Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hindu Godmen

"... in all this world there is nothing more upsetting than the clobbering of a cherished belief." - Charlie Brown

I don't enjoy bringing dark esoteric business to the fore but a great deal of energy is being expended to keep some profound truths well hidden. Hardly anyone is tackling one of the major deceptions of the ages head on with experience, so with a sense of reluctant fortitude I'm helping the exposure of some quite convoluted spiritualities. 

 Into the fray as they say:

"... when we have no one to grope towards, no devil to lay our blame upon, no Personal God to carry our burdens, when we are alone responsible, then we shall rise to our highest and best. I am responsible for my fate, I am the bringer of good unto myself, I am the bringer of evil. I am the Pure and Blessed One... I have neither death nor fear, I have neither caste nor creed. I have neither father nor mother nor brother, neither friend nor foe, for I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute; I am the Blissful One, I am the Blissful One. I am not bound by either virtue or vice, by happiness or misery. Pilgrimages and books and ceremonies can never bind me. I have neither hunger nor thirst; the body is not mine, nor am I subject to the superstitions and decay that come to the body, I am Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute; I am the blissful One, I am the Blissful One." - Swami Vivekananda

Ye false godz! Really Vivekananda, REALLY?  Allow me to be a dissenting voice: No, not really. Influenced by hindu thought waves and hypnotised by many an affirmation or perfidious mantra I used to think very much like Viv; however, for very good reasons I see differently now and must refute, even rebuke anyone obviously claiming to be GOD.
Deeply self-critical I'm not into shameless self-promotion like hindu godmen and new age leaders. I regularly second guess the influence of my own subtler ego, and my feelings, because contrary to popular opinions such things are not a hotline to Truth but to strong delusion. Something's consistently held me back from public self-magnification yet I see so many puffing themselves up with arrogance to spare, allowing for a quite grotesque ego-inflation sold as some sorta spiritual sanity. They've literally fallen for the oldest lie in the book: being as gods. Spiritual pride and no little vanity loves such fantastical notions, always mistaking fiction for Truth their eyes are open wide to hermetic bullshit.

O'er the past 25 years I've been more or less interested in every major guru of the last couple centuries - some minor ones too - and for all the enlightenment proclaimed they possess the most deluded mentalities, indulge in some well dodgy activities and harbour many dark thoughts and emotions while being all conceited and self-righteous about it. 

Vivekananda's ego enchanting spiel is the sort of uber-mysticism fueling the hordes of spiritual dilettantes and idiot savants of our times, those troops of beguiled ones who're certainly not awakening to the actual Truth and definitely not rising to the "highest and best" of themselves but to the worst of misapprehensions and bloated self-appraisals.

An eager attendee of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church sanctioned World Parliament of Religions in 1893 Vivekananda had massive posthumous success promoting neo-vedantic hinduism, paving the way for the rise of spiritual criminals  (I don't say that lightly) such as Osho, Maharishi and Adi Da Samraj - to name but three - appointing themselves mediators between spirit and man, initiating large swathes of humanity into their cults; beguiling innumerable souls puffed up with sweet sounding - noxious - ideologies.

Viv's presumptuous "I Am" chants arise from the strongest delusion esoterically procured via supposed states of enlightenment then proffered to the masses, the main purpose of which - in Viv's time - was to negate the despised influence of christianity in 19th century India. They were and still are the "I Will's" of an ancient self-exalted spirit who initiated the advent of Blavatskian/luciferic theosophy. 
It is the dominant "I Will" presence  behind Vivekananda's twisted  "I Am" notions that continues to guide the new age. 

Hinduism like most other religions was initiated by pagan "gods" by any other name: fallen beings with earth their playground setting themselves up as gods and goddesses. There is a mind, a god running the planetary show, the intellectual system behind it, permeating the "spirituality" of it and a lot more besides: fooling multitudes into believing elaborate esoteric fallacies. That mind is cleverer than any human. Whether or not we believe we have forward thinking creative mind following our own spiritual path that mind always overshadows us, harnessing mankind's creative energies for nefarious purposes, using whatever means available to secure cooperation: appealing to intellect, stroking egos, ingratiating with astral glamourings and - where necessary - drugging people with feelings of energy or "bliss" like so many spiritual junkies, generating the delusions of grandeur so prevalent today.

Vivekananda's revered guru Ramakrishna held fast to a romantised belief that all paths lead to the same God - promoting the all religions as one scenario - which on the face of it seems innocent enough but actually has a seriously shady causality behind it. Contrary to what many a new ager would have you believe being ancient doesn't make a religion better situated in Truth, far from it: unbeknownst to multiple historical and contemporary "sages" spiritual corruption is atavistic.

Hinduism is a one of a number of successful esoteric perversions imposed upon the human soul, a massive existential ruse millions have literally fallen for. Buddhism falls entirely into the same category. That's easier to understand when we realise the original metaphysics of human consciousness were compromised and we've inherited the consequencies: a world divorced from Divinity. Such things become clear with eyes to see. All those millions of perpetually stoned indian "holy" men (sadhus) for instance, thinkin' they're full power shiva are actually full power bullshitters. I mean come on, what a grand show of spiritual misrepresentation. There is a surreptitious supernatural power operating behind hinduism's many peculiarities that isn't necessarily good because it sounds deep and spiritual to our fledgling ears, and that applies to the attendant "new age."

For all the grandiose pomposities hinduism is a manufactured religion, which, when you look deeper into it, provides no answer to the why's and wherefores of the extremes of the historic and contemporary human situation (aside from abstract concepts such as "mฤyฤ" and a huge cosmic cycle we're expected to blithely accept without question). Instead hindu's skate around the big issues and never address them head on, decoying instead into an imposed fantasy cosmos populated by outlandish beings. Why is that? I will answer in this blog.

Hindu style "neo-vedantists" of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were occupied by a resurgent dark power they were either privy to or completely unaware of. The result of that and the supreme irony is those who vehemently consider themselves or others to be awake and/or enlightened are anything but: they are still fast asleep and living lucid dreams, the "light" they shine is actually darkness. The abiding spirit - the oversoul or higher self - of the world is a cosmopolitan entity able to manifest as an angel of light, a god or goddess, or appear as artificial intelligence or some trippy looking hybrid deity suiting the belief system or culture of whatever searching aspiring individual is within sights - always tapping into subjective or romantic spiritual ideals. Ramakrishna certainly was a major pawn in that respect.

As it happens here's a stylisation of an old photo I remembered seeing while writing this, of Ramakrishna giving - from his "blissful" state - the hail satan salute. It's no accident one of the 3 or 4 decent pics available of him caught that for posterity. He's obviously returning a gesture given to him in visions of his "mother goddess." However benign the meaning has become in the modern mind that hand sign is a salute and acknowledgement of the presumed superiority of satan (also being proffered in Rama's time by the theosophical society) nothing else. It's no use dismissing that anymore than it's useful to dismiss the nazi's use of the swastika because (we're told) it's a good symbol used for evil purposes. It isn't, it's a symbol of pagan/sun worship with all of the ancient corruptions inherent therein. There are a plethora of symbols in use both ancient and modern, esoteric and secular, vying for our attentions - guiding mankind into much untruth and self-delusion - that don't mean what we're led to believe. Such things become clear when you realise True Spirit uses no symbols whatsoever - in anything - while the esoteric powers-that-be use them prolifically.

There he is saluting satan and exalting him in his corrupted heart, and, by his disciple Vivekananda, securing many souls in the 20th century via a neo-vedantic hinduism still saturating the new age. I used to be enamoured by personalities like Ramakrishna - not anymore. The longed planned for one world religion they represent stems from an esoteric/babylonic conspiracy. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Spiritual Realisation

I've been known on the internet by the "cosmic" name Da-Renn or Da-Renn Avadhut on facebook but for here I'm prompted to use my given name, a gesture of humility that is both right and good.

I'm not an intellectual (thank God) or a writer per se and this blog isn't really a blog; it's a testimony of sorts, an evolving text to be honed and expanded as I grow in Spirit and the inspiration comes. The core sentiments remain the same but mine is such a transient mind everytime I look additions or rearrangements need to be made... it certainly isn't finished.

I've never been normal. Like many people nowadays and throughout history - to greater or lesser degrees - I've realised I'm an immortal spirit in essence. This isn't mere speculation, nor is it fanciful thinking: it is explicit awareness arising from a refined sensitivity to being alive.  

Spirit is forever, no one ceases to exist.

(It is where we exist that is the great matter at hand).

So called intellectuals - the worldly wise - scoff at notions of spirit, they often mistake it for religion and generally think it's bullshit, bashing science around our heads as if it proves a point. Well science works for sure, we see that all around us, but science isn't without it's bullshit: it bullshits about our true reality. By denying the existence of spirit it is bullshitting the entire world.

I appreciate the awesome beauty of the scientific universe, however, there's something far more profound about a human being than just physics.

I was over 30 years a new ager: musing, meditating and generally messing about. An ambiguous aspect of awareness often estranged me from the "real" world. Commonly feeling alienated from friends and acquaintances, in later years - strongly influenced by those hindu thought waves - I came to know it as characteristic of an Avadhuta, which made sense because human systems and socialities appear absurd, they always have. This personal idiosyncrasy led through religions, sub religions and the new age with it's merry assortment of star beings, ascended masters and archangels. I was deep into hinduism for years and for a time experienced Brahman consciousness; but now that my heads been turned I must curtail the Infinite Absolutes and embrace some clear and present actualities.

I'm a no nonsense discerner of the human spiritual condition, with that I don't seek to gratify or sycophantically oblige anyone. As a lifelong new ager self-righteously walking "my own path" thinkin I had it all sussed and sorted I'm well aware many hundreds of millions are hyper-sensitive and extremely defensive about their beliefs, and so I warn you: my views are rather leftfield and also somewhat controversial - I'm bound to offend. I may upset you. For those who know me this new discernment is as much of a surprise to me as it likely is to you. I don't like hurting feelings but there are many factors telling me this isn't a time to hold back because of a reluctance to do so. I don't deal out facts and figures, too many leading misleaders do that already, instead I'm sharing my experience and insight.

Some have to go through some profound shit to know what that shit is about.

I can only hope some of you don't stop up your ears but are open to the Spirit of the letter. If you bear with me I'll make myself very clear and point out the dark heritage and intentions of the love & light new age* and reveal the truth about the gamut of ascended masters, archangels and light beings  while offering a straightforward perspective on some deliberately maligned yet vitally important spiritual truths.

*I'm speaking primarily for new agers and non-secular folk alike. I use the term new age loosely in reference to all occultists, spiritists, mediums, metaphysicians, esoteric teachers, shamans, mystical kooks, new earthers and paradigm shifters - basically everyone reading this.

It's come to my attention the world is operating under an ancient esoteric dupery - a gigantic spiritual fugazi. With earnestness it's time to resist and admonish the new age tsunami of hooey and push back hard with something old yet forever new, something right against the hordes of "cosmic" hauteurs with their fatuous parapsychogenic delusions. It's time to inform them why they are mistaken, to help them understand the universe doesn't function on their terms, that it doesn't operate the way they've been led to believe - that we cannot own spirituality.

They're instilled with the notion they're being "genuinely" spiritual; but they're supporting not Divinity but the sort of fads and fashions endemic to this planet, jumping on a variety of colourful bandwagons, following fallow trends imposed on the psyche of earths cultures for generations.  I know this because I used to do it.

Designer spirituality is a new age speciality.

I'm so glad I'm not trendy.

My intention is to address the runaway spiritual madness of our times and add some pure Spirit to the metaphysical morass of the past few millennia.

I've been into a variety of exotic spirits and my own spirit most of my life; reaching the Heights and depths of the latter while heeding the copious verbiage of the former. In recent years I've come to an astonishing realisation: there is another Spirit abroad in the world, One that is nothing of me - One Purer and Holier than we can currently comprehend. 

The One and only Spirit of Truth.  

The Spirit of Truth is One with Divine Wisdom - the wisdom of men and women pale in comparison. There is a clear human spirit/Spirit distinction, the realisation of which carries enormous ramifications for anyone, especially established new agers, if they are open. 

Realising that Spirit is startling enough but along with Spirit of Truth there is another spirit abroad in the world: the spirit of lies. Both are ancient and multifarious in activity but only one is of the Truth. The other is a liar and the father of lies. We fail to recognise the spirit of lies until we're allied with the Spirit of Truth

It takes courage and no little humility to follow the Spirit of Truth for it shows startling things about the world we live in, things devastating to our previous ways of thinking and relating psychologically and spiritually. It's apparent mankind is a deceived creation being taken for an almighty ride (and posolutely not in an amusement park) yet multitudes are exalting themselves these days: thinkin they're somethin, thinkin they've got a handle on spirituality, making careers out of being know it alls; thinkin Spirit is all to do with the body/mind - not something wholly other than. Knowledge is all the rage; but the sort of anagogic knowledge many swear by is provenanced in ancient subterfuge.

There are but two sources of spiritual knowledge: one True and Infinite, the other false and finite, merely giving the illusion of infinity.

I used to think the new age had things the right way up regarding judeo/christian scripture, but now I see how twisted it's vision of pretty much everything. I have specific insight, an inner cognition I wish to communicate and do not weave elaborate fictions around it - the new age is doing quite enough of that. I'm living and learning, and - completely distrustful of contemporary disseminators of "spiritual" doctrines, channelings and esoteric systems for good reason - receiving much needed teaching and sound guidance from inspired scripture. This is no latter-day indoctrination, my understanding has been opened to scripture. I've learned it's a secondary effect of being open to the Presence of SpiritI'd read it all before but not like I do now, something blocked my understanding, even patience for such things. I now see the twisted metaphysics behind scriptural obfuscation.

The scriptures are no dead letter. Amazingly - with the indwelling Spirit - scripture reads as if written today, the ink still wet, providing literal examples to future generations for instruction and edification.

Although much effort has been expended to defame and misrepresent, the scriptures remain spiritually sagacious: authored by ones unsullied by our sort of advanced materialism, labouring for a Greater Reality free of the materially hinged conceits, technological distractions and debased electromagnetic interferences: basically the holistic bullshit of the modern age.

We live in a world of extremes: life can be a pain in the ass or a whole lotta fun, and everything in between. This is a realm of deep darkness but also Great Light, yet it's the darkness that continues to hold sway over the mainstream.

It ain't all love 'n' light down here folks, not the way new agers think anyway. The way things are are not the way things were meant to be. Actually the way things are is a big joke and the jokes on us. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic, causing the heartbreak and brutal death of billions of people. New agers are wilfully ignorant of the whys and wherefores of the enormity of historic and contemporary suffering. The gut wrenching wickedness and immensity of hurt to both man and beast has fractured the collective human spirit; we're no longer in affinity with each other but blinkered and extremely selective with our love and empathy. "... we shouldn't concern ourselves about such things" - proclaim the new age (feel good first) fascists - "they're too negative. Follow your joy, be positive and radiate love and light." As if they're so many spiritual masters ๐Ÿ˜”

Evil exists and is everywhere folks, even in the spiritual. It's in our genes. Cognizing modern civilisations bedrock of war, suffering and death allows for a clearer perception of where we really are as opposed to where we like to think we are in make-believe (and what extreme make-believe it is passed off as reality). From the Spiritual perspective mankind is still fast asleep and living a lucid collective dreambody, currently and historically wide open to multiple incursions from hosts of shiny phantasms spreading a great many esoteric lies.

As a race we're being hoaxed wholesale. For thousands of years the earth has been held under a deep spiritual darkness; although it appears light here it is a sham light, the purpose of which is to constantly deceive. Light carries data and this planet is dominated by a spirit of fallen light projecting alluring rainbows programmed with deceptive information and delusive ideas through the prism (or crystal ๐Ÿ˜‰) of humanity.

From the perspective of Spirit our world is as dark, dank and mixed up an arena as can be.

Reality is a scam on our souls most folks are in complete denial of. Mainstream science is blind to Spirit and blinding billions along with it. For all the pragmatism and endeavour science will never provide a complete answer to life, the universe and everything for Spirit cannot be measured, contained in a test tube or cultivated in a petrie dish. Spirit cannot be observed under a microscope, nor discovered via a large hadron collider.

The historical, industrial and scientific age has furthered a reality alienated from Spirit. Modern technologies and notions of quantum science actually take us further away from the Truth and from Spirit, presenting instead ultra-fallacious views of macro and microcosmic reality. Talk about creating our own reality! Sans the guidance of Spirit mankind is wide open to manifold subjective manipulations, formulating intricate ideas made into - sometimes explosive - reality.

It's in no way wise to put our faith solely in science for our ultimate progress and enlightenment, it's a dead end where Spirit is concerned. The only place Spirit can be discovered is within us.

I can appreciate the pragmatism of science while realising Spirit works just as well in the world, and more: with our cooperation we can work Miracles. As I grow in Spirit I'm learning everything anew; where once I thought as a new ager now I think the exact opposite, even against such things. Spirit does not conform to the whims of the people of the world. Spirit does not work through the sort of materialistic sciences they are entirely dependent upon. Spirit does not manifest through the self-help gurus and pop psychologists many put so much stock on these days. Spirit isn't expressed through sex or body consciousness. Spirit isn't revealed through drugs or ingesting psychedelics.  

Spirit works at the behest of a whole other transcosmic reality.

Spirit carries no airs and graces, displaying no arrogance or snobbery. The prime directive is love and service - following cosmic rules and regulations to the letter. In action Spirit is forthright and to the point. Scripture records the activities of Spirit in the affairs of mankind, scribed by those moved by the Presence of Spirit, harbouring zero desires for prestige or any fears of losing life, money or livelihood by proclaiming profound truths most people didn't like - or understand.

Only those up their own ass ignore the paragon insight of inspired scripture.

Please scroll on down for my take on the new age, or go to (http://spiritbomb777.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/the-new-age.html)

(All pics featured were taken by me. Everything without quotation marks written by me). 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The New Age.

... continued from Spiritual Realisation http://spiritbomb777.blogspot.co.uk/

Spirit is Omnipresent: behind every heartbeat, closer than our very breath; powering the core of the sun and every star. Spirit sustains and moves the entire Universe. The Universe depends on Spirit for it’s whole and continued existence.  - Darren.

With regard to the new age if I thought I had nothing to say I’d say nothing at all. But I do, I have a great many things to say, about it and those perpetuating it. My shy retiring nature may not be apparent but I prefer to melt into the background and observe people and events, disliking getting directly involved. I'm going right against my regular character by speakin out.

There is strong resistance to conveying Spirit that isn't my own psychology, being plenty enough transcendent in the past to know the difference, but I have to follow the courage of my most recent convictions. I've endured periods of psychic oppression even attack because of the insights I'm compelled to express - seriously. There are nefarious preternatural forces for whom the new age is a priceless commodity, and insidious esoteric adversaries intent on beating us down and knocking us out of the game. It’d be easier keeping my head down and letting the shit fly around, or going into exile.

Exile sounds the more comfortable option; but no: I feel an uncomfortable yet overriding urge to share deep experience and insight. Now is the time they say, and I agree.

"We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Teilhard de Chardin.

I often quoted Teilhard - a Jesuit priest - in conversation with ones of zero or at least curious spiritual interest. There's much self-righteous talk of being spiritual these days but what does it mean to be spiritual? A lot of folks are having some crazy ideas about it.

Knowing we are spirit beings doesn't mean we are being Spiritual. 

There's a huge chasm between knowing and being. Spirit does not work through our emotions and feelings, you're way off the mark if you think that. Looking around at the new age world it's obvious our feelings are not a hotline to Truth but to strong delusion. Right now there's hardly anything spiritual about being human aside from make-believe, conceit and vanity. In the distant past our nascent spirituality suffered a severe collapse we haven't recovered from, causing a profound dichotomy between humanity and Spirit still very much in evidence. There's been extensive efforts of bulwarking between mankind and Divinity the majority are completely unaware of, and more esoteric corruption going on behind the scenes of everyday life the new age proletariat haven't a clue about: blinkered by all the glossy sects and dazzling denominations they fail to see the forest for the trees. Large numbers are hugely stuck up in their beliefs and too many are exceedingly frivolous with concepts of spirituality. Mingled with puffed up ideas of higher self and a crazy defensive/arrogant attitudes make for an obnoxious brew.

Some folks have such high opinions of themselves: gain a bit of worldly success and they're off on some twisted spiritual moral high ground; some of 'em assume they're exotic spirits incarnated to help awaken and transform a backward planet - but they're recipients of some absurd distortions of the truth. The forces behind the new age created a very successful inversion of spirituality designed to keep mankind sound asleep and living lucid dreams. Rather than awakening to forgotten truths and dormant powers we're modern products of an ancient spiritual degradation: from prehistory through to the new age the perception of Spirit is deformed in our minds.

"Since the beginning of time, the world has known strife. The history of man is essentially the history of war. One of the earliest of all historical records, a Sumerian bas‑relief from Babylon (ca. 3000 B.C.), shows soldiers fighting in close order, wearing helmets and carrying shields (James Boice, The Last and Future World [Zondervan], p. 98). There have been almost non-stop wars ever since." - Steven Cole.

Anyone with eyes to see can ascertain there is something very wrong with the world, in so many ways it is totally insane. I've come to see the insanity is sourced in the esoteric. It begs some serious questioning: why does life feed upon life? Why aren't we naturally and righteously spiritually aware? Why does it take great effort to even begin to be correctly informed? What happened to estrange us from honest-to-goodness Divinity? Why all the wars, suffering, illness, aloofness, arrogance, haughtiness, the extreme differences, the personal conflicts: why all the incessant bullshit? There is only one conclusion worth it's salt.

Wrestling with the root cause of the problem most of my life, in recent years one thing has become very clear: mankind is a fallen race. As such it has lived an incrementally fragmented reality now far removed from native Oneness. Life has become Koyaanisquatsi (out of balance): spiritually, mentally, socially it's totally out of whack. You can dress it up nice and pretty, and many do, but that's how it is.

We are a fallen race living in a fallen world. The pineal gland is fallen. The holistic fields of nature are fallen state - nothing is as it was. There are religious connotations I can't avoid nor will I attempt to do so. I've been involved with new agers and hindu style gurus most of my life and - in full cognizance of the fallen state - it is incredibly silly to be gadding about as latter day embodiments of ancient spiritual corruption, acting as if we're significant people, lording it over temporal kingdoms, disseminating bullshit; because there's nothing truly Spiritual about what they do or what any of us are doing to be honest. The masses are living in active ignorance, even denial of some harsh spiritual truths, instead they cultivate fanciful belief systems born of fantastical fallacies: firmly ensconced in material and conceptual comfort zones they listen only to what they wanna hear, preferring their ears tickled - their auras inflated like gaudy balloons - rather than hearken to an alarming breaking Light. The default mind of mankind is several levels below where it originally was and those professing enlightenment aren't genuinely so, merely attaining to more rarefied levels of delusion. Our awareness of Divinity is drastically reduced, things are so off-kilter even love seperates us.

Mankind displays fallen state spirituality rife with deceit and delusion.

Basically everyone is full of shit.

That's an appropriate if flippant response to our intimate and collective situation. Oftentimes it's very clever, even genius level shit; but shit nonetheless. I'm not gonna shy away from relaying strident truths to protect my own material interests; the harsh truth is we can't ass-end or intellectualise out of our fallen state shit with psuedo-science', raising kundalini or enhancing psychic abilities. Such things merely induce a wide variety of allegedly numinous but actually narcissistic temperaments only causing further Spiritual obfuscation. 

The fall is the "schism" David Icke shouts about with priggish arrogance (and no little distortion). Prior to the fall mankind enjoyed dominion over the earth and the power to subdue it; however, that dominion was taken away, the power significantly reduced and subverted. The powers we've inherited are pale imitations of those pre-fall times and used for all the wrong reasons; pretty much every historic discovery is wielded and administered inappositely. At the end of long ages of twisted truths and perverted natural energy fields we have to be super careful, for we're no better than children playing with dangerous supernatural fire, encouraged by some quite irresponsible felon babysitters.

An alarming amount of spiritual irresponsiblity, infraction and embezzlement is going on these days; people are taking reckless liberties with metaphysics left, right and centre. For all the new age self-interest there is massive self-delusion. We retain varying (lower) levels of psychic powers yet those powers are used for personal gain, egoic pursuits and frivolities. Sure we affect the environment, but exerting our fallen state body/mind upon a Divinely divorced world only causes further disharmony, even chaos in the long term. In the eyes of Divinity pretty much everything mankind does is discordant.

We really don't know what we're doing, yet everything is recorded: every thought, word and deed - nothing is lost, everything is retained. For all the talk of carbon footprints what about the psychic ones? They're much more serious and far reaching. One day we'll be shocked at the actual ignorance of our spiritual arrogance. For all the orations of higher awareness there abounds high foolishness: like eveything else in this inverted world the psychic arena is replete with deception, compounded by a stealthy esoteric dupery endemic to the spiritual darkness we are so deeply immersed within.

We can't do what the heck we like without consequencies. There are finely balanced Harmonic Laws operating, holding the cosmos together; it just doesn't do to wanna "hack" reality as if we have a Divine right to do so, in satisfaction of our base material needs; desiring to feel powerful and in control amidst an unnatural world. Our original priorities were flipped around and compromised: now millions are cavorting into the hands of a multidimensional tyranny playing the freedom card, masquerading as cosmic consciousness.

We live a reality verily saturated with deep-seated deceptions. The ancient rishis named it mฤyฤ (sanskrit เคฎाเคฏा mฤyฤ) literally meaning "illusion" and "magic," which is only half the Truth and very misleading, giving people all sorts of turgid ideas arising from the profoundest bullshit. I mentioned in the Hindu Godmen section at the start of this blog that spiritual corruption is atavistic: those rishis, the founders of hinduism, weren't exempt from le grande illusion, they were unwitting employees of dodgy fallen spirit beings, and - while having astute notions about it - never actually transcended "mฤyฤ." The ubiquitous fallen ones are the technically advanced unearthly beings operating UFO's, working behind the scenes of everyday life, shaping the fabric of so called mฤyฤ for their own ends. David Copperfield, Dynamo et al are rank amateurs compared to the dark magicians mankind is constantly confounded by.

Mostly in play in our lives is "avidya" or personal delusion and cognitive limitation: "the entrenched misunderstanding of ourselves and the world. The effect of avidya is to suppress the real nature of things and present something else in its place."  

I've been around the new age block a few times. I long thought we'd be in the new age by now, but with the wisdom of hindsight I see that was an illusion, one of many illusions perpetrated by the new age's hidden proprietors to satisfy mankinds obsession for fast food spirituality, playing into the holistic occult/psychic consumer mentality.

I've put a lot of investment into the "dawning of the new age" o'er the past 30+ years, no less than the whole of my being. I woulda been as deliriously happy as any new ager should something cosmic happen - for all to see.  I long hoped for irrefutable proof of the afterlife or the existence of advanced E.T.s being revealed, quickly changing the thinking of everyone on earth for the better. But in recent years a Spiritual common sense alighted upon me, revealing that the new age per se is not going to dawn. It may appear to dawn for a time but will not last for it is rooted in lies. Serious earth shaking disclosures cannot happen while the olde systemic and esoteric infrastructures are still holding sway, because behind them is a reality so shockingly impersonal it's a good thing they're still in place. Suddenly removing the foundations our modern world stands upon would lead to utter chaos.

Entrenched ignorance bolstered by countless psuedo-spiritual demagogues are putting paid to the sort of human terms new age long desired. Removing the status quo would be a huge shock to a populace wholly absorbed in techno-materialism and glamour. 

Though fallen, mankind retained varying lower levels of psychic powers, high intelligence and creativity evident since Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Greece. What's retained goes to a lot of peoples heads, yet - in direct contradistinction - there's nothing "evolved" about our current biological and mental states, nor our modern mystical reverences. The new age comprises lots of people being very creative with pretences of spirituality. Throngs of people are jumping on a variety of bandwagons pushing concepts of positivity and love yet attitudes within the new age and conspiracy tribes are reaching fascist levels; dictatorships are commonplace and typical of mankind's fallen state delusions - going to the bulk of the homo-sapien mind.  

Recognising the darkness isn't the same as seeing the Light; perceiving the lies doesn't reveal the Truth. 

In spite of what leading new agers say I see the darkness getting deeper, it's grip tightening on the psyche of mankind. If people insist on happiness and prosperity under the terms of this world, not of Spirit, and continue to confuse the two - the grip can only become tighter. The extremes of duality and relentless distractions are coming at us thick and fast: bombarding us with fantastical notions of spiritual glory and planetary ascension on one hand, terrorism, war and ceaseless waves of vacuous trivia on the other.

It's been remarked I'm going against my own kind by disparaging the new age. Heck no, I love my own "kind" (more or less) I love them like family. I feel deep love and compassion for my fellow wo/man.  I'm not going against them, I'm using long familiarity to shed light on the whole affair. I'm sure a lot of folks aren't gonna like me for it, some will be very upset; but if you get what I'm saying you'll realise upsetting the applecart is what's needed and quick smart. Being such an introvert it's difficult giving of myself but I'm trying hard to get all this out, doing my bit for the cause. I don't deny my innermost intuition anymore but going with gut instinct about the whole new age malarky. It breaks my heart saying the things I say - but I have to say! I've noticed reason, rationality and objectivity are anathema in the new age; sound analytical and critical thinking are largely ignored and denied. 

Large amounts of otherwise very intelligent people are being suckered by sticky new age woo. There are some lovely folks involved in the new age, and many not so. A lot of insufferable dorks are putting themselves about, along with many stupid ones. Countless kooks are on the scene and there are some dangerous psychotic nutjobs out there too. Many heart's are in the right places, there's plenty of sincerity but also bags of delusion, gullibility and a rampant naivety I too am guilty of to a large degree.

There's a whole lotta bullshit goin' on.


I spent most of my adult life denying the hard down to earth, working class family background. Now I'm grateful to it for helping me see through the bullshit.

I was young at the advent of the modern new age many are revelling in, when the cocky upstarts of today where little kids, or before they were even were born. Growing up in the 70's in a small town in Lancashire, North West England, I hated school like a prison. The rest of childhood was fairly happy with some fun friends and a good, loving mother. In my home the attitude towards health was extremely ignorant. Disliking proper food or fruits I generally absorbed stodgy, starchy grub and consumed the merry assortment of chemically laden 1-2p sweets, chocolate bars and sugary fizzy drinks readily available in the local shops. My father smoked 20-30 unfiltered woodbine cigarettes a day (I loved to play with his smoke) and often drank beer, he was happiest when drunk. His food choices were startling by todays standards, full of the worst kind of fats, which - along with the excessive smoking and drinking - resulted in premature death of a massive heart attack at the relatively young age of 51.

Around the age of 4 I had the inner surety of living forever, it came a bit of a shock to be informed by my school teacher one day that everyone eventually dies. What she sayin? I disliked normal stuff other kids were into; sports, football etc. I was fascinated by ghosts, aliens, the unknown, the unexplained, anything out of the ordinary. I sensed something better, something greater going on in life somehow hidden from us. There just had to be another reality negating the mocking, spiteful and aggressive attitudes from other boys and girls I sometimes endured, and the attitudes of people in general, with illness, disease and the finality of death hanging over all. To blot out so-called reality I retreated into fantasy, sci-fi, superheroes, classic and modern films and developed an eclectic taste in music. As a teenager I became a hippy and grew my hair, smoked a lot of dope, drank lots of beer, took magic mushrooms and endured the occasional acid trip. Funnily enough my older brother is completely different, total establishment: joining the royal marines at 16, fighting in the Falklands war, then - on leaving the marines - joining the police force, eventually becoming a high ranking officer. Now he's retired, a rampant tory and wants to be an MP.  The way he's goin on it wouldn't surprise me if he became Prime Minister.

At age 12 I read a book on life after death (I know not from whence it came) that made complete sense and verily thrilled my soul.  As a teenager I loved absorbing deep esoteric knowledge, eagerly reading books by Carlos Castaneda, Vera Stanley Alder,  Dr. Paul Brunton et al, and regularly visited the local library to browse the works of Blavatsky, Ouspensky and Alice A Bailey. This strong desire for Truth led me to a couple of interesting people early on. One of them directed me to a friday evening "satsang" occuring weekly not far from where I lived. The satsangs were for meditating and expressing personal experiences of Prem Rawat (Maharaji's) Knowledge techniques, and - totally intrigued - at the age of 18 I got into meditation. My enthusiasm drew some friends along for a while but they soon turned away, back to the familiar ways of the world, settling back into regular lifestyles. I resented all that. I was pretty much out on my own back then, I still am. For the most part the folks around me couldn't relate to such things and generally laughed it off, thinking me a bit weird ๐Ÿ˜• I was known by some as Cosmic Daz.

The early nineties brought a sense of dramatically shifting paradigms proffered by some far out writers: David Icke, Jose Argรผelles, James Redfield, Solara, Shirley MacLaine and Ken Carey to name just a few. For a couple of years my long coffee table top was covered 2 to 3 new age books deep, I couldn't get enough, giving myself a crash course in new age spirituality. I was led to believe a new - spiritual - age was coming very soon. We're all God was the cry: "if you seek to be one of the chosen, simply choose yourself."  Heady stuff.

It's great being young and in the prime of life, but rather than naturally informing us of the Truth, young adulthood opens us wide to manifold deceptions. Scripture tells us the intent of a man's (and womans) heart is evil from youth. With hindsight it's obvious the same ol' aberrant ancient evil often simulates erudition. Back in the day I attended 11:11 workshops and other ascension groups, even perceiving myself an angel incarnate upon earth: inwardly seeing (or imagining) my astral arm holding high a flaming sword, a golden sun disc spinning in my heart, spiraling magenta coloured energy streams emanating from my third eye.


Around 1993 there were loads of channeling tapes in circulation. I listened intently to respected channelers communicating with beings claiming to be Sananda (Jesus) various ascended masters, archangels and the assorted 5th dimensional space farers and commanders such as Ashtar, Monka, Kryon et al.  Feeling like a stranger in a strange land I was totally up for all that shit and for Cosmic Consciousness, believing their message without question. I set about painstakingly typing and printing loads of channelings and ascension information (this was before the internet) I pulled from numerous books, carrying copies around to give away to people whenever they seemed interested. I hitch-hiked a lot and gave them to the drivers kind enough to pick me up. I went on pilgrimages to stone circles, sacred hills and often to Glastonbury, quickly making friends living in the town I could stay with. Glastonbury was the happening place for me: climbing the Tor many times, sleeping on it 3 or 4 times, I was up there for special occasions and sabbats, even had a couple of wild acid trips full of occult imagery. All in all as thoroughly absorbing the "avalonian" energies as anyone could.

The channeled beings were in unison, reporting the imminent ascension of earth and mankind. The science of ascension was revealed to us in quantum detail: it all seemed so plausible, inevitable even and very exciting. It would occur in three waves of migration they said, the first wave (144,000 of 'em) coming back to show everyone else how it's done.

I wasn't alone in believing, it was the spirit - the zeitgeist - of the time, I had friends and acquaintances believing the same things. Informing everyone about my beliefs, I once asked my mother not to be worried if I suddenly went missing - 'cos I’d really have Ascended (via the first wave) to a Higher Dimension


One time back in '94 my friends received a channeling stating the Ashtar Command would appear on t.v. on a certain day at a certain time in the evening: and there we were waiting like dorks for something that didn't (and wasn't) gonna happen. 

What a chump I could feel if I allowed myself to. Some people disliked me 'cos of all that shit. All these years later I’m still here, the new age isn’t here, I look around at regular folk to be certain of that: they’re still the same,  they just got better technology.

The world continued ass per normal and doubts began to raise. In the late nineties I entered a time of existential and physical crises, traversing an extremely difficult period of 3-4 years. In mid '97 weird leafy/petal like cellular mutations began forming on my skin, and then about a year later I felt a heavy dragging sensation in my testicles. Oh shit: I could feel lumps that weren't supposed to be there - the horror! After some months stressing and much denial I felt a lump in my neck below my chin, and began feeling tight pain in the armpits and discomfort in the lungs, progressing to regular sweats after eating, light headedness and shortness of breath.  I mentioned this in passing to one or two incredulous friends but told no one else, speaking of it - I reasoned - would give the disease more power. With zero support I prayed hard and prayed some more, all the while fluctuating between negatives and positives; desperate to get on with my life as best I could. Nothing could stop me attending music festivals and partying on occasion, not even a terminal disease. In that sorta situation you gotta stay in a fervent attitude of prayer and try to be happy as can be.

There stands a lovely little isolated 17th century church, (St. Margaret of Antioch, pic above) with a strong spiritual presence not far from where I now live in Oxford, UK, surrounded by farmland and meadows. I used to walk there regularly during my illness to pray and meditate. Even at night I would walk the long dark lanes to light a candle on the altar then sit and pray. Walking one night I looked up to dimly discern a huge white cloud in the shape of a tau cross with a massive fluffy white heart sitting on top. I took it for a positive sign  :)

It was quite the frightening time thinking I might die. I wasn't afraid so much for myself as for my mother. She'd already suffered the death of my oldest brother, dying at age 6 when I was still a baby. Looking after me helped her get through such a heart breaking loss, losing me - at any time - would be devastating to her heart. I did not want to give her my death, I had to stay alive for her. No way did I want to see a doctor for tests and have grim confirmation of my worst fears. There was a chance I was being dangerously irresponsible to myself but I chose not to have that sort of awful certainty, instead spending a small fortune on alternative health products (definitely helping in the long run) gaining some positive results with the oxygen/mineral products early on; the leafy growths melting away was encouraging; but the anxiety and some other symptoms continued. I put faith in healing, prayed to GOD and trusted in my guidance. To cut a long story short the growths, lumps and nauseas eventually disappeared, and - aside from the usual necessary life lessons here and there - I pretty much sailed through the noughties right on up to 2012: searching out enlightenment, deepening understanding, altering and expanding consciousness to cosmic levels ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Aside from the positives regarding my health I'm a prime example of the innate gullibility of new agers, the high susceptibilty of youth and how piss-easy it is to manipulate them 

"Spirits narrate things wholly false, and lie. When spirits begin to speak to man, care should be taken not to believe them, for most everything they say is made up by them, and they lie; so if we permitted them to relate what Heaven is, and how things are in Heaven, they would tell so many falsehoods, and with such strong assertion that man would be astonished; wherefore it was not permitted me when spirits were speaking to have any belief in what they stated. They love to feign. Whatever may be the topic spoken of, they think they know it, and if man listens and believes, they insist, and in various ways deceive and seduce."  - Swedenborg

What a caveat! Sounds like what's been happening o'er the past 150 years or so, spoken by the great grandaddy of the modern spiritualist movement. Dr. John Dee of the Elizabethan era (no stranger to delusions of grandeur) at the end of life suspected the archangels he'd communicated with - which imparted complex knowledge and gave a series of bizarre requests - were lying spirits. Such highly influential spirits have developed lying to a fine art, they are masters of the lie. Yet spiritists/mediums/channelers and what have you will not heed such clear statements because they don't think they apply to them: full of pride and spiritual vanity they're as divorced from actual reality as they are from actual Divinity. 

A fairly recent and notable example of progressive new age naivety is the channeler Blossom Goodchild. She claims to communicate with the "Federation of Light," who informed her of the impending appearance of their mother ships in earths skies, scheduled for the morning of Oct 14th 2008.  There was a lot of fuss leading up to that day, all possible obstructions had been anticipated they said, nothing could stop them from proceeding:  

NOW was the time...

... it was all systems GO!!

But alas! like the bold ascension predictions of the nineties, it didn’t happen, just the usual lame excuses. Even Blossom was confused and downhearted after the non-event - that massive spiritual faux pas - yet she soon got back to trusting and channeling them, and sending out the fed's messages regularly by e-mail. She advocates the new age philosophy of truth not being truth if it feels uncomfortable, which is total bullshit. The Feds not turning up sure was an uncomfortable truth for her and so she denies it didn't happen. She seems a lovely woman but is obviously under an insidious deception and passing it on to the many pathologically naive folks yearning for an advanced, benign race arriving to tickle their ears with platitudes, tell them how amazing they are and enlighten them.

(Update re Blossom Goodchild: I received an email on Oct 14th 2016 wherein she's reflecting about the great non event 8 years on, declaring many people witnessed the fed's ships back in '08!  She's thoroughly blanked out the blunder, got over the disappointment and embraced active denial).

It's all about deceiving mankind and it's piss-easy to do it, just talk about love, light and spiritual freedom - and add a lot of psuedo-science for effect. 

The common groupthink is there's nothing untoward in the spiritual realms, it's all fluffy love 'n' light happening for the good of all and if there's anything bad occurring it's not their concern. Rubbish, it concerns them entirely because they've bought into a stupendous bullshittery. My whole call here is we have to stop being naive and unquestioning about our inherited systems of religion and/or new age spiritualities because the purveyors were - and are - dupes of the highest order.

As it happens the best place to begin collapsing the new age artifice in our minds is with the popular phenomenon of channeling. I'm not gonna hold back any potentially offensive impressions laid upon my heart and mind, I'm gonna share insights old and new: some of 'em have been with me for pretty much my entire life, intuitions I had to suppress yet have grown stronger o'er the last 5 years or so - stimulated by a greater, clearer Light.

Folks often beseech me to let people believe what they want to believe, but there are a heck of a lot of factors telling me this is not a time to hold back, nor a time to be complacent. Apparently we're living in the late end-time period. That may or may not be the case yet there are many determinants suggesting we are: either we are or everyone carries on bullshitting all the way of the world. What is certain is no new age is dawning, not the way new agers believe anyway. It may appear to for a time but will not last for it's more New World Order than genuine spiritual age and rooted in lies. It would be a dereliction of duty as a lifelong Spiritual aspirant to hold back. 

If you're truly enlightened you won't be offended by me ๐Ÿ˜œ

Faith in channeling is altogether a misplaced faith. 

I wasn’t emotionally attached to the possibility of the Blossoms/Fed's revelation by the way, not after the nineties experience; just an interested observer with one eyebrow raised. It only helped accentuate my current resolve. Discarnate entities are no longer my thing, no matter how funny or illustrious a being they claim to be. Aside from numerous truth negating factors such as fraud, personal avidya, implicit bias and pure error, the messages propagate false hope and pander to spiritual narcissisms, inveigling all the way - spreading psuedo-science' and psycho-babble through the eager throngs. Which I'm sure is great for those making money and prestige from such contrived absurdities, but not for those diligently searching out and discovering True Spirit.

"Do not be deceived by enticing words..."

Many folks become starry eyed nutters over channeled beings; oh so eagerly they suck up the fake news they bring. Spiritual pride precludes further investigation, they've invested a lot of emotion in the practice and can't accept it's an artful masquerade, refusing to dredge deep enough in the mud to discern the kidology. They believe channeling is a positive phenomenon enabling the evolution/ascension of humanity. I beg to differ: they're communicating with beings adept in the practice of duplicity preying on the naiveties of mankind, appealing to our intellectual vanities. Channeling is an insidious farce they really need to get over as a trustworthy source of data about the cosmos or our spiritual situation. It took me a long time to accept that channeling simply isn't aligned with the Light of Spirit - that it is not a valid source of spiritual Truth. Aside from anything else, my lifelong exposure screams to me that channelers are communicating with highly motivated yet deceptive entities, and more: they're actually allowing possession of their bodies.  

How low we have fallen. ๐Ÿ˜จ

We were warned about listening to seducing spirits telling us what we wanna hear, tickling our ears and stroking our ego's, yet so many are not - or will not - take heed... 

When you really think about it (you know, use your head sorta thing) it's a deceitful act hiding behind people to impart cosmic messages. In ancient times divine messengers/angels of the Lord appeared physically or with frightening Glory, they even ate with people. Angelic appearances were super-serious business: startling and transforming stuff with messages of almost immediate fulfillment.

Until those channeled beings reveal themselves and show their true colors I'm not gonna believe anything they say, and I see no reason why I should.  Enough is e fucking 'nuff....

They've had plenty of time to produce the goods, so far they've produced only sweet sounding hollow words. 

Suffice it to say channeling is bullshit - without exception - and the new age is built on it.

It was all happening back in the nineties, 'cept it wasn't. Apparently it's all happening today too, 'cept it isn't, not the way new agers believe anyway. Our near future is in no way love & light the new age way, because our age is under the darkest deceptions of all. When what's gonna happen does (finally) happen it won't be pleasant for billions of people. It'll be a profound shock to multitudes realising they've as good as sold their souls to the devil.

A gamut of self-styled metaphysicians are emerging out of the woodwork these days, loose cannons all of 'em: making shit up as they go along, walking according to their own wisdom or relaying the utterances of spirits; demanding money for "fresh" liberating insights, their many followers reverently hanging onto every word and gesture as if something profound is being said ๐Ÿ˜ . Whenever guidance from illustrious ones such as archangels, ascended masters or whomever is posited, my inner alarm bells ring loud: those who're influenced by such beings are mugs of the highest order.

Popular new ager Matt Khan is one such a mug. The "buddha in blue jeans" (ha ha) claims to be informed by ascended masters, which doesn't surprise me because he gushes the same old ascension rhetoric I've heard most of my life, with some "radical" fancy adornments (of course) and a large - indulgent - dollop of schmaltz on top, offering the date of 27th September 2015 (coinciding with the final super/blood moon tetrad: a series of significant lunar eclipses occuring over two years on jewish sacred holidays) for the beginning of our ascension and new angelic forms. He's claiming for the new age a sign of hebrew scripture foretelling the end-time period. He proclaims one third of humanity is now heart connected to the 5th dimension. Well sorry to be so differently informed mate, but I don't see upwards of two and a half billion people are thus connected at all. What he's doing is employing the usual new age psychobabbles and fluffy bastardisations of scripture millions fall for so easily: telling people what they want to hear, tickling their ears with fanciful twaddle born of fallen beings. The amount of people into new age beliefs is around a billion at a stretch, and most of them are full of shit.

One of Khan's teachings is this: whatever arises - love that. Love everything that arises in your fallen state body/mind - even the stupid shit! That is terribly misleading teaching. The idea that we can solve everything by loving it is self-conceited and dim-witted: rooted in naive, inherently delusory spiritualities borne of philosophies arising from a superficial kind of enlightenment. Loving evil is accepting evil not transforming or transcending evil, for "everyone doing sin is a servant of sin." The concepts he and many new agers preach arise from the premise that there is no evil and no judgement; that we are godly beings in control of our destinies; that we create our own reality: but there is, we aren't and we don't. Take off your violet flame tinted specs - or whatever fancy new age eye wear you have on - have a good look around and see we're far from being gods. Another thing Khan says is this: Spiritual truth will not transform the planet, only goodness will, completely negating the scriptural statement: "and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

The blatant disregard of scripture, always implying scriptural discrepancy and that they know better, is highly characteristic of the new age delusion.

A lot of fuss was made of his videos going viral on youtube. Virus is the correct term for ones such as Khan, replete with the fatuous Ganesh comparisons ('cos he looks a bit like an elephant ๐Ÿ˜œ). I've seen plenty of putty-faced blokes in my time resembling Khan yet never think for a second they're an aspect of Ganesh. Talk a lot of fancy metaphysical twaddle and some folks go into imagination overdrive. Conspiracy types love internet analogies, modern tech more or less reflects our current fallen state psycho-scientific reality: those spouting Khan style chimerical drivel are no more than malicious malware insidiously inserted into all our lives.  

The pre-programmed alarm tones of our Spiritual Life apps are sounding out and becoming progressively louder folks. Stop pressing snooze 'cos it's time to wake up. 

I mean Really WAKE UP.

A few years ago I woulda zealously lapped up Kahn's seductive ear tickling "teachings" but now there's a new Spirit in me - one that flat out rejects his sorta artful guff. I'll elucidate what that Spirit is and why the unearthly beings running our planetary show are in the ancient business of pretending to be light beings and ascended masters et al for purposes of subverting and distorting Spiritual and scriptural truth.

It's always been about that for them. 


A Spiritual age is coming sooner or later, of that I'm certain, but it will not conform to new age thought. This planet is under such an esoteric darkness it'll be an entirely different affair from current human perspectives. It's all about Spirit you see, not the flesh, and therein lies the crux of the ongoing deceit.

I wasted years flirting with the new age: witnessing the high flyers with bright smiling faces and phony love and light personas; hanging onto their grand forecasts and promises of redemption, with zero fulfillment. It's enough to eject the more astute from the comfy new age chairs.

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

New agers are woefully ignorant of the scriptural insight revealed thousands of years ago, telling us all we need to know about authentic Spirituality and the age (or any age) we live in; their manifold conceits compel them to look for "new" revelations to render scripture obsolete, anything other than face the actual Truth.

"Scripture threatens their comfort zones; they've gathered all of their ideas and put them in a box: this is how everything is, don't mess with it or you'll scare me. They don't wanna upset their own applecart and refuse to love the Truth. Instead they're in love with the world and they don't like the Light shining on their darkness." - Alan Horvath.

By chance or design I've no cosy lucrative attachment to the new age, no vested financial interests and can freely lambaste it without affecting my income levels or sense of Spiritual security. I see the "light" of the new age got to me early - as it does anyone with latent spiritual proclivities - covering me with leeching substitutes. 


It was an auspicious year long coming, but at last the always in the future 2012 came and went with nary a psychic shift, and - in the best spiritual tradition of ask and ye shall receive - got me praying hard for truth above all else: everybody's truth. We share One Truth and One Spirit like we share one planet and one reality - all of us breathe oxygen. I don't want my truth or someone else's truth or any of that bullshit thank you; I want everyone's truth, the One and Only Truth.

Human spirituality is utterly bizarre. Over here we have people into this, over there they're into that, those folks around the corner are into a whole lotta other daft shit. Check out a major mind-body-spirit festival for the crazy proof (I can no longer attend such events). Is that what genuine spirituality is all about - picking and choosing from a haphazard supermarket buffet? Nope, absolutely not. Give yourself a good hard slap on the face.

An essential Spiritual dynamic operates in our time/space locale which requires a bordering on desperate desire to know the truth to even begin finding it, otherwise we're free to accept anything that comes to us, anything that "feels good"- true or false. We ordinarily accept the feel good things in life without question as our truth; but I'm sorry folks, I don't care what fancy esoteric system you follow, in this fallen world of lies we are not or own criterion of truth.

Accepting only what feels good is just the biggest trap and how mankind is totally suckered in so many ways most of the time.

I needed Truth and I wasn't finding it in the self-centred "feel good" first new age, sensing the people propagating it to be way of the mark. Intuitionally realising the earth to be under a massive spiritual deception I began seriously questioning my beliefs up 'til that point, even my awareness of things and became increasingly suspicious of the previously go-to religion of hinduism with it's many colourful characters and dazzling pantheon of gods and goddesses. I've meditated, contemplated and prayed for years through intermittent joy, tears and transcendence, and I tell you: the "Brahman" consciousness I dipped in and out of isn't all it's cracked up to be - according to Advaita Vedanta sources - it certainly isn't conducive to a genuine Spiritual relationship or sensible connection with material and social reality, aside from strong delusion. It's an almighty cop out really: paramatman is verily saturated with a grandiose spirit of delusion; a rarefied though crooked presence all too apparent in the so called guru's and guides of the last couple centuries. I've been pretty high frequency many times in my life yet only in recent years - with the arrival of Spirit - has my life changed dramatically and for the better.

I've ever been sure there is One True God that isn't me, and - post 2012 - disillusioned with the new age began praying hard to be led to His or Her Love, Light and Truth. Little did I know I would begin filling with the Ruach ha'Qodesh. As a result I've undergone a new age detoxification and perspectives have unexpectedly changed, or realigned to what I'd always felt deep down within, an awareness that estranged me from even spiritual friends and acquaintances living like they belong to the world and are comfortable within it.

I noticed something markedly transmundane within or about me, I wasn't sure which, in the days following the final super/blood moon tetrad of Sept 2015 mentioned in the Matt Kahn critique above, which synchronistically coincided with the first gravity wave ever recorded: the earth literally passed through a subtle space/time warp. The tetrad was especially significant to the hebrews for each blood moon occurred over a two year period on their sacred festival/holidays - a truly biblical level sign in the heavens. The preternatural awareness grew stronger in February 2016 whence it revealed itself by some means to be the Holy Spirit. In my new age aloofness I had no idea of the genuine reality of the Holy Spirit, I thought it was engineered christian mythology but how wrong I was, it's a veritable revelation. I see how serious our spiritual situation is, how easy it is to quench the actual Spirit of creation with worldly concerns and new age/gnostic style demiurges.

"The only obstacle to receiving the Truth is thinking you already have it."- Alan Horvath.

How many people want Truth over the bullshit versions we're given in such copious quantities these days, eagerly lapped up by so many? Too many think they're connected to infinite wisdom but are merely connected to hyper-deceptive temporal persuasions. When faced with the Truth they can't see Truth or vehemently reject Truth because Truth impinges on their lives and makes them feel bad - and we can't have that now can we ๐Ÿ˜ But this is a time of radical re-adjustment like never before. It's time to wake up to the All-wisdom of Real Divinity. I'm doing my bit to help where I can by expressing via the body/mind the subtle impressions Spirit imparts. I'm urged to use original aramaic/hebrew language as it seems to carry Power and regularly refer to the Holy Spirit as the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

Droves of people claim to wield truth about this, that or the other; they're convinced they have it, encouraged by many agreeing they do and praising them; but it's always truth relative to their own specious understandings. There is only one source of unalloyed Truth in the cosmos: the Ruach ha'Qodesh. 

I'm in a kinda cold war with new agers, firing psychological salvos. Because of the dramatic change of perspective a lot of folks I once considered friends have either turned off or become downright defensive. I've been accused of many things of late: being disruptive, divisive, a spiritual snob, I'm mentally ill; everything that applies to them as it happens ๐Ÿ˜„ - anything other than valid. Only self-interested, misleading new agers think such things, with considerable irony they haven't a clue what genuine spirituality is about. I'm broadcasting some inconvenient Truths it seems, Truths that appear harsh, even invasive because we are fallen state and so full of shite.

Hey ho....

The desire for realising Verity in legitimate guise led me to It's Holy Feet. Regardless of what the new age teaches, Truth isn't something we discover within but a supernatural Being which alights upon us when we are ready, open and sensitive enough to comprehend. The need for Truth whatever the cost has given me insight I'm compelled to share, even if it goes against sacred beliefs (my own included) and I lose “friends” in the process.  I've noticed some of 'em covering their ears already: deleting comments I make, unfriending me on facebook. One high profile new age lady, the ultra kooky Andrea Foulkes, even blocked me 'cos I cast doubt on her pleiadian e.t. beliefs. I bet it made her feel powerful ๐Ÿ˜‰. "Intuitive vision" utterly fails to inform her that the "pleiadians" aren't who they say they are.

It hurts when they unfriend but it only confirms the inner bullshit-ometer, that fantasy is ubiquitous in them: just so many egocentric divas not as spiritual as they like to project.

Perceiving the dark roots of the many new age fads and fashions it's natural to conclude they are total nonsense. Leading new agers smiling broadly, drawing masses along with their take on "evolving" spirituality - leaning on their own understanding - repulse the Ruach because it sees the spirit they represent. They're misleading hosts of people with vain philosophies and babylonic activities. There's nothing evolved about them besides make-believe, the beings they channel are deceptive to the max.

Advanced technologies, materialistic comforts and puffed up ideas of self have made many folks snooty and arrogant, they're so off in fantasia stating the bleedin' obvious to them is a radical act.

I have reasons to say what I say, a sense of urgency with a goal in mind. I know how new age people work, why they react like they do. Over the past few years new insights have been given by the Ruach which confirm hunches and emboldens me to speak over the reticence to do so. Many leading new agers are to put it mildly - uppity. Mention we're a fallen race with attendant delusions and sparks will fly. Their curt responses sing of the control freakery I see so much of today. If they're so strong and confident in their beliefs what's the problem? They're influencing many souls and - sticking their head above the crowd - should be prepared to take shots, let their followers make up their own minds. But no, there's no fault in them, they demand it all their own way, harbouring an inherent need to be right - a trait of psychopaths. Such people are sweetness and light when you're agreeing with them; but question them - or dare cross them - and they put the blockers on, hoping the aberration is quashed. It's no better than mind control, revealing a hidden nasty streak if you brush against their precious boundaries.

Spirit knows no boundaries - only those we shore up against it - yet it's quite apparent all the little gods and goddesses do! What's inside the boundaries they wanna protect so much? A whole lotta fallen state sex bullshit and systemic programming that needs transcending, not protecting. It's usually women reacting against men, they don't like being reproved by men - their "inner goddess" forbids it! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

They're no better than fascist mind controllers. For all the unfriending and blocking prowess, prideful hearts block reception of True Light and the Way of Spirit - allowing for a very different light and spirit to enter therein.  

Such off handed dismissiveness oft displayed is rooted in a complex of spiritual vanities and no little pride mixed with personal hurt they only assume they've transcended but haven't: failed romantic relationships glossed over with new ones, a quasi- love 'n' light persona sprinkled on top. Conditional love and spirituality wholly on their terms.

Accepting no correction they certainly do not align themselves with Truth because - deep down - they do not want to be held accountable.

I find it difficult logging onto social networking sites and reading the frequent posts the way they go on - as if fonts of All Wisdom - but I don't close my mind to them, I've got time for everyone. I feel strongly we're here to teach and correct each other. If we let new agers run around thinking they possess specialised knowledge left unchallenged then we get the hosts of nose in the air pretensions and bullshit demeanors of today.


"So the universe is not quite as you thought it was. You'd better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can't rearrange the Universe." - Isaac Asimov.

That could apply to new agers with a bit of tweaking:

So Spiritual Reality is not quite as you thought it was. You'd better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can't rearrange Spirit. 

Yet many of 'em actively try to do just that, fashioning Spirit after themselves, on their terms

New ager's always seek out information in agreement with their specific love 'n' light personas and deny anything significantly contradictory. When presented with contrary information it's talk to the hand 'cos the face isn't listening: in other words fuck off and leave me to my carefully cultivated conceits, I'm doing very well by them - this bubble is not for bursting. Underneath the faux facades there's so much baggage it's unbelievable.  

It's no surprise they receive much of their "truth" from inveigling spirits masking their true identities, posturing as good guys. The bullshit rubs off. Spiritual pride stems from a permeating occult presence still selling the oldest of lies: that we can be as God, an alluring fable beguiling pretty much all new agers. It's time to thoroughly rebuke that lie and help reveal the dynamics of an authentic Spirituality rooted wholly in humility. New age leaders of both sexes need to grab onto a firm hook of humility to prevent them falling through the thin ice they're standing on. 

                                                                     (Pic by Darren)

I've been all through the new age and out it's ass. Post 2012 I've analysed it with a hard down to earth northern english mentality I used to deny and found it severely wanting. Truthwise it's a stomach bloated with malnutrition.

New agers constantly try to figure out how spirit works in their lives, imagine loads of BS in the process and write lots of books about it. They're failing to transcend what they want to be true in order to realise what is. Pulling our head out our ass in pursuit of the Truth we begin to sense a Greater more Glorious Will than our own.

I've noticed the increasing faux spiritualisaton of the material system, something is so profoundly missing from peoples lives that they have no choice but to console themselves within the secular world. During alternative music and green festivals I've listened to lectures put on about developing "spiritual" economics and politics; there's even a character out there called the "buddha of business." I mean WTF?  New age folks are brazenly pompous in their desires to elevate our inherited social/economic institutions to Divine levels. Let's spiritualise cash everyone, it's the only logical and comfortable solution for all the bullshit we're born into. But you can't spiritualise the bullshit of modern life, there's no alchemical process for turning shit into gold, no matter how hard you look.

In spite of the strong delusions of maya, Spirit ever tries to attract our attention and guide our path. The fallacies of the new age couldn't knock out my inner convictions, I know I'm an immortal spirit by insight and experience; but knowing the Ruach is a different ball game.

The astral/spirit realms are the eventual reality of everyone alive.

For years I've had the strong desire to understand the reality Spirit follows in Eternity, free of the flesh. Answers are always forthcoming, one's you may not like but there are answers. In spite of the rebellious zeitgeist of our times there are harmonic Laws in Spirit like there are laws of material/cosmic reality, essential laws set forth in All-Wisdom and Divine Love. Spirit follows Spiritual laws. From our perspective Spirit moves in mysterious ways, but always with unerring Will and clearest intent. If we're open enough Spirit can be dramatic within human affairs.

It's amazing being Alive. It's a miracle to be conscious and aware like we are; but most people take it for granted and humanity is very selective with it's appreciation. With regard to life most people don't know they're even born. They've been led far away from the sense of the Miraculous and life has been made to seem purely scientific: a chance event in a cold, impersonal cosmos; a mechanical, matter of fact state of affairs; we all evolved from primordial soup and there's really nothing more to it. We're reduced to a carbon based electro-chemical brew up.

By virtue of the inherently supernatural content and Divine Revelation I've always had an affinity with christian scripture.  Educated in a Methodist school you might like to think I'm indoctrinated but you'd be wrong. Full of new age haughtiness I rejected it for many years: I didn't need that shit, I was an emerging god for christ's sake, I could find truth in a telephone directory or on a biscuit tin. The same attitude is prevalent today to greater or lesser degrees. Original christianity was an astonishing movement caused by the hand of the One True God since bastardised by corrupt scheming minds, morphing into churchianity on purpose; the living Words of Yahshua (Jesus) and the apostles boxed up and constrained within corrupt religious settings; yet the essential Truth still shines through for those with eyes to see and ears to hear (and a heart to understand). Scripture throws the new age into sharp relief.

Scripture is both literal and symbolic but I do not shy away from suggestions to the literal: Spirit is beyond time/space and miraculous by our current shared conceptual paradigms. I was surprised and concerned when intuition and no little guidance verily pushed me to look closer at scripture around and after 2012.  Jeepers I thought, this isn't gonna be popular; christian texts are set-apart from every other religious belief before or after and are entirely exclusive; but I didn't dismiss it, I opened to see where it led. I know new agers very well: there are pride filled ones who will turn right away and close their minds, dismiss outright and scoff; a bunch of rejection emotions coming into play, looking down their noses thinking they know better, knee jerk reacting; but I'm going with Spirit over bullshit with this. I now understand the common sense practical vision of Holy Writ and heed the timeless teachings, taking serious note of the compelling examples of a dynamic Spirituality.

It's not a matter of believing what I want to believe. I didn't want to believe exclusively in christian spirituality, but that's where the Ruach led me. Time to practice humility

It's time to rethink what you think you know (informed by the world) because really: you know nothing. Time is growing very short, it's time to jettison the modish conceits of our end-time days and get into some sound scriptural revelation and instruction. With the eyes of the Ruach it turns out scripture sings of Divine Revelation and an actual Freedom willfully overlooked by the vain and headstrong and spat upon by the prideful and arrogant. Scripture is exclusive for good reason, because the world is so fucking dark with a myriad of sneaking deceptions assailing us on every side. The modern psychology sciences so many put so much store on are set up against the Truth. If you look with the mind and seek inconsistencies in scripture you'll certainly find them, just as looking for Harmony and Truth reveals an abundance of those. Even fallen state psychic energy flows where attention goes, relative to any mindset, returning either Truth or falsehood. The Ruach ha'Qodesh is the Great sorter....

The new age was a necessary learning curve: Spirit-nav set to Now ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

For all the nonchalant hubris the new age is covering over some profound verities; but now I readily bypass all that the blessed Spirit is confirming the truths of scripture. The Ruach delights in scripture by virtue of the fact scripture was inspired of the Ruach, which conveys no personal wisdom - only Divine Wisdom. The Ruach conveys what the Divine tells...

The earth is a madhouse of conflicting viewpoints and diverse opinions. Through it all, and most surprisingly to me, I've come to see christian scripture contains some of the profoundest, most uncomplicated wisdom there is or ever will be, comprising sagacious advice for living in real Spirit in our exceedingly dark time-space. Anyone open-hearted and not filled with pride, public status, reputation or boundaries will receive. Over the years I've been deep into meditation, eastern mysticism and many a saint, sage or yogi: the ones I looked to held Biblical scripture in high regard and oft quoted them. Yet they were still extremely biased in their outlook; I'm drawn to books, chapters and verses hardly touched upon by them. These days I look to their opinion only for comparing and contrasting with what the Ruach shows me. 

The crux of the matter is the world was given a very special gift in Yahshua. I look at his life and teachings with new eyes of late: His was a Heart Message for the ages...

" in him was life; and the life was the light of men."

It is the Spiritual death in people that stops them from recognising that Life. It is the darkness within them that prevents perception of that Light. The sociological systems of the world are an effective defence against that Life and Light.

New agers look everywhere for truth apart from Yahshua, or twist His Words to suit themselves. Reading the Gospels closer they contain many details that ring so very true: the Ruach tells that they're true regardless of any pursuasive modern thinking to the contrary, or those "Zeitgeist" proponents with all the bullshit of the world they're influenced by. Zeitgeist means spirit of the age or time, but this age is wholly overshadowed by a dark spirit, dark forces are running all through the "truth" movement....

Scripture records a multilayered Spiritual dynamic amazing to comprehend. In the dogged, lifelong need for truth about the human/Divine relationship the Ruach (eventually) alighted upon me, when I was ready to receive and be humbly escorted to scripture, which came alive like never before. I read of Ones Allied with the Most High Spirit, for what they said would happen did happen. No excuses, no backtracking, just Miracles abounding: the Will and Word in Action and Glorious Fulfilment - no messin about. Those sort of Interventions are sorely lacking in the world today, and why some people prefer to think they're made up stories, or that they're allegories of the cosmic and/or internal spiritual dynamics.

Some think the new testament was concocted by Roman aristocracy to control the populace. According to others the entire OT and Jesus story is an allegory of spiritual awakening. Not true for Yahshua was very real - Divinity in the flesh. The biblical characters and patriarchs were actual, given as examples to future generations, providing vital Spirit charged lessons to all of mankind. It certainly isn't wise to dismiss them or Yahshua's Life as some sort of made up story, allegory or otherwise...

The difference between a true believer and world bound unbeliever - or new ager - is the indwelling Ruach ha'Qodesh. If you're at all acquainted with the presence of the Ruach you'd realise the words and deeds of Yahshua weren't invented for purposes of control, but were spoken and acted by one who knew and lived the highest Spiritual Truth.

One of Yahshua's most urgent messages was: "...take heed, let no one deceive you."

Millions upon millions are not taking heed.

Over the past few millennia instead of True Light we've predominantly received darkness immitating Light, driving us way off the narrow path that leads to Life: effectively disarming our innate spirituality and trivialising it.

The discrepancy between our reality and Spirit extends well into the astral realms, deceiving ancient cultures and many a shaman going back to prehistory. Modern mystical aspirants put a lot of fanciful stock on mesoamerican cultures and their peyote inspired visions; but there's no genuine Spiritual insight to be gained from hallucinogens, they're only useful for confirming astral realities, other dimensions or having some mad festival fun occasionally. The "psychedelic revolution" will in no way change the world. I've done lots of psychedelics and compared to a clear, sober Spiritual experience they're total bullshit. All they do is open you to the lower astral realms which are choc-full of deceptive entities messing with and possessing you. We mustn't trust any beings that appear in such states or heed any voices we hear during a trip - or OOBE for that matter - for deception is always uppermost in their minds. The Aztecs and Mayans tripped their balls off on shrooms, mescaline, peyote etc, yet the serpents and other "gods" they shamanically encountered demanded human sacrifice: those nice luminous serpents, they only have our best interests at heart ๐Ÿ˜ฒ. Man and nature is fallen state at the subatomic level, we cannot connect with genuine Truth via psychotropic drugs.

The new age is a modern reaction against the truths contained in Scripture.

As we grow in the Ruach ha' Qodesh that becomes very clear. The Ruach is like nothing else in the world, being in the world but not of it: the only authentic light amid hosts of faux lights currently assailing planet earth. The new age is wholly of the world and nothing to put our faith in, it's a farce really, a heady cocktail of half truths and blatant lies. There's nothing Spiritual or new about the new age, it is the old age repackaged: recycled paganism wrapped in pretences of progression. It's not a new spiritual age that's being planned but a new world order and that - I assure you - is not a good thing. In our overtly materialistic and flesh absorbed climate we're generally conscious of only a fraction of the Presence of True Spirit: basically mankind is being frequency capped, our highest potential is unable to manifest while the cap remains firmly in place.

It's in place for good reason: Humanity is still too spiritually immature to be released from frequency bondage on it's terms, while living an ancient lie generating legions of idiot savants demonstrating the most obstinate delusions of grandeur. 

Now's the time to call a spade a spade, not some frickin' space angel from the Nth dimension.

There are many souls awakening from the new age dream and some of 'em are bravely sharing their growing awareness of a psuedo-spiritual light dominating this world. Cameron Day is one such that - while not in agreement - cuts close to my own thinking and helps show there are others awakening from the new age dream. Here's a link to his blog: http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2013/08/23/why-i-am-no-longer-a-light-worker/

David Icke is a larger than life character I used to take much notice of, hanging onto his every fascinating word, resonating with his teachings ๐Ÿ˜„ I've "followed" his ascent to conspiracy superstardom since his first turquoise shellsuit powered Wogan appearance back in the very early 90's. Nowadays - although I retain interest for purposes of compare and contrast - I harbour growing misgivings about him. He's said a lot of things about life on earth I understand, things I've always felt deep down. His insight and conspiratorial nous is seemingly laudable on the surface until you remember he was initially influenced by the same channeled beings who bullshitted everyone in the nineties - even since the time of Mdm.Blavatsky - beings he has since largely forsaken (in public).

It's been difficult letting Icke go from my psyche, it's nigh on impossible to extricate from his influence without the help of Spirit; but I've come to see he's as much a part of the "matrix" as any unwitting illuminati stooge. For all the penetrating sagacity he's gotten some significant things very wrong. You think he can't make mistakes? The Peoples Voice was a whopper.

Denying Yahshua is a huge misstep. Icke bangs on about Infinite Love being the only Truth while actively denying One Fully Realised and embodying such Love and Truth. He doesn't understand how the dark forces bastardise and obscure the Truth. Denying Yahshua is to deny the Ruach ha'Qodesh - a very real presence in my life. He's thrown the baby out with the bathwater. In recent years he's taken many cues from gnosticism, written by ones believing in - however heretically - the living personage of Yahshua.

Like all new agers Icke simply picks and chooses what he wants to believe, whatever he "resonates" with - dismissing the rest - as if he's a faultless gauge of esoteric truth. But like the rest of us he exists in a fallen state body/mind and fails to resonate with highest Spirituality. His disrespect knows no bounds: twisting Yahshua's words where it suits, even titling one of his books "...and the truth shall set you free."  There's a definite whiff of antichrist about him, his biased surmisations and speculations are clouded by implicit bias backed by a massive ego, which is no surprise when you remember his "awakening" back around '90-'91 was initiated by those ol' ego stroking ascended masters, or "the guys" as he called them, being on such intimate terms. He still writes and preaches of his early "awakening" when they stated categorically they would guide him and put knowledge into his mind. Yeah right mate ๐Ÿ˜‰.

He's still guided by "the guys" as it 'appens.... like a puppet on a string. 

Which is the real reason he's never been "taken out" by the powers that be for revealing supposed truths that empower people to rise up against the system. Instead of exposing and destroying the illuminati Icke is unwittingly enabling their ultimate plans.

It's important to remember the Blavatskian/theosophical/channeled roots of the philosophy of David Icke, that he's guided by luciferian/satanic beings. Icke is a man who certainly did think he was the Son of God and really had one of those รผber delusional messiah complex's - the sort of profound mental abberation that opens people wide to concomitant deceptions.

Back in the early nineties I thought David an exciting character, a welcome blast of fresh aquarian air. In later years I defended him against the ridiculers, detractors and naysayers on forums, talkbacks and latterly on youtube videos.... no longer!  

I can't even listen to him anymore. Regardless of his elder statesman bearing and astute thinking Icke is a dangerous luciferian brimming with counterfeit light, yet another high profile example of the same old story I've seen many times in the new age, including myself: acquire a modicum of spiritual awareness and they think they're Christos, or something similarly grandiose. Raise serpent energy* and it goes straight to their heads - literally - either turning them into know it all pricks or sends 'em to the mental wards.

Ickeian thought insists we are infinite consciousness, that we are God experiencing Him/Herself through everyone alive. Not true. There sure is a being behind all the do what thou wilt, I Am God bullshit but it certainly isn't "God."

*Icke experienced classic kundalini "awakening" symptoms. But Kundalini leads to no enlightenment - quite the opposite in fact - the serpent tells tall tales about yourself and the world, lying all the way (I comment further on the kundalini deception in Spirit vs. new age). 

Spiritual Awareness is like a light switching on inside us: the earth remains in darkness until sunlight shines upon it, then everything is seen clearly. Likewise we remain in darkness until the Light of Spirit shines within. In the Light of Spirit we realise consciousness isn't unique to life on earth, it is the cause of all that exists.

A lot of fuss has been made about clandestine powers operating behind the systemic apparatus: the governmental conspiracies, influential secret societies and what have you; but nothing much is known - sans fallacy - of the atavistic spiritual conspiracy behind it all. Truth has been presented to us clearly and simply yet a massive effort of distortion has occured. I hope to provide some Spiritual clarity regarding the great and pressing matter of the fractured human/Divine relationship.

So who is behind the deception and what are they projecting upon us?  We have been informed. There are answers, maybe ones you won't like but there are answers - if you're open to receiving. I can only paint a rudimentary picture of what Spirit tells is behind the monumental time/space maelstrom of coordinated bullshit pervading planet earth. This is gettin down to brass tacks, harking back to why it all started and it's an ancient business. For more information there are plenty of excellent researchers revealing the devil in the details.... Seek and ye shall find.

There's massive interest in ancient aliens these days and - being into UFO's since I was a kid - I've certainly been partial to entertaining the idea. Astrophysically speaking, according to science the universe is a mind bogglingly HUGE place inhabiting incredibly vast tracts of time and space, at least 13 Billion years old. The Earth is around 4 Billion so there were around 10 Billion years for a heck of a lot to happen before the foundations of Earth were laid, whence: "The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy."

Scripture tells of a great falling away or "rebellion" of angels. Some otherwise erudite researchers - somewhat lacking in Spiritual vision - push a purely scientific/genetics spin on said angels (it's all aliens!!) and there is truth of sorts in those beliefs but I'm firmly in the supernatural camp. We are spirit first and foremost: don't forget the big issue 'round these parts is spirituality.

Ancient aliens aren't behind it all but ancient angels

According to scripture we live in a Universe created by One True God, and for reasons I will divulge I am in complete agreement. Aside from anything else it is intuitionally obvious that that is entirely the case. "God" created all that is, and all was good "in the beginning." There may or may not be many and varied civilisations scattered throughout the cosmos but there definitely are Super-Conscious Realities beyond our four dimensions: Symphonic Heavens inhabited by Celestial Beings of Purest Light where no darkness exists, no shadows are cast. With so many testimonies it's incontrovertible that angels actually exist, and so it follows that fallen angels are also real: rebellion began in spirit, the original fall was a spiritual fall - a fall out of the True Light of Spirit.

The mutinous angels, on leaving their "first estate", are bound in metaphorical chains and kept in spiritual darkness - out of the Light of Spirit. Evil is supernatural, originating with the angels, particularly one illustrious cherubim, causing a third of them to lose their Heavenly positions and be confined to the lower heavens and the material universe. Subsequently they set about formulating all manner of elaborate esoteric ruses to service their staunch attitudes of lofty position and entitlement; keeping mankind firmly duped and tied to their influence was top of the list, circulating a wide variety of ideas about freedom and "enlightenment" is their speciality to this day. They are the morning stars, the watchers, the sons of God of scripture. They haven't died or departed to other dimensions but are still very much alive and present with us, moving with the times - manipulating the times. In our day we know them as the "star people" - among other titles - new agers love to entertain so enthusiastically. Their intent is never to reveal the actual Truth but to deceive and assimilate mankind into their cunning plans, using many an unwitting person as their mouth, hands and feet...

"Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception." - Dr. Jacques Vallee. 

He also said: "We are dealing with a yet unrecognised level of consciousness, independent of man but closely linked to the earth... I do not believe anymore that UFO's are simply the spacecraft of some race (or races) of extraterrestrial visitors. This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the frequency of their manifestations through recorded history, and the structure of the information exchanged with them during contact."

By all accounts there is some astounding technology in the hands of higher conscious beings travelling in and out of our earthly realm, but for all that they aren't necessarily good. It's become conspicuous that channeled and/or e.t. beings aren't who they say they are. The Book of Enoch reveals the various aliens oft reported are fallen angels or their associates. Contrary to popular belief they haven't arrived from outer space but inhabit other dimensions (or the lower heavens) and travel interdimensionally. With that in mind we should not listen to unearthly or discarnate beings until they consent to come out and greet us in plain sight, but even then we must be extremely cautious, for the alien visitation/invasion card is a possible move of the powers that be. In that event I can see millions of starry eyed nutcase new agers rushing to welcome them.


Any E.T. "disclosure" is indicative of no authentic paradigm shift but is an endgame stratagem, a long and considered fulfilment of ancient and ongoing esoteric trickery.

Billions of angels were exiled following the misguided insurgence against the Light of Elohim. Beguiled by their cherubim leader they fell out of alignment with the Harmonies of Spirit. Though fallen they're still super intelligent, immortal psychic beings with a loftier vista than mankind and a much greater advantage. Being corrupted they seek to corrupt in all kinds of ways and means, and did so throughout the ancient world. The sons of God - the Nephilim or Annunaki (those who from heaven to earth came) - created their own genetic races: looking upon the daughters of men lustfully they took them at will, mating with them, creating unnatural, powerful angel/human hybrids known as Giants: "There were giants in the earth in those days, mighty men which were of old, men of renown."
The Book of Enoch tells us the "Giants" - physical with finite lifespans - became demonic entities after death; but we don't need to rely on scripture to verify the existence of such beings; modern science and no little atheism befogs the truth yet the science of anthropology reveals that every culture has agreed on the existence of demons and their basic characteristics - of being very evil. Cultures around the world have described possession by evil entities in their writings: that they're especially deceptive and manipulative - it is their forte. The Sumerians couldn't agree if their gods were good or evil, but they were unanimous that the demons they dealt with were totally malevolent (source: Chris White). The worst of 'em are compelled to cause discord, confusion and destruction by inhabiting and feeding off the energies emanating from biological beings, preferably human.

It's open house on mankind folks. Many deceptive and salacious fallen spirits of varying ranks and powers attach to humans: feigning light, manipulating thoughts and feelings, leeching biological and spiritual energies.

As reported in scripture - and the ever accumulating contemporary testimonials - possession is very real: part of an ancient ongoing war for our heart, mind and soul. Yahshua and His disciples cast out demons as a matter of course. A shocking amount of mild to full on possessions are occurring, within regular folks to high profile celebrities and politicians. They're not all Linda Blair level, you could be mildly possessed and know nothing of it. Demons and dark spirits are very subtle and manipulative, jumping from body to body lifetime after lifetime; when the host body dies they find another: the answer to the evoked memories of previous lifetimes during past life regression sessions.

Encamped in the lower heavens for several millennia, legions of dishonoured angels diligently orchestrate a variety of major and minor fields of fallen state energy. It's a supremely retarded situation for mankind: with imitation luminosities to spare they steered all the world systems and socialities right on up to the new age; influencing hinduism, buddhism, taoism, paganism, science, psychology and those involved in perverting true christianity. Millions are initiated into the esoteric ruse - tweaking their "lightbodies" and puffing them up with manifold serpentine lies. We live amidst an immense spiritual subterfuge operating like a malicious virus corrupting large amounts of time-space petabytes.

"Let there Be light."

The Universe is One Unifying Verse spoken into existence and sustained by indomitable Will. Light is the substance reality is founded on, containing all the information a cosmos needs to progress righteously.

I've seen "cosmic" light many times, both interior and exterior. In my early 20's I began seeing distinct cones of light distortion flowing out the top of peoples heads, subtly warping the space above the sahasrara chakra. From a distance I saw the distortion encompassing the entire body.  I've noticed the same light emanating from trees and plants and, weirdly, from soldiers in World War II footage - emanating from falling bombs, tanks, guns etc. You could argue it's the filmstock but I've seen it in modern movies and t.v. shows. The image of a light field - focusing through the people and objects of our world - is being captured. Such light operates like a movie in itself - a holistic one - obstructing the natural perception of Divine Light.

What I'm saying is no more absurd than David Icke's twisted worldview millions suck up so readily. I'm not as intelligent as Icke, and that's no bad thing, but I sure am intuitive. There's lots of talk about energy fields imparting cosmic information via some stuck up lady or dude these days with reputations to maintain and books to sell; but with the Ruach onboard startling things are impressed upon the heart/mind. Around 5 or 6 years ago I began cognizing an energy-field: a subtle yet all-encompassing force-field functioning multidimensionally. It's been incrementally revealed to be a variation of electro-magnetism acting like a global net, a buffer set up to block - or distort - mankind's impressions of Divine Light. This is not something to take lightly ๐Ÿ˜‰ but deadly serious. We are caught fast in an insidious web of fallen light resonating with the fallen state vibrations of mankind. The raison d'รชtre is the imitation of the True Light of Spirit.

"For now we see through a glass, darkly."

The advanced technologies certain supernatural beings possess are astonishing to our earthly minds. Long ago an electromagnetic net was cast over the natural light of earth, overlaying the fabric of psycho-spiritual perception, ensnaring the heart and soul of mankind. The sort of intelligence behind such advanced technological know how is inhuman - devoid of love or compassion - yet greatly in advancement of ours: the utilisation of quantum mechanics and light technology is normality. The psycho-net cannot be scientifically detected for it operates deeper than human subconsciousness and governs subjectively. Analagous to super-strong wi-fi reaching everywhere on the planet and oftentimes manifesting as A.I. we're living amidst a fallen lightfield composed of intricately programmed photon particles maintained by supernal beings behind all human systems and socialities: their will is paramount, the abiding intent is to seperate us from the true Light of Spirit and procure pale imitations instead. In effect we're living a "matrix" style reality.

Science has nothing to do with Spirituality

Do not listen to puffed up, control freak "rebel" ๐Ÿ˜† gurus with their fancy forked tongued loquasities, astral delusions and sexual deviancies. Many insist on equating spiritual awakening with fancy scientific processes, the advancing material and theoretical sciences have gone right to their infinitely expanding heads - sending them fuckin' loopy. Do not ingratiate them or be complicit in their cosmic infractions. They fool everyone into believing improving technology and concomitant wealth are evidence of the flowering of man's evolution and/or spiritual awakening; but science and affluence are purely material phenomena, merely making our lives easier and more distracted - nothing Spiritual. Although fallen, mankind retained a high level intelligence and creativity evident since antiquity, yet - in the face of it - we're no more evolved than neolithic peoples, there's nothing spiritually evolved or progressive about the kind of reality we're experiencing. Current matrix sponsored ideas of freedom and multidimensionality are quantum entangling a myriad of souls, suffusing them with sophisticated sounding bullshit. Instead of transcending the matrix all they're doing is feeding it.

Regardless of what any mad metaphysician would have you believe, the sort of technologies we possess obfuscate the Light of Spirit.

It's all about deceiving mankind and it's piss-easy to do it. Just flatter the new age ego and they're putty in anyone's hands. Many are fooled into believing a "christ consciousness grid" is surrounding the planet, even a synthetic one! But I'm afraid not. We no longer receive clear data and unimpeded guidance from Empyrean Light, but instead are force-fed a dazzling and disarming kaleidoscopic array of fallen light substitutes.

Divine Light acts independently of the material/energetic cosmos. With complete freedom of conveyance Divinity needs no ley lines or "sacred" geometries to flow along or converge through, transmitting instantaneously through the Universe beyond all levels of vibration - direct to the heart. Such Light helps hold together creations entire existence and cannot be removed; it can however be overlayed with substitute light that is fashioned into elaborate holographic geometries, imprinted with thought-forms and programmed with whatever will or intent is desired. Anchored deep in the radio/microwave, infrared and x-ray frequencies - including the lower astral - we live in a sea of fallen light superseding Divinity for our daily attentions. If you're of hindu pursuasion such light pours into the Crown (Sahasrara) and root (Muladhara) chakras day in day out, duping mankind into believing fantastical reality fabrications - spiritual ones included: massive lies instead of Eternal Truth.

Physically, mentally, spiritually it is simple to control humanity in all areas of life. Forfeiting our natural Divinity left us psychically exposed, "naked" so to speak. The ruling overlords know how we tick, know the depths of our psychology, things about our body/mind we're unaware of. Knowledge of genetics and DNA allows them to switch us off and on at will. They easily stimulate human sexuality, psychic senses, even feelings of love when and where needed, keeping us incarcerated in illusory freedoms and feeding off the array of energies we radiate. They let us run around in our new age fantasies, even inventing many of them,  all the while blocking or distorting the perception of Divine Light.

Choc-full of illuminatus deceptions the pervading lightfield reflects the human psyche back on itself, warping self-awareness and obscuring Truth to such a degree you can meditate for years and still be unable to penetrate the psychic barrier - or ring-pass-not - coming instead to a variety of spurious conclusions arising from deep personal and cultural bullshit, and no small amount of esoteric wankery: calling into serious question the supposed "enlightened" teachers of the last couple o' centuries.

They've got us wrapped up nice and tight. 

Sham-light is luciferic light.

I'm fully aware it isn’t trendy, not "PC" to describe the dark force as satanic and/or luciferic, but fuck all that; being a hippy teenager in the eighties - surrounded by the crappy fashions and music of the time - predisposed me to despise most mainstream trends: it's the same in intent and effect.  Satan is a title meaning the adversary, lawless one or prosecuting attorney. His name in the Book of Enoch is Gadre'el (the one who tempted Eve).  The name "Lucifer" comes from the latin vulgate Luciferos which means light bearer, i.e., someone who carries a light (he'll give you a light for your sin) or bringer of the dawn (a book title for popular pleiadian channelings as it happens) used only once in the book of Isaiah as a translation of Heylel, and that's it. Sons of God and Morning Stars were ambiguous titles given to the pre-fall angels, cherubim, seraphim etc by the Ruach influenced scriptural writers:  "When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy." - Job 38:7.  There are those who refute this, but satan and lucifer are definitely interchangeable; I don't care what source or method folks use to twist scripture to conform to their own understanding, they're both described as fallen so they are affiliated or the same being. I'm aware of many a bullshit idea and incredible flight of fantasy regarding our adversary, but I'm not gonna beat around the bush: there are enough naive and frankly idiotic new agers knowingly or unwittingly advocating luciferianism for me to be convinced it's very real nature is rooted in total deception.

"The original name of Lucifer in Hebrew is “Helel Ben Sachar”.... Former Muslim Walid Shoebat and Stephen Pidgeon who is the editor of The CEPHER Bible have pointed out that the name Helel Ben Sachar has a connection to the crescent and star of Islam as the term for “crescent” in Arabic is “Hilal” which would be the same as the Hebrew “Helel” translated as Lucifer in English. When we read Isaiah 14:12 in the English, we don’t realize that one word from the original is not translated. There is an untranslated word “yalal.” The word means “howl”, “howling”, or “to make a howling” If we literally translate Isaiah 14:12 and insert the untranslated word “howling”, Isaiah 14:12 would read as follows: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O crescent moon and star, son of the howling morning.” But what does the “howling morning” mean, you might ask? If you live in or have visited a Middle Eastern Muslim country, you know that every Islamic mosque has a minaret tower with an Islamic crescent and star with loudspeakers and that every morning there is a call to prayer which is similar to a howling sound. It is also interesting to note that dogs “howl” at the “howling” sound of the Islamic call to prayer."

Contrary (always contrary) to popular luciferian beliefs, I thought the "morning star" referrence was Isaiah being sarcastic with satan as to his impossibly lofty intentions, which may in part be the case; but the correct translation provides a different perspective loaded with significance (the crescent moon/star motif of islam, the crescent moon symbol dominant in the nature worshipping faiths popular today) and an apt description considering luciferianism is a howling mad pursuit.

I'm aware of many twisted, upside down conlusions and much arguing the toss; but regardless of the veracity of the moniker "lucifer" in your mind, hosts of spiritual crooks follow the energy it represents and operate under the name. It's as good a title for the corruption as we've got. 

To all intents and purposes Satan was a bright morning star before he became in error and fell from grace, described in Isaiah and other places. Righteous Yahshua/Jesus is the bright morning star described in Revelation. Two seperate Beings of widely differing - opposing - shimmering light. We should look at scriptural verses in context of the rest of scripture, not isolate them and jump to extremely biased conclusions...

In the desire is to create bridges I interchange the adversarial energies - be they reptilian, archontic or whatever - with the being known as lucifer/satan because they are the same thorns by any other name - exactly the same in intent and effect.  Rightly or wrongly satan is the title that stuck for that once High Cherubim who fell so damned low. Don't believe he's real? He's more than happy for you to think that. My previously favorite Yogi Yogananda had his doubts about the literal reality of satan until he was vouchsafed a vision of him. There are so many stories of demonic possession, dark force presences and twisted occult powers to be utterly convinced there's one mightily crafty bastard behind it all. Christians are right to recognise the alien presence as satanic and correct in blaming our entire situation on him.

Satan + aliens = a different picture telling the same story.  

In the fallen state our body/minds are analogous to drug stores. Satan and his interdimensional angels/aliens act like apothecaries expert in human stimulation and/or sedation via a variety of energy fields, keeping many high as kites on some sort of energy or other like so many spiritual junkies. Adept at projecting energy fields around sacred sites, "chosen" ones or large gatherings they keep people securely ensconsed in energetic bullshit bubbles formulated with specific will and intent, usually based on an eastern religious faith or some new age belief or other. Lucifer is a massive energy field himself: the bringer of light is bringing the light of the awakening but it ain't no Spiritual Light, the opposite is the truth, believing it beneficial is rooted in warped anti-christian mentalities.  

With the intention of shattering some deep seated illusions I will state that for long ages now "enlightenment" has meant to be illuminated by the sham light of Luciferos - turned up to 11

Satan/lucifer = Reptilians/Archons. However you look at it there's some major otherworldly shit going on.

“All these kingdoms I will give you if you bow down and worship me."

That's an interesting verse. Satan could offer Yahshua the kingdoms of the world because he owns them, period. He gives everyone else what they want relative to who they are, what potential they have, whether it's possessions, relationships, money or bogus spiritual attainment. He can give anything because he is the god of this world. Yahshua refused because He clearly perceived and stood firm within True Light. The masses succumb to lower light for much less, so much so most of 'em don't have to be tempted. The ruling forces know full well the threat to their earthly kingdoms of a returning Christ Light, so deeply embedded machinations against the Light of Yahshua were placed in all the civilisations of history from inception.

Against the harmonies of Divinity, the systemic world is a work of fiction containing a massive cast of fictional characters.

Fictitious light has pervaded the earth for thousands of years, informing mankind of fictional truths. We’re born into fallen light and it's fiction, born into sin so to speak right from the off: it's right here within us from the get-go. The ignoble light tightly overlays brain neurons and synapses. From babies onwards we grow into one of a myriad of secular or holistic contrivances. For millennia entire influential lives were immersed within and motivated by fallen light and they still are. The “new age” is a prime mover and shaker of luciferos intelligences, keeping mankind firmly bonded to the matrix field. It's an extremely sticky situation: millions of souls think they're awakening but are stuck firm within an artificial dreamscape, fully enslaved to materialism and the flesh - hypnotised by a wide variety of earthly and astral glamourings. The e.t.s/fallen angels ingratiate the masses into their many subversions using "cosmic" variations of NLP.

"Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness."

That's a startling pronouncement. Satan and his followers appear as angels, star beings, light beings, light workers and many attractive forms besides. You can understand how he could appear as light considering our dimensionl/material universe operates at or under the speed of light, while satan and his angels are ultradimensional, operating above the speed of physical and cosmic light: it's no problem for them to manipulate cosmic light (Divine Light is wHoly other than cosmic). With that in mind and the Ruach in heart it's easy to understand how his guileful intellect is behind all the systems of the world: do not underestimate him with ideas above your station folks, whether or not you have a forward thinking creative mind, satan's ancient higher mind is there before you heading you off at the pass, utilising your fallen mind and fooling you with visions and drugging you with feelings of "bliss" - generating manifold delusions of grandeur.

The spirit of satan abides not in the truth, "... because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."

The "father of lies" is fully integrated in the new age, he is the cosmopolitan angel of enlightenment.

"Because there are spirit beings out there who have been practicing the art of deception for many thousands of years.  They are good at what they do.  If we dabble in their world we will be deceived."

It's sobering to realise legions of fallen angels are actively pretending to be someone they're not (a trait reflected in plenty of new agers). They're in no way bound or forced to do satan's will, they love their charismatic guru, and comply with anything he asks, thinking it the right(eous) thing to do. There are a myriad of ways to serve the grand masters plans - many and varied unsuspecting forms.

Comedy is an essential factor, humour is a useful tool of the fallen. Channeled entities often display a sense of humour so we let our guard down and warm to them. There is such a thing as black comedy, comedy put into horror movies - it's all a big innocent laugh innit? The self-righteous though sick/twisted beings running our ancient and modern show look upon humanity from a black comedy perspective, often playing characters like actors in movies. I'm not saying comedy is evil, just that it is used for deceptive purposes. The ruling spirits fashion and employ the sharpest most effective tools in the box. Those with an aptitude for quick wit and humour are excellent vehicles and cover for their influence and multitudes are total suckers for it. I've loved comedy my entire life, growing up with Monty Python, bizarre, surreal "alternative" comedy was my thing, and lotsa stand up; but it is wholly of the world and oftentimes perversely irreverent - forms of tolerated fascism. Earth bound mirths do not transcend the system, they only enhance it, being no better than drugs to make us feel better - helping us forget about all the bullshit everyone is swimming in.

Laughter can be good medicine, but it doesn't elevate us to Divine levels. Check out these unholy demon possessed fools:

Those idiots are definitely not drunk on the Holy Spirit as they claim, but on something decidedly unSpiritual. Let me be very clear: Spirit is not an intoxicant. Such crazed laughter springs from the same force - or shakti-pat - that certain hindu yogis and gurus embody and freely disseminate. Dark spiritual presences and demonic entities often imitate - or pervert - the gifts and graces of Spirit, deriving much pleasure and riotous laughter from possessing human bodies. They pour out great mockery and scorn against the Divine: they love to take the piss and are clearly doing it through those people. 

Regardless of what some misguided folks would have you believe we live in a twisted world. Fallen angels have served a brilliant wit and trickster for time immemorial and are entirely committed to the cause, using all sorts of smoke and mirror techniques to influence prominent thinkers and intelligentsia guiding the path of mankind: getting into their heads, directing them with thoughts, images, visions, dreams and through other people close to them they have strong holds on.

The astral levels and relative dimensions are no benign regions sympathetic to humanity, they are populated with battalions of fallen angels as highly motivated as any successful system or military invasion on earth. There's been an ages long concerted effort to steal mankind away from Divine Light.  

Hierarchical esoteric orders are regimented with beings of utmost loyalty. They have missions, job allocations and agendas stretching over thousands of years, working in teams with detailed itineraries; recruiting people and channelling through - or transmitting thoughts to - various "chosen ones."  

They usually target the spiritually vain and proud, but have recruited many an otherwise good hearted, earnest and aspiring soul for purposes of deception. Without the Ruach none of us are safe from auric incursions.

There's nothing in life that doesn't pertain to spiritual matters, directly or indirectly it's all about spirit; therefore it's not stretching the boundaries of credibilty by saying the entire material and psychological system of things is against the Truth and is in fact a satanic construct - a highly efficient order of estrangement from Divinity. 

The fallen lightfield is multidimensional; an aspect fools new agers into believing in a "buddhafield." It's really the luciferfield in all but name but you could refer to it as the gurufield, for most if not all of the prominent teacher/guru's of the past couple centuries - even the last two and a half thousand years - were attuned to the gurufield. It is no cosmic field of freedom and liberation, just the complete opposite. Influential people are running about reasoning that they're free, thinking they're informing people and raising planetary energies, assuming they're enlightened or "light" workers; but they're mediating compromised morphic fields, working lucifers light and resonating with satanic presences.

I've come to the inherently shocking realisation many of the so called "enlightened" hindu style guru's of the 19th and 20th centuries received spiritually immoral luciferic thought forms and transmitted aspects of the hyper delusional lightfield - mistaking it for personal divinity. In this world even the seemingly wisest can be absolute dumbasses. Oftentimes they carry an air of superior intellectual and spiritual awareness; yet there's always something not quite right about them, which they typically deflect back as something not quite right about us.  

With all due dis-respect they're just overblown ego's.  

Astonishingly, luciferic light has waxed visible in the hindu style gurus of the last couple of centuries, certainly in two or three of the most megalomaniacal of them - definitely in the ridiculous ones on the scene today. Where once I used to be in awe now I have feelings of disdain. They espouse variations of an ancient meme, an exclusive realisation only satan thinks he's attained, proclaiming: "I will ascend to heaven. I will raise my throne above the stars of God, I will be like the Most High," drawing large numbers along with delusions of grandeur and astute psychological manipulations... harbouring such mega-pomposities they fail to understand some crucial truths about the world they live in and what they're communicating, being complicit in a comprehensive quasi- illumination affecting all areas of life.

Failing to realise the true nature of their "enlightenment" they readily absorbed the lies of personal Godhood.

Along with the extremely Spirit negating scientific and industrial revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries came a whole bunch of spiritual chicanery still affecting us to this day. For a number of years I've had the strong impression that around 150 years ago an esoteric edict went out to safeguard and bolster the dominance of the ruling forces - further subjugating and debasing the human soul - resulting in the emergence of the Fox sisters and their spirit guide "Mr. Splitfoot" (that's right ๐Ÿ‘ฟ) then Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice A. Bailey et al; Aleister Crowley and that cornerstone of new age thought "Do What Thou Wilt" Thelemism... 

... all of 'em guided by asomatous beings or "super-men" in Blavatsky's case, the spiritual crooks I mentioned - the prime "light bearers" for humanity.

Blavatsky and her cronies thought nothing negative of possession, they welcomed it! Blavatsky was supposedly "occupied"๐Ÿ˜‰ by an indian yogi for the purpose of spreading (twisted) eastern philosophies... Alice A. Bailey had "the tibetan" Dwaj Khul directing her understanding...Yeah right. It all sounds innocent enough, even intriguing until you realise Blavatsky, and by turns Bailey, was induced to believe that satan is the highest divine spirit. She even published a magazine titled Lucifer.  Go figure!

The new age is a luciferian age: the "light" of the new age is the light of lucifer.

Look into early theosophy and it's many offshoots and see the spirit's who initiated our modern new age were affiliated with the light of lucifer. They're not so open about it these days but back then they presented themselves as luciferian light bearers proclaiming satan the highest divine being ๐Ÿ˜จ. There's no getting around it, no mistake, I'm telling you luciferians walk hand in hand with satanists. Those theosophic beings were the watchers and fallen angels of scripture, followers of satan masquerading as gods or ascended masters, female deities and other exotic entities. They're still around and ever more elaborate with their methods: formulating new tactics for an ancient agenda, marching under banners of cosmic freedom and personal power.

They created genetic bloodlines. Millions throughout history to the present day are genetically wired for luciferianism, the majority don't realise they're major channels for luciferos light. For those not so (un)naturally connected, along come the metaphysicians to rearrange energy fields, rewire the circuits and get you aligned...

All new age style planetary transformation/ascension hopes and dreams originate from channeled or arcane luciferian orders. Follow the new age and you're following the light of lucifer, and by turns a satanist - that's how much the bullshit saturates everyday life.

The grand plan is somewhat revealed in Alice A. Bailey's books (if you can decipher the somewhat cryptic content) the externalisation of the hierarchy and all that ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The archaic roots of the new age are deep in the Babylon mystery schools, their innumerable students and teachers throughout history were initiated by dishonored angels pretending to be creative gods (certainly creative with ruinous intent) or evolved beings. Blavatsky's Theosophical movement grew many branches, one of them - the Thule Society - influenced Adolf Hitler and the unimaginable horrors of World War II. Discarnate and incarnate machiavellian entities instigated both World Wars, conjuring the massive amounts of negative energy needed to feed on and keep their earthly kingdoms ticking away nicely...

... which brings me promptly back to those channeled eidolons I used to pay so much attention to๐Ÿ˜. With the wisdom of hindsight I deduce they're either flakey love & lighters with plenty of goodwill but no genuine prophetic insight, or they're conscious deceivers. Both views are equally alarming! I simply can't listen to daft spirits telling me shit anymore, or conscious liars spewing an equal amount of shit, and I'm capable of receiving plenty of goodwill. I'm sure there are multitudinous well intentioned angels helping out on earth, but they work to a Heavenly Agenda far removed from human self-interest; there are a great many more who's intent is point-blank deception, and very clever they are at it too: the excessive naiveties of mankind make them near irresistible. "...insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

For all the innocent seeming hedonism the origin of the new age is luciferian/satanic. If you think it couldn't possibly be the case anymore you're a naive fool - to yourself and everyone else. Regardless of what any new age romantic or activist would tell you, it isn't a good thing: our souls are on the line. 

The supernatural powers that be are well aware of the possibility of the returning Christ Light and of the raw, exposed dream body of humanity, hence the new age is their counteracting play; initiating a fake awakening not into True Light but into fallen light with all of it's preoccupations with, and delusions of the body/mind and soul. Satanists call it the "Black Awakening."

We have to keep our wits about us, keep right on our toes for many famous or notable persons were, and are unwittingly drafted to the cause.

The human spirit is wide open to subjective deceptions yet so many are prone to thinking everything that comes to them from a "spiritual" source must be good. Not so! Lightworkers: just who's light are you working? With that in mind don't get involved with so called shadow work. It doesn't transform the shadows - you can't transform shit with fallen light - but only gives the shadows a right to a stronger, yet more deceptive control over your lives and the lives you influence, creating wider channels for a greater inflow of luciferic light.

For all the dazzle and glamour satans light is total darkness before the eyes of Spirit. If you desire the true Light of Spirit forget shadow or "light" work and look to Yahshua.  

He's available.

Born in the late sixties and growing up in the seventies it's amazing what we have at our fingertips these days. I was young at the advent of video technology and nowadays it seems like living in the future with mobile phone technology, laptops, the internet.... I can download music, even high quality movies out of the air for free. But when it comes to the crunch it's all a massive distraction. Mankind was imbued with astounding creativity and imagination, our Divinely engineered ingenuity and innovative skills served well during the pre-fall state; but our higher virtues are just as infiltrated with fallen light as anything. The powers that be are always several steps ahead of us, needing only to nudge us in a particular direction and we do the rest - give us an inch and we'll fabricate a mile. Failing that they force us into submission with wars, terrorism, economic collapses etc. In latter days they've backed us into a technological maze and a myriad of conceptual bazaars: there are countless amazing, intricate, beautifully poetic sci-fi, fantasy and theatrical stories in book and movie form taking us for a heck of an exciting ride - none of which are actually true. The same goes for the gamut of new age belief systems arising out of the past 130 years or so, certainly the last 30 years, all dreamed up by deceptive beings promoting not the greater good but their own advancement and our continuing entrapment.

How extra-intelligent and shrewder than man is the ancient spirit of satan and his astute followers at creating elaborate and detailed fantasies passed off as truth? They're virtual reality masters. 


“He who exalts himself shall be abased, and he that humbles himself shall be exalted.”

"So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen."

Scriptural lines flyin' right in the face of new agers. They'll cry foul of course, it’s their livelihood you see, personal exaltation is the deal. Sense gratification is the way to go, indulgence is the name of the game - that’s the road to the new age eh? It's all spiritual innit? There's money to be made spiritualising sexual desires and that's gotta be a good thing yeah? Let our hair (and guard) down; lose ourselves in Osho inspired sex orgies even, tantric fucking our way to a Golden Age. Good grief! What ghastly inversions of the truth. It's grievesome to see new agers gadding about exuding sexuality, gallivanting around as if someone special, acting as if some sort of spiritual royalty with a divine appointment on earth; to my eyes they're absurd people merely pretending to be Divine. 

The ways of the flesh and nature are not the Ways of Spirit...

... something many new agers find impossible to grasp, being so contrary to their beliefs; but regardless: Spiritual Reality is wholly other than our reality and bears no resemblance to the new age romanticisms or nature based faiths/worships popular since antiquity.

In a myriad of ways good is being called evil and evil good, wrong right and vice versa. Scripture gets to the root of the problem: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit." They are two completely different realities. Spirit is eternal and full of truth, the flesh temporary and choc-full of delusional shit. Satan/the serpent forces hate mankind, they are expert in seperating us from true Divinity - there's no better way to do that than to keep us fixated on sexual pleasures.

 "For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh. but they that are after the Spirit do mind the things of Spirit."

Many licentious spirits come around us to stimulate our libido's and higher brain functions some high profile new agers mistake for God. It's stupid really the ridiculous efforts used to reach psuedo-spiritual levels of consciousness. All that Osho inspired cathartic mass meditation madness I've witnessed goes no further than the lower light buffer; tantric sex energies and lingam columns of light are thoroughly absorbed by it - reflecting back not our Godhood but perverted imitations used for further deceptions against us.

Amidst the ancient and quite present luciferfield a gamut of formulated energy fields are spreading like electro-magnetic wildfire - the origin of the new age fads and fashions such as the recent shadow work and "gene key" bandwagons. An older more established influence a lot of folks mistakenly revere as Divine is termed "shaktipat" - a false anointing securing body and soul the services and devotion of the receiver to the giver. Oftentimes the purveyors of counterfeit divinity display siddhic (actually jinnic/demonic) abilities and transmit luciferic light, the actual light radiated by a sham realiser/joker and God denier such as Osho. 

We're often told Yogi's know the Truth and I was a willing sucker for their truth's for many - too many - years. But 90% of the Truth (which is what they offer) is no truth at all. Like the "gods" they always fall short of giving the actual Truth. Osho is a case in point, the original sex guru now deceased, he's an essential ingredient of the modern new age delusion. New agers love him because he said things they want to hear: being part of an elite awakening, spiritualising sex and what have you. He was supposedly drunk on the divine, on "spiritual wine." Ha ha I don't think so folks. I've been drunk on what he was drunk on and it certainly isn't Divine. True Spirit is clear, sober and certainly doesn't wear a googly eyed grin on It's face chuckling at all the bullshit, even the evils of the world while feeding gleefully into it. Osho talked up a storm and wrote as much as he could muster but he was full of shit, inverting spirituality left right and centre. In my eyes Osho fell flat on his smug face when he proclaimed "There is no God." Yeah right mate, how convenient for you and your demented followers, go tell that to Yahshua. 

No Holy God is revealed to ones such as "Osho" simply because they're so radically full of themselves. Instead - with supreme irony - they're given over to strong delusion. Osho was brimming with luciferic light and poured said light upon whomever was unfortunate enough to enter his poisonous sphere of influence. 

Osho was plagued with ill health in later life and often drugged up to his eyeballs. My previously favorite yogi Yogananda wrote extensively about his devout belief in and search for God. It's head spinning stuff the hindu guru lark; although no fuss is made of it hindu luminaries clearly do not agree. With Open eyes they distinctly contradict each other simply because they're just as fallen state as anyone, spiritual corruption is clear in their demeanors and still corrupts the gullible new age minds of today. Better not rock the boat tho, eh lads: we mustn't interfere with our sense of sacred sovereignty right?  Perish the thought, it just isn't done. Well it needs to be done and it's being done right here. Seriously: the age old ideas of self-realisation are not of God but of the pervading spirit of satan. True self-realisation is realising we are fallen and that it's not self-help we need but authentic Divine help. With that clear in mind (not clear of mind) devotees of indian love gurus and their new age contemporaries are dangerous sappy idiots, and they look and act like dangerous sappy idiots.

Authentic awakening isn't something that mollycoddles and ingratiates you - it is earth shattering stuff.

ALL the hindu style gurus I used to love and respect have come into serious question and I've been into a few. They proffer deep truths wrapped in insidious lies. I come from a strong hindu outlook, thinking like a hindu for years; but if you're open minded enough and continue to dig dilligently - always searching for Truth - we become responsive to an ever-patient Spirit bringing not a new age style awakening but a sobering frankness. Behind the exotic imagery and air of superior wisdom hindu style (and buddhist) gurus project there's a titanic atavistic deception going on.

These days my previous go-to yogi Yogananda is a no-go for me from what I've learned about him and his SRF organisation, often twisting or embellishing the truth to suit their purposes. Yogananda - or Mukunda Lal Ghosh - was helped with his "autobiography" by close friends from his india years and astute devotees such as sri daya mata: Mukunda was prone to the sort of incredible flight of fancy endemic to people going within their fallen selves. His guru Sri Yukteswar was overheard to cry "shame, shame!" one time when informed of some of his writings. In later life Yogananda became confused, was plagued by dark spirits in the night and used women devotees for sex; even siring a child, which he disowned - covered up by the SRF. One of his close friends/devotees stopped a car, got out and vomited one day after hearing of his secret activities ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

"In fact, only the very rich, educated, intelligent, cultured can understand what I'm saying. Beggars cannot come to me. Poor people cannot come to me. The gap is too big. They can hear me, but they can't understand me. So it is natural. I am the rich mans guru." - Osho.

"What total first order bullshittery!" - Darren.

The Osho quote says it all about him. There's so much more to learn about his most profoundly debased bullshittery if you take the time to look: https://artofericwayne.com/2013/07/17/osho-and-his-90-roll-royces/

Osho and his ilk are false teachers - spiritual criminals even: psychic wolves in sheeps clothing; the same ancient darkness held up as light, keeping mankind firmly attached to the earth realm, the flesh senses and (if you're a hindu/buddhist) the insidious loop of samsara. He was yet another take on the snake in the tree of knowledge: whispering sweet sounding bullshit in our ears. I mean come on, his eyes looked well snakey and the way he prolonged his S'sssss was a dead give away. He was obsessed with the physical, an arch deceptor and worshipper of the flesh: a rampant materialist complete with a fleet of Rolls Royces.  Taking the piss or what. 

I'm not advocating celibacy but I'm not dismissing it's value, I'm merely pointedly stating that sex isn't Spiritual. You can wriggle around twisting yourselves into all manner of exotic positions, stimulating dopamine and naturally occuring DMT, but it still isn't Spiritual.  

Chemical/hallucinogenic substances do not show us Divinity, for Spirit is beyond chemistry, even beyond all of vibrational creation.

Post the fall mankind has been fed a wide variety of lies propogated by the ruling powers that be and encouraged to define itself sexually. So many errant new agers are falling for an ages long delusion constantly drip-fed by serpent powers. I understand why the sincere saints and sages renounced sex on the way to true Realisation for it is the prime warp and twister of the human mind and exploited by dark forces to the max. To be truly awakened includes realising we live in a fallen world and should not be giving ourselves over to the flesh. For thousands of years the collective soul of humanity has been up to it's sahasrara in a holistic field of fallen light.

In truth we cannot mix Spirit with the flesh: if it's to do with Sex and spirit then it's to do with snakey ol' nick and all the titillations he's stimulated since the fall (out of Spirit into flesh absorption). We can discern the intentions, the fakeness of a master/teacher by their sexual proclivities, the salacious truth will always come out in some form of gossip - or lawsuit - sooner or later ๐Ÿ˜† 
Sexual pleasures are as transient as dreams and nothing to do with Spiritual reality.

"Spiritual" sex fixations are wholly of the world, not of Spirit. But what do the rampant tantra promoters care as long as they're comfortable, making money and having a fucking good time?

"Destroy wrong desires now; otherwise they will remain with you after the astral body has been seperated from it's physical casing. (...) Every natural passion can be mastered." - Sri Yukteswar.

I sometimes quote eminent hindu guru's in the hope of reaching hindu-roots new agers - there's a lot of 'em about; but I'm not into any form of hinduism anymore: Spirituality is a serious affair of the heart, mind and soul and not to be taken luciferic lightly. The dark forces upended the vitally important concerns of the human/Divine relationship and turned it into a bizarre circus of hypnotists, acrobats and clowns. We must be extremely diligent and discerning when searching out Truth, and if and when it arrives, strive to follow the Way clearly shown - not the carnal minded ways and deeply flawed ancient wisdoms of new age men and women. In the original Hebrew: "There is, then, now no condemnation to them which are in Mashiah Yahshua, who walk not after the flesh, but according to the Ruach."

"Those who are according to the flesh and are controlled by it's desires set their minds on - or pursue those things - which gratify the flesh. But those who are according to the Spirit and are controlled by the desires of the Spirit set their minds on - and seek those things - which gratify the Spirit."

Spiritual vs. carnal minded: the wrestlemania contest of the ages! It's a simple choice really: if we want to walk in Spirit we have to set our minds on spiritual things. If we're walking in the flesh it's because our mind is set on fleshy things. As goes our mind, our thinking, so determines our destination: flesh/material gratification or Spiritual realisation. Osho and his new age proteges mistakenly think we can mix the two. We can't. To walk in the flesh - as they so blatantly do - is a mindset that goes right against a genuine spirituality they so profanely profess to represent.

The ongoing folly of mankind and it’s piss-easy manipulation via the “new" age psuedo-enlightenment is mixing flesh and materialism with ideas of spirit so brazenly and so pridefully: all the while dreaming up super-fanciful philosophies (helped along by those ever present asomatous beings) to justify themselves.

I'm not perfect. I was born into the lower light "sin" same as everyone. I'm just as fallen as any leading new ager or guru of the past couple centuries - the difference is I know it. It's shocking to cognize that Real Spirit operates right against new age ideas of spirituality. It's disturbing to realise we aren't awakening because of the completion of a grand cosmic cycle, the dark forces aren't going to vacate the planet allowing us to become as gods. It takes effort, self-sacrifice, devotion and a filling of the Ruach ha'Qodesh to raise our spirit to anywhere near it's former esteem. We're merely trying to make the best out of a metaphysically bad situation, grasping at straws and stumbling around in the darkness: fumbling around for our lost Light and Truth while being force-fed lower light instead and a whole lotta half-truths.

Like children we need to play and have fun, when needs must aye! But the presence of the fallen spirit of satan has corrupted original innocence and thoroughly exploited our weaknesses. Amid a fallen world and it's systems of constraint and conformity most peoples idea of fun comes from poisonous drugs, drink and general hedonism. I'm no different. I like a drink or three, it's the only way I feel comfortable socially. As a cosmic hippy I've attended loads of music festivals and can party hard folks; but I see it isn't the purpose of life and always snap out of it. Over the years the madness of our reality and the almighty blather of the new age occasionally pushed me into spiritual bipolarism: from sublime heights of awareness I fell into borderline alcoholism, fucking myself up on week long drinking benders and being a total jerk around people. I've fallen into some pretty dark holes and railed hard at God. The sins of the father visited upon the son. It's surprising I still look so good. Any other person would be living on the street - or dead. Yet always - somehow - I bounce back by the grace of God.

If you're not bumping into the devil it's because you're going the same way.

I'm both Holy and a sinner. New agers exaggerate the former while actively denying the latter. Before awareness of the Ruach I had periods of spiritual clarity and other times of severe doubt - all useful. When doubt becomes knowing it is the sweetest alchemical feeling. Now I'm involved in a wholly other cosmogonic ball game - one infinitely more salubrious. In case you hadn't noticed there is a spiritual war going on: the earth is a literal battleground of light and dark. Most prefer not to notice, instead they keep their heads firmly situated in dreamy moonshine. If you're not engaged in battle, if you're not under attack (not by internet trolls but psychically attacked) if you're not fighting the good fight with all of your might, then you're merely promoting faux love 'n' light and age-old shite. I've noticed the more I hit on Truth the more shite flies at me. 

Genuine Spirituality is not for pussies. 

Falling into existential crises and being lifted out numerous times has given me a unique perspective. I'm extremely fortunate to be where I am and I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be - reaching further into Spirit and pulling out yet more inconvenient Truths ๐Ÿ˜€. No grey areas exist, the choice we have is truly black or white: the Way of Spirit or the way of satan. There are Pristine Heavens of Eternal Life without darkness, where no shadows are cast, no death exists: there resides the Glory of the Most High. And then there is this world of death and decay, a world of shadows and fleeting pleasures tainted with grime, muck and death - the spirit of satan reigning supreme. For the sake of an authentic, true and lasting new age - for the sake of Heaven on earth - we have to choose one or the other: it is that simple and that profound


"Cosmic Ordering" new agers assume "the universe" conspires to fulfill their every desire, by right of conscious existence they think everything should be handed out on a plate. That is a serious inversion, even infraction of the Truth. We must accommodate Spirit, not the other way round. 

The new age has pulled the wool right over our eyes, disarming multitudes. To firmly counteract we have to dispense with modern designs of spirituality because they're founded on ancient lies. We've been led way off the mark: if we’re serious about spirituality it’s time to get serious about Spirit; stop messing about, stop being ridiculous and definitely stop listening to trumped-up teacher/gurus and discarnate channeled entities. 

The world is not like a ride in an amusement park.

In so many a sort of premature celebration is occurring, but the way we are now is no cause for celebration - or pompous self-coronations. There is still work to be done. In the end there will be tragedy along with the triumph. Post 2012 I'm compelled to proclaim playtime is over folks. If we're honest with ourselves the world is still steeped in deep darkness and we're being sold a pack of lies. The powers that be are in full control and will not depart without a massive bloody fight. Right now they laugh at our "awakening," they've got it fully covered with legions of unwitting "awakeners" in their employ following orders and marching happily along with them.

There is only One Spirit that can unite mankind, rendering us true brothers and sisters.

I was into channeling for years but didn't do it myself. I sensed energy in the presence of channelers yet wasn't personally touched by those spirits. I wanted to be though, sending out the call: following the steps, meditating with clear mind. I prayed hard asking them to either appear or make me a channel - nothing happened. Now I know why. If not in belief I was at least aurically protected from those visitants - left alone to be open and sensitive to the eventual cognizance of the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

Like it or not the Ruach is the Comforter, the Helper Yahshua said He would send after His Ascension. Yet the Ruach is much more than a comforter, It is the most Divine Teacher - greater than any guru because It is Free. Being in no way bound to the material universe allows for zero filtering or distortion through a fallen state body/mind, so there's no coming to spurious conclusions arising from deep personal bullshit - and definitely no delusions of grandeur. The Presence of the Ruach feels very much like being born again - being born from above. As we grow in the Ruach we grow in our sensitivity and discernment toward evil, we are able to see it for what it really is.

Regular - earnest - prayer achieves better results than meditation. The main difference is (in prayer) we come out not so full of ourselves.

I'm an on/off meditator since the age of 18, I've been into 5 or 6 significant gurus and many other teachers over the years, garnering penetrating insights and attaining the occasional Heightened State of Awareness; but the Ruach makes all the difference in the perception of Truth - giving eyes to See, ears to Hear and a Heart to Understand.  Growing awareness of the Ruach entails a radical reorientation of our inherited psycho-spiritualities that can be difficult to process; as far as the popular notion of paradigm shifts go this is the unfeigned one, what paradigm shifting is all about: accommodating and following the lead of the Ruach ha'Qodesh. The Ruach knows what's best for us, taking the lead of the Ruach changes us and surprising things are revealed about ourselves and the world.

It can be a bit of a shock to realise Holy Spirit is wHoly other than our spirit ๐Ÿ˜ฒ 

The more I look to the Ruach and less to myself the more my old convictions show up as total bullshit and fall away. With the indwelling Ruach we begin to See the world through the eyes of the Ruach and it isn't a favorable vision. We begin to feel what the Ruach feels about the world and it is often grievous. Spirit doesn't brandish a fascistic, purely material/sensual view of happiness, Spirit derived Joy is wholly different to corporal and sexually derived pleasures. It can be very unsettling to notice the extreme deception, the deep ignorance of our Divinely divorced realm operating at the lowest levels of efficiency. In the new age we look to each other for comfort and validation, we deify each other, we even deify ourselves; but mankind is a fallen race living in a fallen world: our spirit is surrounded by luciferic light with all of it's ancillary illusions.

At the cosmic level mankind operates under the charge of spurious spirits and associated entities psychically manipulating the grand scheme of things: masquerading as light beings, star people, space commanders and what have you for millennia, duping humanity in all manner of clever ways and means. At the earth level a variety of psuedo-enlightened demagogues vie for our attentions, immersing us in ideas of "alternative spirituality" and spouting quasi- spiritual/scientific lore, preying on human gullibility and hyper suggestibility. At the spirit level the Ruach (in you) shows different things, surprising things, startling things - directional things. Spirit verifies the Truth of scripture while revealing the extreme deception of the world.

Everyone receives input from both True Light and lower light every minute of every day, the trick is to develop accurate discernment, the ability to sift the Truth from the lies, the good from the bad because too many are mistaking lies for truth and vice versa. It's a dizzying situation, that is why the Ruach is a great blessing in our lives. The body cannot produce some essential vitamins it needs for maintaining optimum health and well being, we need to supplement ideally from a good organic source. That's how we are made. It's the same principle in Spiritual matters: for our correction, reproval, Spiritual Joy and Well Being we need to supplement with the Ruach ha'Qodesh.

Perceiving and following the Ruach's guidance along the narrow path revealed can be extremely difficult - or super Joyful. I'm no paragon of virtue but that's what we have to do if we wanna sincerely enter an authentic Spiritual age. Amidst the darkness of the world Spirit doesn't indulge us, we are protected up to a point but there's no compromise or cutting slack. On this crazy planet it's easy to lose sight of the Ruach and be tempted right off the path, falling back into massive deception at a moments notice....

It's time to shake off the bullshit, roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, go where it’s still dark like Yahshua did, not surround ourselves with vigorously nodding yes-men and women. Ego stroking facebook friends and youtubers are just as bad. I've always stood alone, never feeling comfortable in groups, cliques or being around new age folk. We can't rely entirely on ourselves for our Divine succour, thankfully we have something Greater to look up to and access. The words of saints and sages have kept me intrigued and moving forward. The Greatest of them said "Wist ye not that I must be about my Fathers business?"   

New ager's merely go about their own. 

"Those who love the world cannot see beyond their personal agendas and selfish goals." - Alan Horvath

In it's weblike construction the internet is another insidiously clever expression of the matrix. The internet is a platform for everyone to broadcast their personal bullshit. True Lighted folk don't frequent cyberspace spouting psuedo-cosmic-spiritual psychologies, gushing about how wonderful everything is and how spiritual we all are, because we most certainly aren't. Neither do they charge exorbitant amounts of cash to be in their presence - or for those ridiculous skype sessions. They don't segregate themselves in tropical zones living the life of Riley, they live the life of Reality fully aware of the ever present darkness - and fearlessly set about transforming it head on.

New age style paradigm shi(f)tters have their heads so far up their ass they can't smell the shit anymore, but I can smell it from way over here. Those pathological self-absorbers/promoters should pull their heads out their self-righteous ass, smell the shit and grab a shovel.

But alas! new agers don't like shoulds, it's too much like telling them what to do (God forbid anyone should do that .

Looking around it's altogether evident mankind is afflicted with Spiritual blindness and is such a supernal cripple some Higher Being really oughta place a massive disabled symbol on earth's upper atmosphere. That'd make people stop and think a bit more ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
We should keenly watch who we're following in this fallen world and always be questioning, always discerning for many are glorifying in their shame. They mind the things of the flesh more than Spirit, confusing the directives of both - obfuscating the spirit we are. In their mystical flights of fancy they fail to sense the fineries of real Spirit and utterly fail to perceive the sublimities of Truth, broadcasting instead jumped-up, off -the-wall ideas passed off as insight and wisdom. They are ignorant and self-serving, glorying in their own works, drawing followers after themselves; fashioning Spirit in their own image and enticing unstable beings. They're excited by the things of the world before Spirit: "walking according to their own lusts." 

Most people can't handle the truth because it's so harsh to their accustomed way of life, but if you really wanna know and be seperate from the lies then you need to be aware of the many ingenious methods of deception. Spirit gives that awareness to us. Any ideas of spiritual progression or evolution arise solely from pretentiousness. Deception is everywhere in the esoteric and exoteric, we should associate only with those who look to Spirit first and foremost, who's values are fixed not on material concerns but on Spirit.

There's way too many dangerously deluded "enlightened" frauds waving their hands about stealing our attention, energy and money. We don't need them, we only need the Ruach to lead us far away from the ancient fall's very modern expression and into a sense of Holy Perfection and All-Truth. The indwelling Spirit gives a new sense of Life to ourselves and to scripture. The more I look at the new age the more I see a whole world of insidious bullshit. In sharp contrast the Ruach ha'Qodesh is like a pillar of fire shining amidst the darkness.

Continued in Spirit vs. the new age. 


In the first few months  of sensing the Ruach in my life I found several interesting testimonies and preachers on youtube speaking to my newfound awareness. One of which was Steven: