of our place within a sound, grounded and sober Spirituality. The Good Shepherd wields no barking dog forcefully keeping people within His flock, only Spirit informed free will does that 😊

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

Yahshua is the Door, and the Way through it. The more I look into all the Door facsimiles available today and throughout history the more His proclamation makes perfect sense. Any and all of the self-promoting metaphysicians you give your time, energy and money to are the very thieves described by Yahshua. Everything we take from the Universe - be it light, energy or prana - in order to puff ourselves up and be like the Most High without acknowledging and giving thanks to the actual Divine Supplier, is heinous daylight robbery.  


I feel zero gratification preaching this stuff, it actually hurts me; but I have an overriding urge to speak Truths most people shy away from. I find it difficult listening to high profile new agers nowadays, it makes me ill to observe them but observe them I must. I have to witness them, it's a necessary evil. I thank God I'm no longer charmed by their madness tinged spiritual narcissisms, instead I'm interested in the transmission of Pure Transcendent Spirit yet - right now - no one in the world is doing That in a Genuine Way... I've looked around extensively and no one alive today - in hinduism, buddhism, gnosticism or the new age variations - offers me the assurance of a genuine Godman or woman, something always gives them away: they're all so patently of the world, of the fallen light.

Aside from the Ruach ha'Qodesh we don't have a True representative of God on earth.  

New age motivations are set firmly upon materialistic governances - on the familiar ways of the world - than on trusting wholly upon Divinity and the inherent willingness to provide anything and everything we need to really evolve Spiritually. Our fleshy houses and techno-materialism are temporary arrangements - not who we really areThe flesh and all it's pleasures are utter darkness compared to the Light of Elohim. The gamut of new agers promoting "tantra" and raising serpent powers aren't gonna ascend the planet, quite the opposite in fact the dark forces suck it up with a straw. 

It's not about feeling good, it's about loving GOD.

Regardless of what any modern new agers (neo-vedantic gurus or personal "sovereign" obsessed gnostics) would have you believe, we can't truly love and know God through ourselves, human relationships, materialism or the flesh. One belief needs to be seriously addressed: in spite of what any of the above proclaim money doesn't equal Divine energy: the filthy lucre equals the corrupt system mankind has served under for millennia. The "illuminati" made money the systems very life blood. With it they created supply and lack, rich and poor, masters and servants. The Scriptural writers knew the Truth: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

Anyone who follows their own whims and ways and thinks they have it all sussed and sorted with a unique access to Truth is a bullshitter pure and simple. Such people love flouting the rules thinking they know better and have all sorts of angels, star beings and ass-ended masters telling them they're right, that it's OK to have anything they want simply because they want it. In Truth the Presence of the One True God is the only Abundance we should be looking for. If money comes along to help us in our aspirations and work then fine: "but seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.They couldn't have been clearer

Genuine Abundance flows Truly when we relinquish control to Divine Authority, and give without any fear of lack or need for return.

It is the foolishness and oh so very obvious spiritual vanity of leaders of the new age what put me right off; and I feel the same about many of the so-called christians I witness on the internet. Gandhi had this to say: "I'd be a christian if it were not for the christians!" And: "I like your Christ, I do not like your christians. Your christians are so unlike your Christ.

I see many good and sincere christians in the world, lots of mad ones and some sick, twisted fucks. Such is life. Popular t.v. evangelists being a case in point - some of 'em verily exude a slimy form of corruption. Modern christian youtubers are just as bad: admonishing each other in the name of edification, squabbling among themselves, backbiting, falling out, crying, making videos exposing each other: just so much spiritually immature behaviour not of the Holy Spirit. Popularity and money can go right to their heads and like new agers they become self-absorbed and self-righteous; they love to find fault in others teachings or personal manner. I've witnessed internet arguments breaking out between christians quoting scriptural verses at each other in attack and defence. I mean it's insane. Satan is working overtime on the body of Christ and singles out the more immature christians, easily slipping into the nooks and crannies of their psyche, corrupting them from within. Some naive christians think everything going through their mind comes from God: "God told me this, God told me that," but they're saying things totally off the wall. Some of 'em assume they're regularly speaking to the Father, yet they're obviously speaking to a spirit very far from Him. Humility has given way to excessive pride and rampant holier than thou attitudes.

The irony is the things christians use to lambast other religious faiths and beliefs often applies to them, "strong delusion" is very strong over their minds, the same as in the material and scientific world - they believe the lies and their own lies absolutely. I don't know what spirit is in them but it certainly isn't Holy. It is increasingly apparent that many people are communicating with fallen spirits posing as Divine Beings, that many are mistaking them for the voice of the Father or the guidance of the Ruach ha'Qodesh.  My God what a twisted fucked-up world we live in. 

Before the Eyes of the Father this is a crazy demon infested world and why Ruach inspired Scripture had to be so strict, why the narrow way is so very narrow. The narrow Way is so hard to find that very few even try to find it. I'm sure the Ruach shows us all the same Way, but our psyche gets in the way, muffling the clarity of the still small voice and everyone thinks they're right. It's not what we think that's important but what God thinks and to truly hear Him we have to be utterly radical and give up the deceit filled ways of the flesh, pride and ego by transcending those and following the Righteous Spirit of Eloah. 

If we follow the Ruach (who follows Yahshua, who follows YHWH) we become united in a Glorious Presence and Power that allows us to clearly See the bullshit of the world. Personally, with the Ruach I'm seeing surprising things - earth shattering, paradigm shifting things - about the world and what I used to believe. If hindu's think satan is a purely Judeo-Christian concept and of no concern to them they're wrong: hinduism is a deeply corrupt spirituality that is just as deceived by the matrix light field and it's overlords as anything, the massive pantheon of god/desses are all of 'em false. Snakes (nagas) are very influential in that oldest of religions, and prominent in much of it's sacred imagery:
"...that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world."

"Yahshua totally identified Himself with the God of Israel, the God of Israel completely dissociated Himself from the objects of worship in nonbiblical religions. Hinduism, with its pantheon of idols, most assuredly fits into that category."

Shockingly, the Prime hindu God Vishnu was often depicted supported by serpent powers, sitting on a throne - or bed - of serpents. The dark presences must - by ancient Divine decree - show themselves, and so they hide in plain sight. To compensate for the obviousness they twist the meaning of what we see of them in our minds.

Wake up from your lucid dreams.

Contrary to popular belief all healing is not Divine. Miraculous - instantaneous - healing is of the Divine: restoring withered hands, giving sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf; healing loved ones from afar with a word. Curing leprosy, casting out demons, bringing people back from the dead: that is Divine healing, not all of the many facsimiles presented to us today. Failing to recognise that is entirely indicative of our fallen state intimate and global tragicomedy. Satan has been exceedingly prolific with imitations of the gifts and graces of God: all new age systems of healing besmirch the Divine Power of God. Hinduism in particular is one of satan's ancient masterplans; kundalini is a caricature of the Ruach ha'Qodesh. Lookin at the hindu roots new age with it's everything is God - we are God - mentality that isn't a hard revelation to swallow.  

Like it or not the true nature of the serpent is revealed in hebrew scripture.

The prime kundalini mantra meditation used by millions - given to the west by one yogi bhajan - is to chant SA TA NA MA (I shit you not) which effectively calls to and exalts SA TA N in your life. The energy evoked is fundamentally deceptive, either turning people into insufferable dorks or sends them to the psychiatric wards. The Ruach gives wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety, and fear (reverence) of the Adon. The Ruach shows the Way into All Truth which is Yahshua.  

Puffed up with flattering lies kundalini awakeners become know it all pricks.

If you choose not to be humble and reject the Ruach, wanting instead to raise kundalini and indulge personal exaltations - to lean on your own understanding - then you're rejecting the Spirit of God in favour of exalting the ssserpent powers, aka the spirit of satan. 

In our supernally inverted world too much disservice is being done in the name of service, too many think they're helping when they're hindering. I quote the Bible because I'm Open to it's message and see that the authors were also Open and in agreement with the Spirit guiding me. YHWH preserved His Word against all attack: you think He isn't capable of doing that? Hebrew scripture is inspired of Spirit not the serpent/archontic powers and principalities pretty much every hindu roots new ager or gnostic is "resonating" with these days. With the Ruach as our peerless guide we have an entirely different orientation.

Spirit is wholly other than our material and sensual reality.

At this stage of life I've somehow stayed wide open to the emergence of Truth, when - for so long - I was profoundly ignorant, even dead against such things. Now I find it ludicrous dismissing Truth because I don't like the sound of it. The new age has revealed the intrinsic plight of humanity and the rampant narcissism resulting from spiritual pride and esoteric short sightedness. The vain intellectual gymnastics so prevalent in many a mad metaphysician actually obscures the Light of Spirit. I can no longer accept the utterings or doctrines of any man or woman out of the Light. I can see why the most profound Truth's are generally uncomfortable, even unsettling, due to our world being so at odds with Spirit and with God. I'm not gonna make any excuses for espousing Biblical text. I love the Bible, I grew up with it; it contains quite astonishing dynamic practical truths for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The Most High gave us not too much, not too little but sufficient provision for pursuing Authentic Enlightenment ensuing realisation of Him via His Spirit, not any fallen, convoluted eastern religion such as hinduism with it's misleading concepts of "atman" or "Brahman."

The Reverance of God is the beginning of Wisdom.

"But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them..."

A great deal has been done to distort the truth vibrations set off by Yahshua's brief descent into the world and the early christians that followed - the original followers of the Way. The Roman Catholic church - backed by luciferic light - is behind much of the perversion and is no representative of true christianity. The Roman Catholics hijacked the Torah, the prophets, the teachings of Yahshua and the apostles: hell bent on forming a uniting religion amid the many conflicting beliefs they held nothing back, taking full control - eventually slaughtering around 50 MILLION peoples for the crime of "heresy." The Word was preserved of course (the darkness couldn't prevent that) instead a massive smokescreen was created to obscure the Truth by paganising the Word and turning it into sun/goddess worship, preventing men from worshipping Real God in their hearts. The church was lifted up as intercessor between God and man, essentially usurping the Holy Spirit in our lives.  

We need elders/brothers and sisters in Spirit to edify and keep us on the straight and narrow but the church took that principle to the extremes of brutality and extermination. With new political might they violently eradicated any resistance and turned the screws tighter on our souls ever since.

A lot is presumed about the books left out of the Bible (as if the books left in are some sort of nazi style propoganda). I've read all the gnostic texts several times, I used to lap 'em up like a thirsty dog. For a long time my new age self was fascinated by gnosticism: there must be profundity contained therein I thought, being so subversive - herein is the real truth! But with eyes of Spirit ancient conceits and erroneous beliefs stand out clear. There are at least five omitted extra-biblical books aligned to the truth which help deepen our understanding: such as the books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees etc, the rest are dubious to say the least. The discovery of the Nag Hammadi scriptures - so close in time to the Dead Sea Scrolls - only served to resurrect proclivities of dissension and rebellion. I've noticed gnostics are more arrogant than christians, so convinced are they of superior knowledge; but they spout a lot of untruthful shit. Their retorts are often provoking, even hateful sometimes. When informed of the reality of the Ruach ha'Qodesh they become vindictive and spiteful. Delusion runs rampant through the gnostic heart, desiring pre-eminancy they insist on being seen and heard; some of them rather perversely believe they are aspects of "Sophia" or incarnated emanations of the "Pleroma" named "Aeons" on equal terms with Yahshua - effectively dethroning Yahshua in their minds and denying His actual pre-eminence. Gnostics - along with new agers - priggishly lead multitudes astray.

 The human capacity for self-delusion is limitless.

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away"

It's time to wake up from our comatose dreams. I'm not gonna indulge anyone by pushing a personal spin on Yahshua's life, certainly not one that satisfies new agers. People love to coat Yahshua in new age veneers: giving their own interpretation, adding or removing things they don't like, twisting meanings to suit themselves and their bank balance; but this ex new ager has come to see it is wrong to do so. Many deceitful spirits impersonate Yahshua for it is imperative the Truth is distorted in our minds.* 

(*A Course in Miracles was purportedly dictated by Jesus, but only the more gullible among us continue to believe that to be true....There is strong evidence ACIM was a MK-ULTRA project).

"False prophets will rise up and deceive many."

A statement as true today as it was 2000 years ago. With the eyes of Spirit the gnostic "gospels" are not Divinely Inspired and no longer credible. Being written in antiquity doesn't make a text a valid spring of spiritual Truth. No, no, no, no. Most of the texts were written 2-300 years after the life of Yahshua by people brimming with avidya, holding grudges (Valentinus) against true believers, desiring to cause dissension among them. Political considerations and bribes were often in play. Many factions were jostling to be heard, squabbling among themselves; the more astute wrote texts and lied about authorship. Much like today a lot of insidious bullshit was flying about with plenty of nutters eagerly pushing their own spin on Truth.

It was a mad melting pot of theology and politics vigorously stirred by Ha Shatan 👿.

The disruptive spirits of 2000 years ago remain with us today.

Gnosticism is altogether luciferianism (birds of a feather flock together)

... and there are those professing it to be a good thing. Gnostics advocate luciferianism and many of it's proponents openly admit that. Luciferians look to gnosticism to bolster their bullshit philosophies: no surprise when you realise the epinoia - the inner light - is actually the light of crafty olde lucifer. I say that without ignorance. Gnosticism is as irresponsible as anything new age and cannot be trusted. I came to that conclusion by personal exposure and reading influential gnostic authors such as Elaine Pagels. She is her own criterion of truth fully endorsed by gnostic spirits or "archons" who are part architects of the new age.

Modern gnostics are as supercilious as their early counterparts - full of themselves and their version of Jesus - constantly fashioning God in their own fallen image. Look into Samael Aun Weor's nutty babblings (actually don't) for the craziness of more contemporary gnostics - spiritualising sex to absurd degrees of uber-delusion. Weor's followers and large numbers of people were led to believe sex is the path to spiritual realization when it leads to the exact opposite, merely entangling them further in the illusion of fallen state matter, which - ironically - is not the point of a significant chunk of historical gnosticism but something the dark spirits in and around "Samael" cooked up and served out with venereal relish.

In mentioning Samael Aun Weor dishonourable mention must go to the insane gnostic hero Cerinthus, the original heretic - refuted by the apostle John - who folks such as Samael took serious note of. Some believe he's the true author of the Book of Revelation but Cerinthus was just another nutter doing the rounds in the 1st-2nd centuries. Again and again we're presented with perversely twisted versions of scripture and the attendent philosophies rooted in flesh gratification and sex. Best stick with the accounts of the genuine apostles and their successors: those who walked and talked with Yahshua and those who knew those who walked and talked with Yahshua.

No two ways about it: the indwelling Ruach ha'Qodesh is the difference between a gnostic and a true follower of Yahshua (or the Way).

Early gnostics thought matter, creation and the material body was intrinsically evil - something to be set free from. They believed YHWH wasn't the Most High God but a crazed demiurge: an ignorant evil despot and lesser spiritual being. That is exactly what satan wants us to believe. Gnostics never had the Ruach in their hearts directing them, conveying the Truth. Gnosticism promotes the pretence of possessing superior knowledge and espouses personal sovereignty in creation. It's self-centred beliefs naturally preclude the preeminence of a wHoly other Almighty Being such as Yahshua. I used to think much the same way; but before the eyes of Spirit we aren't sovereign over creation and we most certainly aren't God. We are a created race: errant, corrupted yet redeemable (for the most part).

"... we know that we all have knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.  And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.  But if any man love God, the same is known of him..."

“I spoke openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue and in the temple whither the Jews always resort, and in secret have I said nothing."

Whenever "secret teaching" is posited you can be sure of vainglorious bullshit, for GOD is out in the open by Will and Design - for those with eyes to See and ears to Hear. There is no gnostic Yahshua, He is clearly presented in the gospels. There is no secret knowledge, just a Truth so plain and in your face most cannot or will not see it. There's no hidden gnosis in YHWH - all is revealed by the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

I used to think there were useful insights to be gleaned from gnostic texts, but they're actually pretty useless fanatical misconceptions written for the purpose of attacking and upsetting early christianity - for diminishing the Glory of the One True God - and shouldn't be taken seriously as a whole. Gnostic texts are useful only inasmuch as they help us see the obvious departures from and distortions of the Word. Sha'ul (Paul) knew what was coming: "For I know this, that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after themselves." All these years later that applies to the entire new age. You won't understand what the apostle Paul preached until you realise you know nothing and throw yourself to the ground in humility, asking - even pleading - for the Holy Spirit to come into your life. That's when things really start to get interesting 😃

Yahshua is who He said He was and deserving of all praise, the very Image of God on earth: God revealed to us. God with us. No shit!

These days I take Yahshua at face value, with a healthy dose of humility, as presented in Ruach inspired scripture. With open heart and a fill of said Ruach I see He really spoke and did the incredible things written in the NT Gospels, they are beautiful portraits. His life, death and Resurrection restored our right standing with the Most High and the Holy Spirit is available to us, when we are open, a Spirit totally at odds with the dominating spirit of this world.

"He isn't the all inclusive Jesus presented by the new age that's only about love, only about turning the other cheek, that it's all good. That sorta Jesus is a lot easier to swallow than the Jesus who talks about wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Jesus that says I Am the Way, The Truth and the Life, that you can only go to the Father, only get into Heaven through me. The Jesus that told people to repent all the time. The Jesus that said He would come back with fire in His eyes and a blood stained robe, that He's coming back for war, that He's going to rule with a rod of iron, that He's going to seperate the sheep from the goats. That Jesus is not quite as easy for people to swallow, so we are presented with a palatable Jesus, a Jesus that allows for sin and for people to do what they want, and we know where the core of that deception comes from: satanism. The satanic bible tells us to do what thou wilt. There is no debate in scripture that Jesus is the only Way - Jesus makes that very, very, VERY clear."
- Lea DiNonno

Yahshua is no pointing, grinning, thumbs up "nice guy" hippy dude like those daft pictures and figures you've likely seen. He isn't "all inclusive" either but Righteous, Fiery Love: despising religious authorities like none before, causing commotion and division; a true radical imbued with Divine Passions, bringing not peace but a sword - coming to set the world on fire. He inspires passion for truth because He is Truth. The honourable martyrs who followed died for Him not the "church" that came after. I don't see anyone willingly dying for the church today, or the new age for that matter 😉 the world's too precious for them.

Take Yahshua's words seriously because He never talked shit. 

The bona fide early christians are the ones recorded in the book of Acts, the letters of Paul, Timothy, Peter, Jude et al: they were the ones privy to the Truth of Yahshua, not any gnostic coming later. It's remarkable how my perspective has shifted to this view. I used to think it anathema to believe as a christian; viewing Yahshua with hindu eyes I thought Him a remarkable God-man from an ancient tradition of God-men. But that was the new age in me! Looking at the world I see a dire need for some serious paradigm shifts: ultimately shifting to the zero paradigms inherent within Spirit.  

Yahshua is so much more than any buddhist or hindu teacher/guru, being requisitely unique and set-apart - as are those who follow Him. None have willingly passed through suffering like He did: taking on and transforming the fallen nature of an entire a world.  #Divine Intervention.

Yahshua's ministry drew large crowds because of His amazing speeches and clarity of thought, the diverse miracles and casting out of demons were necessary acts. His very birth was miraculous: not seeded by man via sexual intercourse but by the Holy Spirit - an immaculate conception. He was a perfect sinless being, a pre-fall man: the untarnished image of God endowed with free will used in obedience to the Father unto death. He wasn't married, had no children, was never sexually active in the slightest.  

All of His Love was solely for the Father in Heaven. 

In a world ever hopeful for some sorta mystical revealing or alien disclosure we've already had a stupendous Divine Intervention. Yahshua is the One and Only begotten Son of God descended to earth, radically transforming the spiritual landscape with Divine Love and a sacrifice endured for the main cause: the salvation of man. That is the Good News passed on through the apostles, causing metaphysical shockwaves through the middle east and eventually the entire world. But as per usual the spirit of satan counteracts with subversion - causing the maximum amount of damage to the message.


Faith is a dirty word in our knowledge bedevilled cultures, which is a great shame for it really can move mountains, curing people of any disease or disability. We're told faith is more precious than gold. When finding faith we have to fight to keep it for the world will try to buy it from you and replace it with something else. Or failing that steal it from under your nose. The world is eager to give you fools gold instead, or a fugazi. There are many lesser jewels imitating the real things, it's the same with spirituality: we're dazzled by twinkling fugazi's instead of the real thing. Yahshua was the real thing, displaying faith based Power through obedience. Faith is no less important today and just as powerful, we're called to practice it with faith in Yahshua's life, death and resurrection.

Someone asked me: is Yahshua the Son of God or a - though special - son of God? Well, that's an interesting, potentially explosive question:

"Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Ruach of Elohim says Yahshua is a curse, and no one is able to say Yahshua is Adon (Lord) except by the Ruach ha'Qodesh."

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

I mentioned how Spirit rejoices only in acts of unselfish Love. Yahshua is the supreme example, dying on the cross and then exalted on behalf of all of humanity. His wasn't a made up story, I'm taking the former view for very sound Spiritually inspired reasons. If you think such an audacious, unselfish act was unnecessary you're a worldly minded new age fool. Look around and verily see the necessity of such a Life and Act

Yahshua was nothing like we are, only in His body was there any kind of similarity. 

Yahshua asked His followers: "Who do you say that I am?  The question firmly remains before us today.

There are two spirits abroad in the world: one of Truth one of lies. If you can't take the message of Yahshua you don't have the indwelling Spirit. You've gotta pull your head out your fancy guru's ass to truly progress, and realise he/she is just as fallen state delusional as anyone - they merely embody the precepts of satanism.

All new age pretences originate from very determined esoteric obscurations and imitations of Yahshua's Life. People prefer to believe in an ascending earth rather than a descended, now Ascended God drawing all people to Him. But there are no excuses, for pretty much everyone has heard of Jesus/Yahshua: the stark free-will choice is to follow His Spirit or follow the deceitful spirits overshadowing this - all too obviously - fallen world.

We don't have to reincarnate or be subject to the law of karma. We have a Saviour from all that - and thank God in all humility we do. Being sinners who wouldn't wish for a Divine Person taking on our sins and transforming them? Only the ludicrously vain, stubborn and prideful. The Truth of our Saviour has been downright distorted, but for all the bullshit there is a superior Way, Truth and a Life that isn't the new age way, truth or life.

I mentioned how we need to supplement with the Holy Spirit for maintaining optimum spiritual health: like it or not that's how we were created and you can't do anything about it; there's no changing the truth with concepts of "evolving" spirituality - Truth is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. What you can do is forego fatuous pretences of a personal I Am and receive the Glory that is the True and Almighty I Am - the I Am that isn't you. Our God didn't act so incredibly lovingly so we can puff ourselves up and enjoy materiality and sexuality ad infinitum, bullshitting all the way of the world. He offers the solution of beautiful redemption from the all pervading deception.

Whereas numerous men and women have realised aspects of God, Yahshua was God in a very real sense and profound way they, and we, are most certainly not: a significant distinction too many close everyone else's mind to. 

Suffice it to say if you've been touched by Yahshua you've been touched by the Creator of Heaven and earth. 

With regards the future I retain a hard core of optimism, but I have no confidence in humanity to awaken from it's collective dream body without some short, sharp, shock treatment: a Divine Intervention. Human term insurrections against the system will only cause utter chaos and play into illuminati hands. Words are becoming ineffectual, it is deeds that matter; yet truly unselfish acts that further the cause of Spirit are few and far between. The only way this planet can be truly sorted out is by a Righteous Being with the Keys of Heaven and earth in Hand.

There are some majorly puffed up celebrities on the scene these days; any sorta popularity will go to peoples heads. Puffed up with mega-celebrity status they often become paragons of deception.

Russell Brand is another nut-case in point. I used to love listening to him, but since the Ruach I dislike everything he says. For all the charm and wit he's a rampant luciferian. Brand's overANALysation of everything going on in life isn't gonna change it, but his wealth, vanity and pride will not allow him to realise that. Years ago a heroin addiction opened him wide to demonic possession which haven't left him. It's good to kick a heroin habit yet utterly stupid to begin one. He hasn't kicked those demons out of his psyche, they've only gone and become hindu gods. Look to pics of his early days in comedy for proof; one time he wore a suit of upside down crucifixes 😂 As it happens he's always looked rather satanic, fallen light verily shines through Russ's vainglorious physog. We gotta view celebrities beyond the surface gloss and look into their history, keep 'em in context to understand where they're really comin' from.

Russell Brand is an admitted sex addict, and an addict in general: a pandemic narcissist segueing into a fascination with hinduism and kundalini yoga 😔 - most convenient! He likes a "bit of Jesus" too - just not all of Him. Like all new agers he picks and chooses what he likes, what accomodates his lifestyle; anything that allows him to feel comfortable in blithe continuation of sin without fear of judgement. Celebrity status goes to their heads: encouraged to follow their own wisdom millions are led astray. For all the refined wit Brand is unwittingly leading many souls astray with yogic philosophies and a new age - all religions are one - outlook. In recent years he's given his heart and soul to false hindu/pagan gods - no surprise there then! Fame and money can evoke that sorta shit, and a myriad of self-righteous intents: Brand can't - won't - shut up and regularly posts pics of his mug staring right at you, as if giving darshan and transmitting shaktipat (not), beguiling millions of naive, needy peoples utterly glamoured by the grand illusion. It's piss-easy to be affected by the bullshitteries of fame.

A Russell Brand/David Icke - kundalini - powered revolution will not release man from esoteric bondage, only enable the ultimate plan.

Despite what a Russell Brand or a David Icke would have you believe mankind cannot redeem itself of itself. It will not sort out the worlds problems and become as gods - that's the ol' serpent a talkin, a serpent clearly tattooed on Russ' hand. Mankind will not rise up, wrest control from the dark forces and create a new age on it's terms. I'm sure the devil has you convinced otherwise, with ancient ingenuity.  

Even if we are Sons of God - the way you like to think you are - the cosmic principles of right-ruling and good-conduct still apply - absolutely. Don't empty your mind, think why don't you: fill your mind with thoughts of the Highest God, for that is how you draw Him to yourself.

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

Let no one fool you into thinking God is only Love however, many liberties are taken from that naive presumption. God does not Love blindly: He Loves Perfectly with Infinite Clarity and Wisdom. He also hates Perfectly and non-maliciously. More on that later

Yahshua's Life and Teachings are without peer: He is the only Son of God and All Praise be to Him for it. As much as my old new age self would balk at this idea, salvation is everything to do with the Heart/mind alignment to Abba Father YHWH. We are His creation; we're all babies before Him and given all the sustenance we need to accumulate belief upon belief as we follow the Ruach and the Word. It's entirely up to us to take a leap of faith over the vast chasm between Spirit and mankind.

A true and lasting new age will be an age of God, where He is visibly Present upon earth in a relatable form. It is the image of God fashioned within millennia of darkness and the ones who claim to speak in His name that is the big turn off for many - on purpose. For all the faults I feel christians are closer to God than new agers because they believe in God and humble themselves.

Those pulled into new age concepts have so many issues, wants and desires they demand should be met they fall into denial when they aren't. The good looking ones getting everything they want are the worst for they get all the attention and the most press. Good looking people are more easily lead into vain realisations and contrived spiritualities. Contrary to most peoples opinions good looks are no indicator of personal Divinity, quite the opposite in fact: luciferians are often beautiful, satan was the most beautiful cherubim. It's just so much bullshit issuing from temporal glamours and the insatiable desire for the things of the world instead of the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Such immaturity disguised as progressive, evolving spirituality is rife within the suit yourself, all you can eat buffet that is the new age delusion.

Real Spirituality is loving God with all our heart, mind and strength. In sharp contrast the new age is an inversion of spirituality made to appear all about ourself: trusting our feelings and emotions on a personal path to Godhood. It's simply not truth. We can't trust our feelings for we are a fallen race - spiritually dead through the dogged insistence on following the many leads of fallen light.

God is Spirit sans the flesh, residing outside of space and time: the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He doesn't compromise to accomodate human vanity, fashion sense or modern ways of living. If you love the world then feel free to follow it, wallow in it and effectively die in it, for the ways of the world are likened to spiritual death. Those who desire the Truth must endeavor to embrace authentic Spirit within the heart.

The new age is allied with the fallen light of lucifer: a hindu style smorgasbord of false gods, goddesses and dishonoured angels practising many and varied clever ways of duplicity, keeping us fixated on body/mind consciousness and ingeniously faking the spiritual side of things: hypnotising the mind, glamouring the psyche and trapping us with "sacred" geometries. Over-stimulating the sacral chakra and beguiling us with fancy psuedo-sciences (accessing our "gene keys" is popular) then passing it off as evolving spirituality. But it's McDonalds spirituality: chock full of additives and stimulating chemicals - low nutritional, fat saturated fast food leeching all residue of True Light from our souls. 


Without aspiring to Eloah, without God as the Supreme Goal uppermost in the mind and heart - as the genuine saints and sages advise - we'll only ever wield a fraction of the Power of Yahshua, the rest merely helps the grand delusion within systems of constraint and limitation.

Spiritual awareness occurs righteously when we look to the Ruach ha'Qodesh and forsake the need for self-indulgence and worldly acknowledgement. The most effective spiritual dynamic is loving God more than ourselves and following His Light, allowing the Limitless Power of Elohim to flow freely in Reciprocated Love. Yet the masses are blinkered by the gamut of new age denominations and sects; what chance do they have to realise the Truth while their leaders are so charismatically stuck up their own ass' and consider themselves Divinely appointed? While those leading misleaders cling onto the familiar ways of the world, leaning on their own understanding?

I've always been a loner at heart noticing the implicit bias and prejudice of those presenting themselves as free spirit teachers. Following them on facebook and other social networking sites over the years they cannot be considered genuine teachers. I certainly can't respect them, they're merely transmitting human level delusions - nothing Divine. Systemic programming is evident in their personalities, their attitudes are often inane, many of the things they say utterly daft and untrue. They churn out the same old psuedo-scientific ideas that have been the new age norm for well over a century - thought forms purposely programmed into the matrix light field. You can't tell them that though, there's no getting through. The masses are a means to a personal paradise, they won't easily let go of any cultivated influence, plugging and selling books makes for a cushy livelihood.

If I come across "negative" I assure you my criticism is motivated by Love. I have a sense of urgency. When I'm hittin' on the Light of Life I'm quite the Blissful Soul; but I'm not taking anymore shit. The new age inherently rejects Spirit but it couldn't prevent this sensitivity to Spirit. The Holy Spirit is real, enduring and true, it's all the fancy exotic crap people push on us I'm turning my back on. My previous life was largely hindu rooted: meditating, experiencing inner light, sound and feelings of cosmic love; but the one experience I have of true insight I can safely cling to is that embrace of Divine Love which has never left me and now informs my life. That event revealed the Omnipresence of Love and Lover, that we are a creation, that there is a Creator, that there is a GOD.


Ahhh, that ol' ascension business.  After over 25 years of interest in the subject I can tell you our migration to the fifth dimension doesn't occur from an intellectual grasp of quantum mechanics, nor does it occur because of some cosmic ascension wave the earth is riding upon. If it occurs at all, it is by merit - specifically through the work of Yahshua and the Ruach.

Today we are given super-fanciful ideas of ascension far removed from the Truth. As a race we are dislocated from the Axiom of Life. A "Golden Age" when it finally arrives - if it is to have real integrity - will be an Age of Realisation of God.  He will be visibly Present on the earth. There are prophecies that predict the Kingdom of God upon earth many prefer to close their minds to....Similarly, modern ascension philosophies bastardise the biblical account, distorting the meaning of the one event new agers prefer to ignore: Yahshua's Ascension and His life leading up to it. Nothing special in that tho eh!  Nah, fuck all that, we're doing it too. We don't need to look to Yahshua's Way because we're ascending our way...

...what utter stupidity.

The notable Ascenders - Yahshua, Enoch and Elijah - ascended by the only way it can happen, via the Will of YHWH. Yahshua was too humble to think He could do anything so amazing by Himself, His Father YHWH raised Him from the dead because of an exemplary life of obeisance, faith and personal sacrifice. That is serious shit. New age ascension hopes and dreams are twisted inversions of that Event, specifically the harpazo or "Rapture" of the dedicated - called-out ones - at the appearance of Yahshua and His angels in the clouds at the end of days. Looking around at the world I can believe that more than the new age versions.

To truly Ascend we have to be filled with the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

People are so immersed in the world and their relationships, and so desirous of true love under their terms that they fail to realise True Love is the Love of God - under His terms. Such ones are high psychologists when it comes to human love and emotions, but they know nothing of the Spiritual Love of God and forever mistake it for love between men and women. The Personality of God is kaleidoscopically faceted with a Core stretching into an Eternity of LOVE. All light and cosmic power originate and pirouette around a Heart Center that is Everywhere, circumference nowhere.

Life is a matter of Empyrean Love...

... and Love don't take shit.

Empyrean Love is serious Love my friends. Spirituality is a serious affair of the heart, mind and soul, not a new age entertainment and variety show. 

I get all sorts of accusations thrown at me these days: that I'm indoctrinated, that I've become subservient to a demiurge and a controlling, outdated faith. I've even been accused of spiritual snobbery! But only ignorant, misleading new agers think that way. I have christian leanings because I see the inherent Truth at the heart of the faith. The earliest christians weren't known as such, they were followers of the Way. The Ruach shows the Way. The earliest christians had the Spirit of God dwelling within them - pointing the Way.

Ever since that woodland inpouring of Supernal Love there have been many high's and some very dark, self-destructive lows along the paths I chose to follow. The new age totally distracted me, I see that now; with hindsight it was nothing to put my faith in, we might as well put faith in Harry Potter.  

Experiences of True Divinity are different. They ground us and change us authentically. They do not perfect us, they (usually) do not inform of future world events or age cycles, we retain free will to continue to be deceived and do as we please. What they do show is the True Way, the narrow Way to Light and Life. It is up to us to follow the Way to God.

I've noticed Truth is unpopular even repulsive to some. People prefer hearing what they wanna hear and the new age gives them plenty of that, tickling ears all the merry way; but what happens when they hear things they don't like? Then there's deafening silence, unfriendings on facebook or much "wailing and gnashing of teeth" (the scriptures are so insightful). If what I say is offensive then your Heart isn't open enough. I'll continue challenging my own lifelong beliefs - even the most sacred ones - to see if they continue to stand in the Light of Spirit.

I've been through some intense dark nights of the soul and I wonder how many new age leaders have? Dark nights temper the spirit and test it's mettle, they're painful yet alchemical. In contrast the new age is a picture of smug complacency. 

The Hindu/new age/gnostic perspective is Yahshua expressed the Christ Spirit within us all, that everyone evolves to the same Divine stature given enough time. The Ruach suggests otherwise: the new age promotes a self-image not of God but of satan, proclaiming

"I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation. On the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High."

That "I will" is the rebellious will of satan so apparent in the world today - saturating the new age.  Everyone wants to be masters of their domain, we all wanna create our own reality, trouble is mankind recycles the same reality thousands of years old: the self-same fallen light recycled again and again. We're told in the new age we create our own reality. Yes we do, there are two to create from: One with God and one without. In between are the "matrix" manipulators of David Icke teaching - the reptilians/archons/demons etc.

"You were the seal of perfection, Full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God; Every precious stone was your covering: The sardius, topaz, and diamond, Beryl, onyx, and jasper, Sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created. You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones.”  

"Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty; You corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.”

"you have set your heart as the heart of a god.”

Some argue those verses refer to a certain King, but through the spiritually opened eyes of the prophet it is the spirit of satan behind the King being addressed. We live in a demon infested world: the "satan" of scripture is very real, the devil is in the details. Our core desires for life mastership have been warped and twisted for millennia. Satan is a master at inversion and still the cherub who "covers" with overshadowing wings (covering our heart and mind).

“Every man would like to be God if it were possible; some few find it difficult to admit the impossibility.” - Bertrand Russel.

In their own eyes it's OK for new agers to be masters of their domain; encouraging followers to pay for their presence, buy their books and assimilate every word as gospel: selling luciferian precepts of personal godhood. Yet when you really think about it everyone being their own god is an absurd notion - and an actual impossibility. Looking around at this fallen world and Seeing that it is fallen, it is abundantly clear that if everyone was their own God there would be utter-fucking-chaos.

There's room for only One Omnipotent God in Eternity 😊 

All that self loving, you are your own god mentality stems from the fallen, pervading spirit of lucifer/satan. It should grieve anyone's immortal soul to realise the extent of the deception; yet the new age's inherent narcissm prevents acceptance of insight that contradicts the fluffy love & light perspectives. The spirit of satan is the ultimate self-lover and egomaniac, sporting an electromagnetic field of influence verily shining through the hindu guru's of yesteryear and the "lightworkers" - the "wayshowers" - of today, encouraging all of the matrix style life is a dream/everything is illusion, we are multidimensional bullshit 

Satan's happy to give you what you want sexually, materially and spiritually - relative to your potential - just so long as you keep living the lie and don't begin any serious enquiries into the actual Truth.   

Fantastical fallacies in the guise of invention are springing from the minds of many. I've heard tell lucifer is the ultimate initiator transforming souls, and there are those claiming - with putative authority - satan has repented and back in the fold of God, now helping mankind to awaken. Convenient, fluffy, love and light perspectives for sure but simply not Truth: they are inversions of the Truth. I'm aghast when otherwise clever people peddle such naive claptrap. It shows how clever people can be such dumbass's sometimes - the cleverer you are the more foolish you can be it seems.

I don't care what source or method folks use to twist scripture to conform to their own understanding, esoteric embezzlements attract deceptive entities into anyones sphere of influence - without exception - leading them and anyone who follows them way off the mark. It's wiser to follow the Light of the Ruach ha'Qodesh folks for Lucifer's still bringing his light, but it ain't YHWH's Light, lucifer forsook the True Light when he fell from Heaven - faking it ever since. 

Scripture says God created "innumerable angels." However, He did create a fixed amount. All the angels ever to be created have been created. The Adon doesn't make mistakes or mess about, thinking: "for this turn of events or this situation I need to create more angels." Doesn't happen.  It comes to me He created a trillion angels, so it follows there are a heck of a lot of fallen ones - around three hundred billion of 'em 😓 They're strategically dispersed in the lower heaven, astral zones and relative dimensions; taking a myriad of forms both light and dark, ancient and modern: pretending to be God's angels, star beings, aliens; all the while compelling people and politicians to do their will,  "channeling" through various chosen ones. They're clever as all hell: denizens of darkness allied against the True Light and Spirit of YHWH. That's what it's all about: the battle between Light and darkness is very real and happening now. Yet the fallen are way outnumbered and destined to fail, for the true Light is Victorious by nature. Two thirds of the totality of angels chose to remain Allied with YHWH and His Harmonic Spiritual Laws


I see the satanic archetype - the desire to be as God - at the core of all things new age, there's no mistaking it, the holographic "I will" imprint within the matrix lightfield is clear, the iniquitous urge is instilled within ages of thought, adding delusion to illusion and vice versa for God knows how long: forming a world in his own image, reflecting his post heavenly demeanor. He's super confident and successful; we're either slaves to the system, rebellious towards it or worshipping idols in the form of celebrities, sportsman, musicians or fatuous new age leaders. Whatever position we take we're slaves, we have to rely on the system to get along in life, tricky ol' Nick hasn't missed a trick.

"Satan is an evil genius. He's also insane, because he believes he's going to win. Only an insane mind can think that way." - Alan Horvath.

As befitting the attributes of insane genius satan wields multiple personalities developed over thousands of years, wearing a masque for every occasion. At heart he is a beast, a "roaring lion prowling about, seeking who he may devour." The dominant thoughts of the last couple o' centuries are sprinkled with luciferian personages. Thelemism - arriving early last century - is a cornerstone of new age thought. It's "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" (I will) philosophy was brought forth by the "beast" Aleister Crowley, encapsulating his view of free spirit, or his "angelic" guide Aiwass's view anyway (wink). New agers love all that self-centred shit but it's a misleading even dangerous way to think. The new age is rooted in satanic deception, it is the emperor in new clothes and I'm one of a growing number of God's children pointing out the nakedness.

"The hard core of human egotism is hardly to be dislodged except rudely."- Yogananda.

People: if you haven't bailed on me already, I'm telling you that fancy ass minded hindu roots/psuedo-scientific teacher/guru you follow is a follower of the light of a fallen cherubim heretofore known as lucifer/satan. For all the supposed wisdom and insight how unwitting are your gurus? And how unwitting are you by following them? The fallen light is insidious, it is creating and shaping our reality day by day and multitudes are openly - happily - receiving it, emulating a dishonoured, mesmeric cherubim. Those in the inner circles of such high falutin gurus - or spiritual crooks - are often exposed to their iniquities, yet so emotionally invested are they and under the influence that there's no other recourse but to consider their masters every mood and action to be expressions of the Divine 😓

Most assuredly they are not. 

New agers are not in any way reflective of God but are reflecting the fallen spirit of satan. We are a Divinely disaffected people given an inverted, selfish spirituality altogether bound to the earths fallen state distortion fields. Since losing his eminent position satan's no longer of Heaven but wholly of the world. In sharp contrast the Spirit of Christ is in total Harmony with Heaven and entirely contrary to the world: being in the world but not of it

Those who have the indwelling Ruach ha'Qodesh always feel like strangers in the world, for: 

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world."

The new age has pulled the wool right over our eyes. We mustn't take anything for granted: if we're transmitting any degree of True Light we're a legitimate target and satan is looking for chinks in our armour, if we're wearing it - otherwise we're unwitting lapdogs. He'll use any method to keep us neutralised, sedated, fucked up or fixated on notions of fantastical bullshit. More often than not he's extremely successful - often for entire lifetimes - in leading people astray from the narrow path of simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.

"If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me." 

Succinct advice pretty much every new ager avoids like the plague, but regardless: that is the Way of authentic Spirituality, requiring a leap of faith hardly anyone is taking. Esoteric villainy is assailing everyone with lies, no one is exempt: our world is literally a battleground of Light and dark and right now the darkness is right out on top. We should question anyone and everyone who steps up in the guise of spiritual teacher. Let's not be complacent anymore folks, there's way too many dubious spiritual types parroting the lies of the serpent, stealing attention and money from the gullible masses. With fearless intrepidation tune into their dark side and see what you can find - all the better to suss them out. If they're not pointing the way to God, only to themselves (or yourself) do not listen: certainly don't give your money, it only gives them carte blanche to be "creative" and formulate/spread around yet more metaphysical bullshit.

There's no need to consult those who profess to be in contact with spirit guides or receive "transmissions" from star beings or whatever exotic being they proffer, and definitely don't seek out fortune tellers. Get into GOD and He'll take care of your future just fine, and in the most surprising ways.

"For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear, and they shall indeed turn their ears away from Truth, and be turned aside to myths."

Acknowledging the Ruach - which acknowledges the soundness of judeo-christian scripture - we can deduce a surprising antecedent: the modern world is an expression of the ancient rebellion against Abba Father YHWH. The new age and gnosticism are contemporary extensions of said rebellion - a severe embezzlement and infraction of Spiritual Truth. Such things are finding expression through the absurd, sick, twisted attitudes on the internet, showing clearly that humanity is divided unto itself.

The masses of self-righteous guides and "teachers" displaying faux enlightenment and "wisdom" these days is extremely distracting; but don't be fooled by them, or by those who tout God as some sort of vague energy or "source." All that is duplicity. Scripture informs us that He is an Omnipotent Being with hands, feet and a Glorious Face. He has virtuous feelings and an Esteem Radiating throughout creation into translucent Eternity.

The Creator of Heaven and earth can be approached as a Person within your Heart: NOT anyone else's. God has provided everything we need free of charge, we don't have to pay to receive His Guidance - except with our former ways of living.                                                                  


"As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent." 

God is a character, a personality - the Supreme Personality: Immaculate Spirit acting within corruption, always mindful of free-will; never violating the perfect and harmonious laws of creation. He works with what He's given, with what we give Him: the more we give the more is used and returned for our benefit. YHWH is the True Guru: we have the freedom to Love or loathe Him but those who choose to Truly Love desire to please by obeying. It's all so simple and presented so clearly; but for many people obeying a God they hate or do not perceive is tantamount to taking cyanide. 

The arrogance of guru's and new agers know no bounds, so many suckers stick to them like glue, losing all sight of sacred humility and rational thought. Sans perception or understanding of Real God the new age/gnostic poobahs take godhood upon themselves, make things up as they go along then get all self-righteous and conceited about it: spiritual criminals stealing our souls.

Regardless of what any male or female new ager/paradigm shifter would love to tell you: we cannot be our own guru. I've known many an idiot pleiadian "lightworker" proclaiming we can be, yet - moving on up the levels and staying relative - I've noticed top guru's create exclusive pompous luxury mini empires befitting their twisted hand-me-down esoteric credos, and operate strict internet securities: so full of themselves and so very wary are they of dissension among their particular ranks. It's hilarious really: they rebel against the Most High yet expect no such abhorrence from their own rank and file. Control freaks all.

I've relearned many times that friendship with the world is enmity with God, that there is a marked distinction between the world and Spirit, that there are no true guru's aside from YHWH/Yahshua/the Ruach: that genuine Spirituality is acceptance of the reality Spirit reveals.

For the sake of reason, going by what I used to believe: an authentic guru wouldn't allow you to do whatever you like, they would disavow you for it. A real guru with his or her head pulled right out their ass and allied with the Most High God insists on disciplining those under put under charge, and keeping a very tight ship - as YHWH so wisely did with the Israelites. Like a buddhist master walking around with stick in hand ready to whack any student losing concentration, it's the same with Eloah when His children stray from the narrow Way. "For whom God loves He reproves." We either stick to the Way and follow what's Good for us, or go the new age my-way leading to grand delusion and seriously spiritual death.

"Blessed is the one who God corrects, do not despise the discipline of the Almighty."

"Trust God with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; know Him in all your ways, and He makes all your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; revere God and turn away from evil."

God is Love on His terms - not ours. The Most High hates with a perfect - non-malicious - hate uncorrupted. It is good that He hates - loving the sinner hating the sin - like any parent hating what steals their children from their loving arms and hedge of protection. Our ways are not God's Ways; being subverted we have no clear view of the All-Seeing Fullness of the Love of God - sometimes Love can appear harsh. 

True Love is not blind Love: God hates the darkness of the world.  

Evil cannot be treated with kid gloves. The Eloah is a Righteous El yet self-righteous people love to project their delusions onto Him, insisting He be a loving God and nothing but a loving God - or forfeit their love! There are many reasons for that, the biblical accounts being uppermost. While I personally don't like some of the things recorded in scripture I understand the why's and wherefores of the Adon's actions in relation to mankind. Every one of His commands were given for perfectly good reasons, mainly to counter the manoeuvers of satan and combat the quite extensive genetic corruptions of the fallen angels/nephilim. Back then life was very serious business: life and death. It still is though we do our best to forget about it. If we were fully cognizant of the heights and depths of the atavistic corruptions of satan we'd be rendered utterly insane. In a world long dominated by hosts of discarnate and incarnate criminal beings, the Adon of creation searched peoples hearts, snatched up Abram and created His own people.

The Creator is no bloodthirsty God: given the extreme circumstances bloodshed was unavoidable. To hindu style new agers I remind: Krishna urged Arjuna to righteous battle regardless of the (illusion of) imminent destruction to his close friends and family. Ramana Maharshi said: "The sage who knows the truth that the Self (soul) is indestructible will remain unaffected even if five million people are killed in his presence."

I no longer hold to such a morally aloof view of things, but new agers love that sorta faux transcendent dismissive shit, and so I'm giving them no reason to snub their self-righteous noses in disgust 😘

"For what if some do not believe? Shall their unbelief nullify the trustworthiness of Elohim?" 

The Hebrew's Knew Elohim as the One True GOD in Perfect Trinity and Glorious Action: the Son/Christ and the Ruach ha'Qodesh with YHWH the Godhead. The Whole Universe was created in finely balanced Perfection and Unity by That.

We live on a supernormal planet reduced to abject abnormality. Before iniquity man was the very image of Elohim, walking in an earthly Paradise endowed with Eternal Life. Because of iniquity we became the image of satan, and death is all too familiar. Rebellion is deep seated in our soulEloah hurts because of that. The fall hurt Him. We're still finding ever more ingenious ways to deepen that hurt by turning away from His Perfect Love and Guidance. We cannot perceive and receive the Love of God while continuing in sin, yet He continues to wield utmost patience, and we should be very glad of that, for He's holding back Wrath long enough to bring as many as possible into the Kingdom.

"But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance."

Turning back to Him with sincerity in our Heart, He Forgives again and expresses His Great Love and Joy.

John the Baptist said: "I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and FIRE." Such beautiful humility from one who Yahshua thought "the greatest man born of women." The Most High's Harmonic creation and laws - set forth in All Wisdom - are wholly Other than the worldly order of things. Mindful of the deep darkness of this planet, Yahshua brings not peace but a sword and baptises with Alchemical Fire. It is a necessary Fire I for one am not afraid to immerse myself in. 

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not of

That encapsulates the entire hindu-roots new age right there. Failing to heed sound scriptural Truth, choosing instead to listen to a lot of errant spirits, the new age is spoiling a great many souls. The prime directive - born of ages of seperation from Elohim - is it's all about us, we are god, we can take control. But it isn't, we aren't and we can't. It's not about us, it's about the God who created us. Mankind is a fallen race living in a fallen world largely insensitive to the Light of Christ. There's gonna be no new age style planetary ascension into the fifth dimension, a collective effort of self-loving will not enable such an event. What we can do is grab onto a firm hook of humility, bite the bullet and pray hard for deliverance before the shit really hits the fan.  

Where once I saw people expressing progressive enlightenment now I see displaced dreamers, puffed up dilettantes and retarded spirits. They think they're of christ but they're of subversion: a christ succumbed to the temptations of satan - full of the wiles of the world - is no christ at all. Yet they insist on projecting an air of Divinity loads of people fall over themselves for. Pride and stubbornness prevents acceptance of the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

Human spirit and the Holy Spirit are two very different spirits. The spirit of mankind is fallen state. The only way to rectify that is to open our heart and ask for Spirit to come in and guide us. Then we can walk not in our own light - leaning not on our own understanding - but in the Light of God. In that Light we're under different conditions and rules than before, a different order of things and are not subject to the wholesale corruptions of ha' shatan. Under the charge and supply of Spirit the numerous new age, occult, esoteric and divinatory systems no longer apply. 

We are not our own criteria of truth. In this fallen world the only truth worth it's salt is of the Ruach ha'Qodesh. It's time to revaluate Yahshua and become allied with His Almighty Spirit. If you love the world and revel in the flesh, feel free to do what thou wilt and carry on regardless; but don't fool yourself and everyone else into thinking you're being spiritual. Real Spirit doesn't conform to the whims and ways of men or women - we must conform to the Way of Spirit. Real Spirituality isn't a comfortable life, it is to be set-apart and often reviled by the world because of it.

"God has arranged all things in the world in consideration of everything else."

Don't talk to me about "the universe." Creation is not teaching us lessons or conspiring to give all we desire. Authentic Spirituality is shockingly other than what we've been led to believe for the entirety of our mislead lives. Often reaching out with no reciprocation, the Adon of creation follows His laws of free-will, allows people to fulfil their temporal desires and gives them over to strong delusion.

This is creation we live in, and we are creatures. There is a quite profound Creator/creature distinction too many are refusing to realise. Harmonic multidimensional Laws were set forth to serve creation for the good of All. Genuine Spirituality is not a free for all - do what the heck you like - scenario. Bow your mind and heart before the Eternally Living God, for He resists the proud and gives Grace to the humble.  

We are not God, we can never be God (thank God ). In the True Kingdom the only way up is down on your knees. Lower yourself and God will lift you up. Kneel before the Almighty Power behind creation that is not you.

Get into GOD.

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.   For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good, and acceptable, and perfect, Will of God."

"Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God."

"For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: But the word of the Lord endureth for ever."

Some things are worth reiterating:

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."  

I love those olde scriptures, they speak Truth's that are True Forever.

This is my account of the transition from new age to God 👼

Darren  xXx 

Some of you makin' it down this far? Wow: I don't expect much but thanks for your continued interest.... Allow me to take you deeper. 😎

We're all mad down 'ere. Even "sane" people are completely bonkers on this planet. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world, and the internet has only made it a madder place.  

In sharp contrast to the new age...

... imagine a Supreme Being who created an entire universe yet breathed life only on this planet.

Such a realisation is miraculous in itself and can come a bit of a shock, but that's how miraculous this planet is. And as miraculous as this planet is, being a spirit is even more miraculous.  

Now is the time to think about our Eternal Life. For there is life after death and we create our afterlife by our attitudes and actions in this one. Whatever material wealth we accumulate we cannot take with us, we do not become enlightened and/or perfected following death, we are the same person we are in life, with all of our habits and carnal thoughts abiding. The main difference is the sudden, absolute fact of an afterlife.

Yahshua said: "In my Father's House are Many Mansions." In the original aramaic/hebrew it's translated as many dwelling places. He was referring to the various realms of Light awaiting on the other side, operating under the Perfect and Righteous Jurisdiction of the Most High God. There are areas of deepest darkness where no light is known. We pass into one or other at the end of our earthly sojourn, into a realm suited to individual soul orientation: either entering the Kingdom and reuniting with departed loved ones or zones of terrible decadence and suffering where our sins in life become very clear and many heinous beings dwell. It's a serious choice we have to make now - in this life.

I used to believe in reincarnation. I assumed the billions alive today were souls trapped on an endless cycle of death and rebirth, being so karmically bound to the earth - so immersed in the darkness of it - they come back time and time again, caught in an insidious samsaric loop. I don't see that is the case anymore. Despite far eastern religion's alluring colorful ideologies and the subjective fallacies of the new age (past-life-regression in particular) we may actually have awakened in this very lifetime by that original touch and breath of Almighty GOD still moving miraculously through all the races of mankind since Genesis. I'm certain that will not sit will with many millions of spiritually vain and proud folks but this is a fallen world ruled by fallen beings. Being alive as we are now isn't a result of actions in previous lifetimes: divorced from genuine Divinity life is often extremely unfair and quite random as it happens, as random as that poor zebra picked out from among dozens by a hungry lion.... ancient strains of successful and failed genetic corruptions stream through humanity. New scientific discoveries have revealed we carry DNA from our distant ancestors, which explains much, their ancient experiences and influences are a big factor in our subjective minds. Throughout historic and prehistoric time billions were created and simply inherited the shit end of the stick, some are more blessed or more chosen - such choices are the prerogative of the Divine. Amidst all the randomness, unfairness and competition some are picked out by GOD, others by satan...

Satan's will and preoccupation is we all remain bound to him, keeping us firmly under jurisdiction is his raison de'etre. 

Being of open heart and boundless spiritual curiosity I no longer balk at christian perspectives, it turns out they're choc-full of the profoundest revelation. In recent years I became fascinated by the passion of early christians and their martyrdoms: who would go the their deaths for the sake of the new age today I thought. None, because it's all about material comfort and sensuality for them. Seeking Truth where I refused to before I haven't rejected mind but opened wide in prayer and supplication, and been led to some pretty switched on preachers. Impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment - not all of them but a notable few - I'm amazed at the biblical insights uncovered, stuff I woulda totally failed to see in the pomp of new age haughtiness. Through one of them, Andrew Wommack, I heard of Sadhu Sundar Singh; the name piqued curiosity and I looked him up. I hate to say I "resonate" with the guy but he's right up my street, going right against the hindu/buddhist style gurus of the ages: delivering a poke in the collective third-eye of the hordes of nonchalant new agers.

The following paragraphs are couched in christian terminology, nevertheless, Sundar was a True Visionary.

Introducing Sadhu Sundar Singh of India:

The Visions of Sadhu Sundar Singh.

The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it's Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life Sundar's mother would take him week by week to sit at the feet of a sadhu, an ascetic holy man, who lived some distance away in the rainforest.

But with the death of his beloved mother when he was only fourteen years old, the young Sundar grew increasingly despairing and aggressive. His hatred of the local missionaries and Christians culminated in the public burning of a bible which he tore apart page by page and threw into the flames.

Yet before long Sundar was intent on taking his own life. Sundar had arrived at a point of desperation: he had decided to throw himself under the Ludhiana express if God did not reveal to him the true way of peace.

At three in the morning he rose from his bed and went out into the moonlit courtyard for the ceremonial bath observed by devout Hindus and Sikhs before worship. He then returned to his room and knelt down, bowed his head to the ground and pleaded that God would reveal himself. Yet nothing happened.

He had not known what to expect: a voice, a vision, a trance ? Still nothing happened. And it was fast approaching the time for the Ludhiana express.

He lifted his head and opened his eyes, and was rather surprised to see a faint cloud of light in the room. It was too early for the dawn. He opened the door and peered out to the courtyard. Darkness. Turning back into the room he saw that the light in the room was getting brighter. To his sheer amazement he saw not the face of any of his traditional gods, but of Jesus the Christ.

Jesus Christ was there in the room, shining, radiating an inexpressible joy and peace and love, looking at him with compassion and asking, "Why do you persecute me? I died for you ..."

>From here on the life of Sundar Singh became most Christ-like. Being unwilling to denounce his Master, it was not long before he had been rejected by his family. Sundar took the saffron robes of the sadhu and began a life of spreading the simple message of love and peace and rebirth through Jesus. He carried no money or other possessions, only a New Testament.

He travelled India and Tibet, as well as the rest of the world, with the message that the modern interpretation of Jesus was sadly watered down. He visited the West twice, travelling to Britain, the United States, and Australia in 1920, and Europe again in 1922.

With the large number of "spiritual paths" and "techniques" facing the world of today it is of special value to consider the life and insights of one who truly embraced the simplicity, love and freedom offered through devotion to Christ.

"I am not worthy to follow in the steps of my Lord," he said, "but like Him, I want no home, no possessions. Like Him I will belong to the road, sharing the suffering of my people, eating with those who will give me shelter, and telling all people of the love of God." 

The following is the preface of the original publication of 1926:

In this book I have attempted to write about some of the visions which God has given me. Had I considered my own inclinations I would not have published the account of these visions during my life time; but friends, whose judgment I value, have been insistent that, as a spiritual help to others, the publication of the teaching of these visions should not be delayed. In deference to the wish of these friends this book is now presented to the public.

At Kotgarh, fourteen years ago, while I was praying, my eyes were opened to the Heavenly Vision. So vividly did I see it all that I thought I must have died, and that my soul had passed into the glory of heaven; but throughout the intervening years these visions have continued to enrich my life. I cannot call them up at will, but, usually when I am praying or meditating, sometimes as often as eight or ten times in a month, my spiritual eyes are opened to see within the heavens, and, for an hour or two, I walk in the glory of the heavenly sphere with Christ Jesus, and hold converse with angels and spirits. Their answers to my questions have provided much of the material that has already been published in my books, and the unutterable ecstasy of that spiritual communion makes me long for the time when I shall enter in permanently to the bliss and fellowship of the redeemed.

Some may consider that these visions are merely a form of spiritualism, but I would emphasize that there is one very essential difference. Spiritualism does presume to produce messages and signs from spirits out of the dark, but they are usually so fragmentary and unintelligible, if not actually deceptive, that they lead their followers away from, rather than to, the truth. In these visions, on the other hand, I see vividly and clearly every detail of the glory of the spiritual world, and I have the uplifting experience of very real fellowship with the saints, amid the inconceivably bright and beautiful world made visible. It is from these angels and saints that I have received, not vague, broken and elusive messages from the unseen, but clear and rational elucidations of many of the problems that have troubled me.

This "Communion of the Saints" was a fact so real in the experience of the early Church, that it is given a place among the necessary articles of their faith, as stated in the "Apostles' Creed." Once, in a vision, I asked the saints for a proof from the Bible of this communion of saints, and was told that it was to be found clearly given in Zechariah 3:7-8, where "those that were standing by" were not angels, but saints in glory; and God's promise, on condition of Joshua fulfilling His command, is that he will be given "a place of access to walk among them (saints) that stand by," and these are his "fellows" the spirits of men made perfect with whom he could commune. There is repeated mention of Spirits, Saints and Angels in this book. The distinction I would make between them is that spirits are good or bad, who after death exist in a state intermediate between heaven and hell. Saints are those who have passed on through this stage into the higher sphere of the spiritual world, and have had special service allotted to them. Angels are those glorious beings to whom all kinds of superior service have been allotted, and among them are included many saints from other worlds, as well as from this world of ours, who live together as one family. They serve one another in love, and, in the effulgence of God's glory, are eternally happy. The World of Spirits means that intermediary state into which spirits enter after leaving the body. By the Spiritual World is meant all spiritual beings that progress through the stages between the darkness of the bottomless pit and the throne of the Lord in light.

I wish to express my sincere thanks to Rev. T. E. Riddle of the New Zealand Presbyterian Mission, Kharar, Punjab, who has journeyed up to Subathu to translate the original book from Urdu into English. My thanks are again due to Miss E. Sanders, of Coventry, for having corrected the proofs.


Subathu, July, 1926.

The Visions
There is only one source of Life--an Infinite and Almighty Life, whose creative power gave life to all living things. All creatures live in Him and in Him will they remain forever. Again this Life created innumerable other lives, different in kind, and in the stages of their progress man is one of these, created in God's own image that he might ever remain happy in His holy presence.

This life may change but it can never be destroyed, and though the change from one form of existence into another is called Death, this never means that death finally ends life, or even that it adds to life, or takes away from it. It merely transfers the life from one form of existence to another. A thing that disappears from our sight has not thereby ceased to exist. It reappears, but in another form and state.

Nothing in this whole universe was ever destroyed, nor can it ever be, because the Creator has never created anything for destruction. If He had wished to destroy it, He would never have created it. And if nothing in creation can be destroyed, then how can man be destroyed, who is the crown of creation, and the image of his Creator? Can God Himself destroy His own image, or can any other creature do it? Never! If a man is not destroyed at death then at once the question arises, where will man exist after death, and in what state?

I shall attempt to give a brief explanation from my own visional experiences though it is not possible for me to describe all the things which I have seen in visions of the spiritual world, because the language and illustrations of this world are inadequate to express these spiritual realities; and the very attempt to reduce to ordinary language the glory of the things seen is likely to result in misunderstanding. I have, therefore, had to eliminate the account of all those subtle spiritual occurrences, for which only a spiritual language is adequate, and to take up only a few simple and instructive incidents that will prove profitable to all. And since at some time or other every one will have to enter into this unseen spiritual world it will not be without profit, if we, to some extent, become familiar with it.

One day when I was praying alone, I suddenly found myself surrounded by a great concourse of spirit beings, or I might say that as soon as my spiritual eyes were opened I found myself bowed in the presence of a considerable company of saints and angels. At first I was somewhat abashed, when I saw their bright and glorious state and compared with them my own inferior quality. But I was at once put at ease by their real sympathy and love-inspired friendliness. I had already had the experience of the peace of the presence of God in my life, but the fellowship of these saints added a new and wonderful joy to me. As we conversed together I received from them answers to my questions relating to my difficulties about many problems that puzzled me. My first inquiry was about what happens at the time of dying and about the state of the soul after death. I said, ' We know what happens to us between childhood and old age, but we know nothing of what happens at the time of death or beyond the gates of death. Correct information about it can be known only by those on the other side of death, after they have entered the spiritual world. "Can you", I asked, "give us any information about this?"

To this one of the saints answered! "Death is like sleep. There is no pain in the passing over, except in the case of a few bodily diseases and mental conditions. As an exhausted man is overcome by deep sleep, so comes the sleep of death to man. Death comes so suddenly to many, that it is only with great difficulty that they realise that they have left the material world, and entered this world of spirits. Bewildered by the many new things that they see around them, they imagine that they are visiting some country or city of the physical world, which they have not seen before. It is only when they have been more fully instructed, and realise that their spiritual body is different from their former material body, that they allow that they have, in fact, been transferred from the material world to the realm of spirits."

Another of the saints who was present gave this further answer to my question, "Usually," he said, "at the time of death the body loses its power of feeling. It has no pain, but is simply overcome by a sense of drowsiness. Sometimes in cases of great weakness, or after accident, the spirit departs while the body is still unconscious. Then the spirits of those who have lived without thought of, or preparation for, entering the spiritual world, being thus suddenly transferred into the world of spirits, are extremely bewildered, and in a state of great distress at their fate, so, for a considerable period, they have to remain in the lower and darker planes of the intermediate state. The spirits of these lower spheres often greatly harass people in the world. But the only ones that they can injure are those who are like in mind to themselves, who of their own free will open their hearts to entertain them. These evil spirits, allying themselves with other evil spirits, would do immense harm in the world were it not that God has appointed innumerable angels everywhere for the protection of His people, and of His creation, so that His people are always safe in His keeping."

"Evil spirits can injure only those in the world who are like in nature to themselves, and then they can do it only to a limited extent. They can, indeed, trouble the righteous, but not without God's permission. God sometimes does give to Satan and his angels permission to tempt and persecute His people, that they may emerge from the trial stronger and better, as when He allowed Satan to persecute His servant Job. But from such a trial there is gain rather than loss to the believer."

Another of the saints standing by added in reply to my question, "Many whose lives have not been yielded to God, when about to die, seem to become unconscious; but what actually happens is that when they see the hideous and devilish faces of the evil spirits that have come about them, they become speechless and paralysed by fear. On the other hand the dying of a believer is frequently the very opposite of this. He is extremely happy for he sees angels and saintly spirits coming to welcome him. Then too, his loved ones, who have died before, are permitted to attend his deathbed, and to conduct his soul to the spiritual world. On entering the world of spirits he at once feels at home for not only are his friends about him, but, while in the world he had long been preparing himself for that Home by his trust in God and fellowship with Him."

After that a fourth saint said, "To conduct the souls of men from the world is the work of angels. Usually Christ reveals Himself in the spiritual world to each one in degrees of glory differing in intensity according to the state of each soul's spiritual development. But in some cases He Himself comes to a deathbed to welcome His servant and in love dries his tears, and leads him into Paradise. As a child born into the world finds everything provided for its wants, so does the soul, on entering the spiritual world find all its wants supplied."

Once in the course of conversation the saints gave me this information. "After death the soul of every human being will enter the world of spirits, and every one, according to the stage of his spiritual growth, will dwell with spirits like in mind and in nature to himself, either in the darkness or in the light of glory. We are assured that no one in the physical body has entered into the spiritual world, except Christ and a few saints, whose bodies were transformed into glorious bodies, yet to some it has been granted, that, while still dwelling in the world, they can see the world of spirits, and heaven itself, as in 2 Cor. 12:2, though they themselves cannot tell whether they enter Paradise in the body or in the spirit."

After this conversation these saints conducted me around and showed me many wonderful things and places. I saw that from all sides thousands upon thousands of souls were constantly arriving in the world of spirits, and that all were attended by angels. The souls of the good had with them only angels and good spirits, who had conducted them from their death-beds. Evil spirits were not allowed to come near to them, but stood far off and watched. I saw also that there were no good spirits with the souls of the really wicked, but about them were evil spirits, who had come with them from their death-beds, while angels, too, stood by and prevented the evil spirits from giving free play to the spite of their malicious natures in harassing them. The evil spirits almost immediately led these souls away towards the darkness, for when in the flesh, they had consistently allowed evil spirits to influence them for evil, and had willingly permitted themselves to be enticed to all kinds of wickedness.

For the angels in no way interfere with the free will of any soul. I saw there, also, many souls who had lately come into the world of spirits, who were attended by both good and evil spirits, as well as by angels. But before long the radical difference of their lives began to assert itself, and they separated themselves--the good in character towards the good, and the evil towards the evil.

When the souls of men arrive in the world of spirits the good at once separate from the evil. In the world all are mixed together, but it is not so in the spiritual world. I have many times seen that when the spirits of the good--the Sons of Light enter into the world of spirits they first of all bathe in the impalpable air-like waters of a crystal clear ocean, and in this they find an intense and exhilarating refreshment. Within these miraculous waters they move about as if in open air, neither are they drowned beneath them, nor do the waters wet them, but, wonderfully cleansed and refreshed and fully purified, they enter into the world of glory and light, where they will ever remain in the presence of their dear Lord, and in the fellowship of innumerable saints and angels.

How different from these are the souls of those whose lives have been evil. Ill at ease in the company of the Sons of Light, and tormented by the all-revealing light of Glory, they struggle to hide themselves in places where their impure and sin-stained natures will not be seen. From the lowest and darkest part of the world of spirits a black and evil-smelling smoke arises, and in their effort to hide themselves from the light, these Sons of Darkness push down, and cast themselves headlong into it, and from it their bitter wails of remorse and anguish are heard constantly to arise. But heaven is so arranged that the smoke is not seen, nor are the wails of anguish heard, by the spirits in heaven, unless any of them for some special reason should wish to see the evil plight of those souls in darkness.

A little child died of pneumonia, and a party of angels came to conduct his soul to the world of spirits. I wish that his mother could have seen that wonderful sight, then, instead of weeping, she would have sung with joy, for the angels take care of the little ones with a care and a love that no mother ever could show. I heard one of the angels say to another, "See how this child's mother weeps over this short and temporary separation! In a very few years she will be happy again with her child." Then the angels took the child's soul to that beautiful and light-filled part of heaven, which is set apart for children, where they care for them, and teach them in all heavenly wisdom, until gradually the little ones become like the angels.

After some time this child's mother also died, and her child, who had now become like the angels, came with other angels to welcome the soul of his mother. When he said to her, "Mother, do you not know me? I am your son Theodore," the mother's heart was flooded with joy, and when they embraced one another their tears of joy fell like flowers. It was a touching sight! Then as they walked along together he kept on pointing out, and explaining to her the things around them, and during the time appointed for her stay in the intermediate state, he remained with her, and, when the period necessary for instruction in that world was completed he took her with him to the higher sphere where he himself dwelt.

There, on all sides, were wonderful and joyous surroundings, and unnumbered souls of men were there, who in the world had borne all kinds of suffering for the sake of Christ, and in the end had been raised to this Glorious place of honour. All around were matchless and exceedingly beautiful mountains, springs & landscapes, & in the gardens was abundance of all kinds of sweet fruits & beautiful flowers. Everything the heart could desire was there. Then he said to his mother, "In the World, which is the dim reflection of this real world, our dear ones are grieving over us, but, tell me, is this death, or the real life for which every heart yearns?" The mother said, "Son. this is the true life. If I had known in the world the whole truth about heaven, I would never have grieved over your death. What a pity it is those in the world are so blind! In spite of the fact that Christ has explained quite clearly about this state of glory, and that the Gospels again and again tell of this eternal kingdom of the Father, yet, not only ignorant people, but many enlightened believers as well, still remain altogether unaware of its glory. May God grant that all may enter into the abiding joy of this place!"

The soul of a German philosopher entered into the world of spirits and saw from afar the incomparable glory of the spiritual world, and the boundless happiness of its people. He was delighted with what he saw, but his stubborn intellectualism stood in the way of his entering into it, and enjoying its happiness. Instead of admitting that it was real, he argued thus with himself, "There is no doubt at all that I see all this, but what proof is there that it has objective existence, and is not some illusion conjured up by my mind? From end to end of all this scene I will apply the tests of logic, philosophy and science, and then only will I be convinced that it has a reality of its own, and is no illusion." Then the angels answered him, "It is evident from your speech that your intellectualism has warped your whole nature, for as spiritual, and not bodily, eyes are needed to see the spiritual world, so spiritual understanding is necessary to comprehend its reality, and not mental exercises in the fundamentals of logic and philosophy. Your science, that deals with material facts, has been left behind with your physical skull and brain in the World. Here, only that spiritual wisdom is of use which arises out of the fear and love of God." Then said one of the angels to another, "What a pity it is that people forget that precious word of our Lord, 'Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven' (Matt. 18:3). I asked one of the angels what the end of this man would be, and he replied "If this man's life had been altogether bad, then he would at once have joined the spirits of darkness, but he is not without a moral sense, so for a very long time he will wander blindly round in the dim light of the lower parts of the intermediate state, and keep on bumping his philosophical head, until tired of his foolishness, he repents. Then he will be ready to receive the necessary instruction from the angels appointed for that purpose, and, when instructed, will he be fit to enter into the fuller light of God in the higher sphere."

In one sense the whole of infinite space, filled as it is with the presence of God, who is Spirit, is a spiritual world. In another sense the World also is a spiritual world, for its inhabitants are spirits clothed with human bodies. But there is yet another world of spirits after they leave the body at death. This is an intermediate state -- a state between the glory and light of the highest heavens, and the dimness and darkness of the lowest hells. In it are innumerable planes of existence, and the soul is conducted to that plane for which its progress in the World has fitted it. There, angels especially appointed to this work, instruct it for a time, that may be long or short, before it goes on to join the society of those spirits -- good spirits in the greater light, or evil spirits in the greater darkness -- that are like in nature and in mind to itself.

Our relatives and dear ones, and at times the saints as well often come from the unseen world to help and protect us, but the angels always do. Yet they have never been allowed to make themselves visible to us, except at a few times of very special need. By ways unrecognised by us they influence us towards holy thoughts, and incline us towards God and towards good conduct, and God's Spirit, dwelling in our hearts, completes that work for the perfecting of our spiritual life, which they have been unable to accomplish.

The greatness of any one does not depend upon his knowledge and position, nor by these alone can any one be great. A man is as great as he can be useful to others, and the usefulness of his life to others depends on his service to them. Hence, in so far as a man can serve others in love, just so far is he great. As the Lord said, "But whosoever will be great among you let him be your servant" (Matt. 20:26). The joy of all those that dwell in heaven is found in this that they serve one another in love, and thus, fulfilling the object of their lives, they remain forever in the presence of God.

When people earnestly desire to live lives pleasing to God, the readjustment of their views, and the renewal of their lives, begin in this world. Not only does the Spirit of God teach them directly but in the secret chamber of their hearts they are helped by communion with the saints, who, unseen by them are ever at hand to assist them towards the good.

But, as many Christian believers, as well as non-Christian seekers after truth, die while still holding false and partial views of truth, their views are corrected in the world of spirits, provided that they are not obstinately welded to their opinions, and are willing to learn, because neither in this world, nor in the next, does God, or any servant of His, force a man to believe anything against his will.

I saw in a vision the spirit of an idolater on reaching the world of spirits begin at once to search for his god. Then the saints said to him, "There is no god here save the One True God, and Christ, who is His manifestation." At this the man was a good deal astonished, but being a sincere seeker after truth, he frankly admitted that he had been in error. He eagerly sought to know the correct view of truth, and asked if he might see the Christ. Shortly after this Christ manifested Himself in a dim light to him, and to others who had newly arrived in the world of spirits, because at this stage they could not have endured a full exhibition of His glory, for His glory is so surpassing that even the angels look on Him with difficulty, and cover their faces with their wings (Isaiah 6:9). When He does reveal Himself to any one He takes into account the particular stage of progress to which that soul has attained, so He appears dimly, or in the fuller light of His glory, that the sight of Him may be endured. So, when these spirits saw Christ in this dim but attractive light, they were filled with a joy and peace which is beyond our power to describe. Bathed in the rays of His life-giving light, and with the waves of His love, which constantly flow out from Him, flowing over them, all their error was washed away. Then with all their hearts they acknowledged Him as the Truth, and found healing, and, bowing in lowly adoration before Him, thanked and praised Him. And the saints, who had been appointed for their instruction; also rejoiced over them.

Once I saw in a vision a labouring man arrive in the spirit world. He was in great distress, for in all his life he had given no thought to anything but earning his daily bread. He had been too busy to think of God, or of spiritual things. At the same time he had died another had also died, who was a doubter, obstinate in his opinions. Both were ordered to remain for a long period far down in the world of spirits in a place of darkness. In this, being in distress, they began to cry for help. Saints and angels, in love and sympathy, went to instruct them that they might understand how to become members of the Kingdom of Glory and Light. But in spite of their distress, like many other spirits, they preferred to remain on in their dark abode, for sin had so warped their whole character and nature that they doubted everything. They even looked with suspicion on the angels who had come to help them. As I watched I wondered what their end would be, but, when I asked, the only answer I got was from one of the saints, who said, "God may have mercy on them."

We can form an estimate from the depravity of man's perverted nature from this, that, if an evil report about another goes round, even if it is false, a man whose outlook is distorted by sin will at once accept it as true. If, on the other hand, a good and perfectly true report is received, for example that such and such a man is a devout man, who has done this or that work for the glory of God and for the good of his fellows, then, without hesitation, such a hearer will say, "It is all false. So-and-so must have some motive of his own at the back of it all." Should we ask such a man how he knows that the former case is true and the latter false, and what proof he can give, he will have not the slightest proof to put forward.

All that we can learn from such an attitude of mind is, that, as his mind is tainted with evil he believes evil reports because they fit in with his evil nature, and he thinks good reports are lies because they do not fit in with the evil of his heart. By nature a good man's attitude is the opposite of this. He is naturally inclined to doubt an evil report, and to believe a good report, because this attitude best fits in with the goodness of his nature. Those who in this world pass their lives in opposition to the will of God will have rest of heart neither in this world nor in the world to come; and, on entering the world of spirits they will feel bewildered and distressed. But those who in this world are conformed to the will or the Lord will be at peace on reaching the next, and will be filled with unspeakable joy, because here is their eternal home, and the kingdom of their Father.

Many have the idea that if they sin in secret then none will ever know about it, but it is altogether impossible that any sin should remain hidden forever. At some time or other it will certainly be known, and the sinner will also receive the punishment he deserves. Also goodness and truth can never be hidden. In the end they must triumph, though, for a time, they may not be recognised. The following incidents will throw light on the state of the sinner.

Once in a vision, one of the saints recounted this story to me, "Late one night a godly man had to go a distance to do some necessary work. As he went along he came upon a thief breaking into a shop. He said to him, 'You have no right to take other people's property, and to cause them loss. It is a great sin to do so.' The thief answered, 'If you want to get out of this safely, then get out quietly. If you don't there will be trouble for you.' The good man persisted in his efforts, and, when the thief would not listen, he began to shout and raised the neighbours. They rushed out to seize the thief, but as soon as the good man began to accuse him, the thief retaliated and accused the good man. 'Oh-yes;' he said, 'you think this fellow is very religious, but I caught him in the very act of stealing.' As there were no witnesses both were arrested, and locked up together in a room, while a police officer and some of his men hid themselves to listen to their conversation. Then the thief began to laugh at his fellow prisoner.

'Look,' he said, 'haven't I caught you nicely? I told you at first to get out or it would be the worse for you. Now we'll see how your religion is going to save you.' As soon as the officer heard this he opened the door and released the good man with honour and a reward, while he gave the thief a severe beating, and locked him in a prison cell. So, even in this world, there is a degree of judgment between good and bad men, but the full punishment and reward will be given only in the world to come."

The following was also related to me in a vision. A man in the secret of his own room was committing a sinful act, and he thought that his sin was hidden. One of the saints said, "How I wish that the spiritual eyes of this man had been open at the time, then he would never have dared to commit this sin." For in that room were a number of angels and saints, as well as some spirits of his dear ones, who had come to help him. All of them were grieved to see his shameful conducts and one of them said, "We came to help him, but now we will have to be witnesses against him at the time of his judgment. He cannot see us, but we can all see him indulging in this sin. Would that this man would repent, and be saved from the punishment to come."

Once I saw in the world of spirits a spirit who, with cries of remorse was rushing about like a madman. An angel said, "In the world this man had many chances of repenting and turning towards God, but whenever his conscience began to trouble him he used to drown its prickings in drink. He wasted all his property, and ruined his family, and in the end committed suicide, and now in the world of spirits he rushes frantically about like a mad dog and writhes in remorse at the thought of his lost opportunities. We are all willing to help him, but his own perverted nature prevents him from repenting, for sin has hardened his heart, though the memory of his sin is always fresh to him. In the world he drank to make himself forget the voice of his conscience, but here there is no possible chance of covering up anything. Now his soul is so naked that he himself, and all the inhabitants of the spiritual world, can see his sinful life. For him, in his sin-hardened state, no other course is possible but that he must hide himself in the darkness with other evil spirits, and so to some extent escape the torture of the light."

Once in my presence a man of evil life entered at death into the world of spirits. When the angel and saints wished to help him he at once began to curse and revile them, and say, "God is altogether unjust. He has prepared heaven for such flattering slaves as you are, and casts the rest of mankind into hell. Yet you call Him Love!" The angels replied, "God certainly is Love. He created men that they might live forever in happy fellowship with Him, but men, by their own obstinacy, and by abuse of their free will have turned their faces away from Him, and have made hell for themselves. God neither casts any one into hell, nor will He ever do so, but man himself, by being entangled in sin, creates hell for himself. God never created any hell."

Just then the exceedingly sweet voice of one of the high angels was heard from above saying, "God gives permission that this man may be brought into heaven." Eagerly the man stepped forward accompanied by two angels, but when they reached the door of heaven, and saw the holy and light-enveloped place and the glorious and blessed inhabitants that dwell there, he began to feel uneasy. The angels said to him, "see how beautiful a world is this! Go a little farther, and look at the dear Lord sitting on His throne." From the door he looked, and then as the light of the Sun of Righteousness revealed to him the impurity of his sin-defiled life, he started back in an agony of self-loathing, and fled, with such precipitancy, that he did not even stop in the intermediate state of the world of spirits, but like a stone he passed through it, and cast himself headlong into the bottomless pit.

Then the sweet and ravishing voice of the Lord was heard saying, "Look, My dear children, none is forbidden to come here, and no one forbade this man, nor has any one asked him to leave. It was his own impure life that forced him to flee from this holy place, for, 'Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God' (John 3:3).

A man, who some years before had killed a Christian preacher, was bitten by a snake in the jungle, and died. When he entered the world of spirits, he saw good and bad spirits all around him, and because the whole aspect of his soul showed that he was a son of darkness, the evil spirits soon had possession of him, and pushed him along with them towards the darkness. One of the saints remarked, "He killed a man of God by the poison of his anger, and now he is killed by the poison of a snake. The old Serpent, the devil, by means of this man, killed an innocent man. Now, by means of another snake, which is like him, he has killed this man, for 'he was a murderer from the beginning' " (John 8:44).

As he was being taken away, one from among the good spirits, who had come to help him, said to him, "I have forgiven you with all my heart. Now can I do anything to help you?" The murderer at once recognised him as the same man whom he had killed some years before. Ashamed and smitten with fear he fell down before him, and at once the evil spirits began to clamour loudly, but the angels who were standing at a distance rebuked and silenced them. Then the murderer said to the man whom he had killed, "How I wish that, in the world, I could have seen your unselfish and loving life as I see it now! I regret that through my blindness, and because your real spiritual life was screened by your body, I could not then see the inner beauty of your life. Also by killing you I deprived many of the blessing and benefit that you would have given them. Now I am forever a sinner in God's sight, and fully deserve my punishment. I don't know what I can do except hide myself in some dark cave, because I cannot bear this light. In it, not only does my own heart make me miserable, but all can see every detail of my sinful life." To this the man who had been murdered replied, "You should truly repent, and turn to God, for if you do there is hope that the Lamb of God will wash you in His own blood, and give you new life that you may live with us in heaven, and be saved frown the torment of Hell."

The murderer said in reply, "There is no need for me to confess my sins for they are open to all. In the world I could hide them, but not here. I want to live with saints like you in heaven, but when I cannot bear the dimness of the self-revealing light in the world of spirits, then what will be my state in the searching brightness and glory of that light-filled place? My greatest hindrance is that, through my sins, my conscience is so dull and hardened that my nature will not incline towards God and repentance. I seem to have no power to repent left in me. Now there is nothing for it, but that I shall be driven out from here forever. Alas for my unhappy state!" As he said this, fear-stricken, he fell down, and his fellow evil spirits dragged him away into the darkness. Then one of the angels said, "See! there is no need for anyone to pronounce a sentence of doom. Of itself the life of any sinner proves him guilty. There is no need to tell him, or to put forward witnesses against him. To a certain extent punishment begins in the heart of every sinner while in the world, but here they feel the full effect of it. And God's arrangement here is such that goats and sheep, that is, sinners and righteous, separate of their own accord.

God created man to live in light, in which his Spiritual health and joy are made permanent forever. Therefore no man can be happy in the darkness of hell, nor, because of his sin-perverted life, can he be happy in the light. So wherever a sinner may go he will find himself in hell. How opposite to this is the state of the righteous, who freed from sin, is in heaven everywhere !"

In the world there was a man so addicted to lying that it had become second nature to him. When he died and entered the world of spirits, he tried to lie as usual, but was greatly ashamed because even before he could speak, his thoughts were known to all. No one can be a hypocrite there, because the thought of no heart can remain hidden. The soul as it leaves the body bears in it the imprint of all its sin, and its very members become witnesses against it. Nothing can blot out that stain of sin except the blood of Christ. When this man was in the world he regularly tried to distort right into wrong, and wrong into right, but, after his bodily death he learned that there never is, and never can be, a possibility of twisting truth into untruth. He who lies injures and deceives no one but himself, so this man by lying had killed the inner perception to truth which he had once possessed. I watched him as, inextricably tangled in his own deceit, he turned his face away from the light from above, and hurried away far down into the darkness, where none could see his filthy love of lying, except those spirits who were like in nature to himself.

For Truth is always Truth, and it alone gave this man the sentence of his falseness, and condemned him as a liar.

I saw an adulterer, who had shortly before arrived in the world of spirits. His tongue was hanging out like a man consumed by thirst, his nostrils were distended, and he beat his arms about as if a kind of fire burned within him. His appearance was so evil and loathsome that I revolted at looking at him. All the accompaniments of luxury and sensuality had been left behind in the world and now, like a mad dog, he ran frantically around, and cried, "Curse on this life! There is no death here to put an end to all this pain. And here the spirit cannot die, otherwise, I should again kill myself, as I did with a pistol in the world in order to escape from my troubles there. But this pain is far greater than the pain of the world. What shall I do?" Saying this he ran towards the darkness, where were many other like minded spirits, and there disappeared.

One of the saints said "Not only is an evil act sin, but an evil thought, and an evil look is also sin. This sin is not confined only to trafficking with strange women, but excess and animalism in relation to one's wife is also sin. A man and his wife are truly joined together not for sensualism but for mutual help and support, that they with their children may spend their lives in the service of mankind and for the glory of God.

But he who departs from this aim in life is guilty of the adulterer's sin."

A robber died and entered the world of spirits. At first he took no interest in his state, or in the spirits about him, but, as his habit was, he at once set about helping himself to the valuables of the place. But he was amazed that in the spirit world the very things seemed to be speaking and accusing him of his unworthy action. His nature was so perverted that he neither knew the true use of these things nor was he fit to use them rightly. In the World his passions had been so unbridled, that, for the most trifling cause, he, in his anger, had killed or wounded any who had offended him. Now in the world of spirits, he began to act in the same way. He turned on the spirits, who came to instruct him, as if he would have torn them to pieces, like a savage dog will do even in the presence of its master. On this one of the angels said, "If spirits of this kind were not kept down in the darkness or the bottomless pit, then they would cause immense harm wherever they might go. This man's conscience is so dead, that even after he has reached the world of spirits, he fails to recognise that, by murdering and robbing in the world, he has wasted his own spiritual discernment and life. He killed and destroyed others, but in reality he has destroyed himself. God alone knows if this man, and those who are like him, will remain in torment for ages or forever."

After this the angels appointed to the duty took him, and shut him down in the darkness from which he is not permitted to come out. The state of evildoers in that place is so terrible, and so inexpressibly fierce is this torment, that those who see them tremble at the sight. Because of the limitations of our worldly speech we can only say this, that wherever the soul of a sinner is, always and in every way, there is nothing but pain that ceases not for a moment. A kind of lightless fire burns forever and torments these souls, but neither are they altogether consumed, nor does the fire die out. A spirit who was watching what had just happened said, "Who knows but that in the end this may not be a cleansing flame?" In the dark part of the world of spirits, which is called Hell, there are many grades and planes, and the particular one in which any spirit lives in suffering is dependent on the quantity and character of his sins. In fact God made them all in His own image (Gen. 1:26, 27; Col. 1:15), yet by their connection with sin they have disfigured this image, and have made it unbeautiful and evil. They have, indeed, a kind of spiritual body, but it is exceedingly loathsome and frightful, and if they are not restored by true repentance, and the grace of God, (while on earth), then in this fearful form they must remain in torment forever.

Heaven, or the Kingdom of God, begins in the lives of all true believers in this world. Their hearts are always filled with peace and joy, no matter what persecutions and troubles they may have to endure; for God, who is the source of all peace and life, dwells in them. Death is no death for them, but a door by which they enter forever into their eternal home. Or we may say that though they have already been born again into their eternal kingdom, yet when they leave the body, it is for them, not the day of their death, but their day of birth into the spiritual world, and it is for them a time of superlative joy as the following incidents will make clear.

An angel related to me how a true Christian, who had wholeheartedly served his Master for thirty years, lay dying. A few minutes before he died God opened his spiritual eyes that, even before leaving the body, he might see the spiritual world and might tell what he saw to those about him. He saw that heaven had been opened for him, and a party of angels and saints was coming out to meet him, and at the door the Saviour with outstretched hand was waiting to receive him. As all this broke upon him he gave such a shout of joy that those at his bedside were startled. "What a joy it is for me," he exclaimed, "I have long been waiting that I might see my Lord, and go to Him. Oh friends ! look at His face all lighted by love, and see that company of angels that has come for me. What a glorious place it is! Friends, I am setting out for my real home, do not grieve over my departure, but rejoice !" One of those present at his bedside said quietly, "His mind is wandering." He heard the low voice and said, "No, it is not. I am quite conscious. I wish you could see this wonderful sight. I am sorry it is hidden from your eyes. Good-bye, we will meet again in the next world." Saving this he closed his eyes, and said, "Lord I commend my soul into thy hands" and so fell asleep.

As soon as his soul had left his body the angels took him in their arms, and were about to go off to heaven, but he asked them to delay a few minutes. He looked at his lifeless body, and at his friends, and said to the angels, "I did not know that the spirit after leaving the body could see his own body and his friends. I wish my friends could see me, as well as I can see them, then these would never count me as dead, nor mourn for me as they do." Then he examined his spiritual body and found it beautifully light and delicate, and totally different from his gross material body. On that he began to restrain his wife and children who were weeping and kissing his cold body. He stretched out his delicate spiritual hands, and began to explain to them, and with great love to press them away from it, but they could neither see him, nor hear his voice, and, as he tried to remove his children from off his body, it seemed as if his hands passed right through their bodies, as if they were air, but they felt nothing at all. Then one of the angels said, "Come, let us take you to your everlasting home. Do not be sorry for them. The Lord Himself, and we also, will comfort them. This separation is but for a few days."

Then in company with the angels he set out for heaven. They had gone forward only a little way when another band of angels met them with cries of "Welcome." Many friends and dear ones, who had died before him, also met him, and on seeing them his joy was further increased. On reaching the gate of heaven the angels and saints stood in silence on either side. He entered, and in the doorway was met by Christ. At once he fell at His feet to worship Him, but the Lord lifted him up, and embraced him, and said, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." At that the man's joy was indescribable. >From his eyes tears of joy began to flow, and the Lord in great love wiped them away, and to the angels He said, "Take him to that most glorious mansion that, from the beginning, has been prepared for him." Now the spirit of this man of God still held the earthly idea, that to turn his back on the Lord as he went off with the angels would be a dishonour to Him. He hesitated to do this, but, when at last he turned his face towards the mansion, he was astonished to see that wherever he looked he could see the Lord. For Christ is present in every place, and is seen everywhere by saints and angels.

In addition to the Lord, he was delighted to see that on every side there were surroundings that filled him with joy, and that those who are lowest in rank meet without envy those who are higher, and that those whose position is more exalted count themselves fortunate to be able to serve their brethren in lower positions because this is the kingdom of God, and of love.

In every part of heaven there are superb gardens which all the time produce every variety of sweet and luscious fruit, and all kinds of sweet scented flowers that never fade. In them creatures of every kind give praise to God unceasingly. Birds, beautiful in hue, raise their sweet songs of praise, and such is the sweet singing of angels and saints that on hearing their songs a wonderful sense of rapture is experienced.

Wherever one may look there is nothing but scenes of unbounded joy.

This, in truth, is the Paradise that God has prepared for those that love Him, where there is no shade of death, nor error, nor sin, nor suffering, but abiding peace and joy.

Then I saw a man of God examining his appointed mansion from a great distance. When this man, in company with the angels, arrived at the door of his appointed mansion, he saw written on it in shining letters the word "Welcome," and from the letters themselves "Welcome, Welcome," in audible sound was repeated and repeated again. When he had entered his home, to his surprise he found the Lord there before him. At this his joy was more than we can describe, and he exclaimed, "I left the Lord's presence and came here at His command, but I find that the Lord Himself is here to dwell with me." In the mansion was everything that his imagination could have conceived, and everyone was ready to serve him. In the near-by houses, saints, like-minded to himself, lived in happy fellowship. For this heavenly house is the kingdom which has been prepared for the saints from the foundation of the world (Matt. 25:34), and this is the glorious future that awaits every true follower of Christ.

A minister who looked on himself as an exceedingly learned and religious man died at a ripe old age. And without doubt he was a good man. When the angels came to take him to the place appointed for him by the Lord in the world of spirits, they brought him into the intermediate state, and left him there with many other good spirits, who had lately arrived, in charge of those angels who are appointed to instruct good souls, while they themselves went back to usher in another good spirit. In that intermediate heaven there are grades upon grades right up to the higher heavens, and the grade into which any soul is admitted for instruction, is determined by the real goodness of his life on earth.

When the angels, who had put this minister in his grade, came back conducting in the other soul, for whom they had gone, they brought him up beyond the grade in which the minister was, on their way up to a higher plane. Seeing this the minister in a blustering voice called out, "What right have you to leave me half-way up to that glorious country, while You take this other man away up near to it? Neither in holiness, nor in anything else, am I in any way less than this man, or than you yourselves." The angels replied, "There is no question here of great or small, or of more or less, but a man is put into whatever grade he has merited by his life and faith. You are not quite ready yet for that upper grade, so you will have to remain here for a while, and learn some of the things that our fellow-workers are appointed to teach. Then, when the Lord commands us, we will, with great pleasure, take you with us to that higher sphere." He said, "I have been teaching people all my life about the way to reach heaven. What more have I to learn? I know all about it."

Then the instructing angels said, "They must go up now, we can't detain them, but we will answer your question. My friend, do not be offended if we speak plainly, for it is for your good. You think you are alone here, but the Lord is also here though you cannot see Him. The pride that you displayed when you said, 'I know all about it' prevents you from seeing Him, and from going up higher. Humility is the cure for this pride. Practice it and your desire will be granted." After this one of the angels told him, "The man who has just been promoted above you, was no learned or famous man. You did not look at him very carefully. He was a member of your own congregation. People hardly knew him at all, for he was an ordinary working man, and had little leisure from his work. But in his workshop many knew him as an industrious and honest worker. His Christian character was recognised by all who came in contact with him. In the war he was called up for service in France. There, one day, as he was helping a wounded comrade, he was struck by a bullet and killed.

Though his death was sudden he was ready for it, so he did not have to remain in the intermediate state as long as you will have to do. His promotion depends, not on favouritism, but on his spiritual worthiness. His life of prayer and humility, while he was in the world, prepared him to a great extent for the spiritual world. Now he is rejoicing at having reached his appointed place, and is thanking and praising the Lord, who, in His mercy, has saved him, and given him eternal life."

In heaven no one can ever be a hypocrite, for all can see the lives of others as they are. The all-revealing light which flows out from the Christ in Glory makes the wicked in their remorse try to hide themselves, but it fills the righteous with the utmost joy to be in the Father's kingdom of Light. There, their goodness is evident to all, and it ever increases more and more, for nothing is present that can hinder their growth, and everything that can sustain them is there to help them. The degrees of goodness reached by the soul of a righteous man is known by the brightness that radiates from his whole appearance; for character and nature show themselves in the form of various glowing rainbow-like colours of great glory. In heaven there is no jealousy. All are glad to see the spiritual elevation and glory of others, and, without any motive of self seeking, try, at all times, truly to serve one another. All the innumerable gifts and blessings of heaven are for the common use of all. No one out of selfishness ever thinks of keeping anything for himself, and there is enough of everything for all. God, who is Love, is seen in the person of Jesus sitting on the throne in the highest heaven. From Him, who is the "Sun of Righteousness," and the "Light of the World," healing and life-giving rays and waves of light and love are seen flowing out through every saint and angel, and bringing to whatever they touch vitalising and vivifying power. There is in heaven neither east or west, nor north nor south, but for each individual soul or angel, Christ's throne appears as the centre of all things.

There also are found every kind of sweet and delicious flower and fruit, and many kinds of spiritual food. While eating them an exquisite flavour and pleasure are experienced but, after the are assimilated, a delicate scent, which perfumes the air around, exudes from the pores of the body.

In short the will and desires of all the inhabitants of heaven are fulfilled in God, because in every life God's will is made perfect, so under all conditions, and at every stage of heaven, there is for every one an unchanging experience of wonderful joy and blessedness.

A few months ago I was lying alone in my room suffering acutely from an ulcer in my eye. The pain was so great that I could do no other work, so I spent the time in prayer and intercession. One day I had been thus engaged for only a few minutes, when the spiritual world was opened to me, and I found myself surrounded by numbers of angels. Immediately I forgot all my pain, for my whole attention was concentrated on them. I mention below a few other subjects on which we conversed together.

I asked them, "Can you tell me by what names you are known?" One of the angels replied, "Each of us has been given a new name, which none knows except the Lord and the one who has received it (Rev. 2:17). All of us here have served the Lord in different lands and in different ages, and there is no need that any know what our names are. Nor is there any necessity that we should tell our former earthly names. It might be interesting to know them, but what would be the use of it? And then we do not want people to know our names, lest they should imagine us great and give honour to us, instead of to the Lord, who has so loved us that He has lifted us up out of our fallen state, and has brought us into our eternal home, where we will forever sing praises in His loving fellowship - - and this is the object for which He has created us."

I asked again, "Do the angels and saints who live in the highest spheres of heaven, always look on the face of God? And, if they see Him, in what form and state does He appear ?" One of the saints said, "As the sea is full of water, so is the whole universe filled with God, and every inhabitant of heaven feels His presence about him on every side. When one dives under water, above and below and round about there is nothing but water, so in heaven is the presence of God felt. And just as in the water of the sea there are uncounted living creatures, so in the Infinite Being of God His creatures exist. Because He is Infinite, His children, who are finite, can see Him only in the form of Christ. As the Lord Himself has said, "He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father" (John 14:9). In this world of spirits the spiritual progress of any one governs the degree to which he is able to know and feel God; and the Christ also reveals His glorious form to each one according to his spiritual enlightenment and capacity. If Christ were to appear in the same glorious light to-the dwellers of the darkened lower spheres of the spiritual world, as he; appears to those in the higher planes, then they would not be able to bear it. So He tempers the glory of His manifestation to the state of progress, and to the capacity, of each individual soul."

Then another saint added, "God's presence can indeed be felt and enjoyed but it cannot be expressed in words. As the sweetness of the sweet is enjoyed by tasting, and not by the most graphic descriptive phrasing, so every one in heaven experiences the joy of God's presence, and every one in the spiritual world knows that his experience of God is real, and has no need that any should attempt to help him with a verbal description of it."

I asked, "How far from one another are the various heavenly spheres of existence? If one cannot go to stay in other spheres is he permitted to visit them?" Then one of the saints said, "The place of residence is appointed for each soul in that plane to which his spiritual development has fitted him, but for short periods he can go to visit other spheres. When those of the higher spheres come down to the lower, a kind of spiritual covering is given to them, that the glory of their appearance may not be disconcerting to the inhabitants of the lower and darker spheres. So when one from a lower sphere goes to a higher, he also gets a kind of spiritual covering that he may be able to bear the light and glory of that place."

In heaven distance is never felt by any one, for as soon as one forms the wish to go to a certain place he at once finds himself there.

Distances are felt only in the material world. If one wishes to see a saint in another sphere, either he himself is transported there in a moment of thought, or at once the distant saint arrives in his presence.

I inquired of them, "Everything is created for some purpose, but it sometimes appears that that purpose is not fulfilled, for instance, the purpose of the fig tree was to produce fruit, but, when the Lord found it fruitless, He withered it up. Can you enlighten me as to whether its purpose was fulfilled or not?" A saint replied, "undoubtedly its purpose was fulfilled, and was fulfilled more fully. The Lord of Life gives life to every creature for a certain specific purpose, but if that purpose is not fulfilled He has power to take back the life in order to fulfil some higher purpose. Many thousands of God's servants have sacrificed their lives in order to teach and uplift others. By losing their lives for others they have helped them, and thus fulfilled the higher purpose of God. And if it is lawful, and a most noble service, for man, who is higher than fig trees and all other created things, to give his life for other men, then how can it be unjust if a mere tree gives its life for the teaching and warning of an erring nation? So through this fig tree Christ taught this great lesson to the Jews, and to the whole world, that those whose lives are fruitless, and who fail in the purpose for which God created them, will be altogether withered and destroyed."

And the facts of history make it abundantly plain to us that the bigoted and narrow Jewish national life of that day was, because of its barrenness, withered away like the fig tree. And in the same way the fruitless lives of others, though outwardly they may appear fruitful, are a cause of deception to others, and will be cursed and destroyed. If any one should object that when the Lord cursed this fig tree, it was not the fruit season and figs should not have been looked for, then he should reflect that for doing good there is no fixed season, because all seasons and times are equally appointed for good works, and that he himself should make his life fruitful and thus fulfil the purpose for which he was created.

Again I asked, "Would it not have been far better if God had created man and all creation perfect, for then man could neither have committed sin, nor because of sin would there have been so much sorrow and suffering in the world; but now, in a creation made subject to vanity, we have all kinds of suffering to undergo ?"

An angel who had come from the highest grades of heaven, and occupied a high position there, replied, "God has not made man like a machine, which would work automatically; nor has He fixed his destiny as in the case of the stars and planets, that may not move out of their appointed course, but He has made man in His own image and likeness, a free agent, possessed of understanding, determination, and power to act independently, hence he is superior to all other created things. Had man not been created a free agent he would not have been able to enjoy God's presence, nor the joy off heaven, for he would have been a mere machine, that moves without knowing or feeling, or like the stars that swing unknowingly through infinite space. But man, being a free agent, is by the constitution of his nature, opposed to this kind of soulless perfection -- and a perfection of this kind would really have been imperfection -- for such a man would have been a mere slave whose very perfection had compelled him to certain acts, in the doing of which he could have had no enjoyment, because he had no choice of his own. To him there would be no difference between a God and a stone."

Man, and with him all creation, has been subjected to vanity but not forever. By his disobedience man has brought himself, and all other creatures, into all the ills and sufferings of this state of vanity. In this state of spiritual struggle alone can his spiritual powers be fully developed, and only in this struggle can he learn the lesson necessary to his perfection. Therefore, when man at last reaches the state of perfection of heaven, he will thank God for the sufferings and struggle of the present world, for then he will fully understand that all things work together for good to them that love God (Rom. 8:28).

Then another of the saints said, "All the inhabitants of heaven know that God is Love, but it had been hidden from all eternity that His love is so wonderful that He would become man to save sinners, and for their cleansing would die on the Cross. He suffered thus that He might save men, and all creation, which is in subjection to vanity. Thus God, in becoming man, has shown His heart to His children, but had any other means been used His infinite love would have remained forever hidden. "Now the whole creation, with earnest expectation, awaits the manifestation of the sons of God, when they shall be again restored and glorified. But, at present, they, and all creation, will remain groaning and travailing till this new creation comes to pass. And those also who have been born again groan within themselves, waiting for the redemption of the body; and the time approaches when the whole creation, being obedient to God in all things, will be freed from corruption, and from this vanity forever. Then will it remain eternally happy in God, and will fulfil in itself the purpose for which it was created. Then God will be all in all" (Rom. 8:18-23).

The angels also conversed with me about many other matters, but it is impossible to record them, because, not only is there in the world no language, no simile, by which I could express the meaning of those very deep spiritual truths, but also they did not wish me to attempt it, for no one without spiritual experience can understand them, so in that case, there is the fear that, instead of their being a help, they would be to many a cause of misunderstanding and error. I have, therefore, written only a few of the simplest of the matters talked over, in the hope that from them many may get direction and warning, teaching and comfort. Also, that time is not far distant when my readers will pass over into the spiritual world, and see these things with their own eyes. But before we leave this world forever, to go to our eternal home, we must with the support of God's grace, and in the Spirit of prayer, carry out with faithfulness our appointed work. Thus shall we fulfil the purpose of our lives, and enter without any shade of regret, into the eternal joy of the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father.