Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hindu Godmen


Hi, I'm Darren.

 The pressing matter of the blight 
of hindu godmen and their ilk is addressed 
further down. But by way of introduction:
 the world's BATSHIT CRAZY (you noticed?)
 From infancy onwards I intuited something's
seriously wrong with this planet, and with human 
nature. I struggled to cognise and accurately 
assess the underlying reason all my life. 
 In recent years clarity came by 
Way of Grace as to what the heck's 
occurin' on such a grandiose scale,
and it wasn't what I expected;
though I'd always (somehow) suspected! 
 Turns out our material world's founded on  
variations of ancient spiritual DECEPTION

 A lotta folks presume they're "Starseeds":  
far-out cosmic spirits spawned on earth 
to help awaken and enlighten humanity.  
 As a young man - buoyed by a lotta channelings 
and visionary mystics - for a time I thought I was a 
But I definitely wasn't cosmic, and certainly not
truly Enlightened; I was an unwitting recipient of primal  
spiritual subversion translated to the new age mindset.
That's just a taster of the manifold spiritual
absurdities currently assailing mankind.


Yet the current groundswell 
of human cognition merely enlarges 
upon an ancient and pervading LIE 
concerning our "freedom."
 The freedom we know is an illusion.
Always was.  

It's a FARCE really:
 ours is a world where LIES are believed true, fake news abounds,  
sexuality dominates and the power of glamour reigns supreme. 
The cult of personality thrives and we deify each other.

It's all so much human dross
   For all the obsession with mental narcissism  
we live in a most SPIRITUALLY narcissistic age.
I've come to see that Fake news doesn't apply solely to 
the news of the world but also to the new age, 'cos the "new age" is 
founded on the utterances of seemingly benign but actually malignant 
spiritual beings out to mess with our minds and further corrupt  
our already congenitally corrupted hearts.
Despite the earnest push for "unity" we're a  
spiritually divided even densely fractured human race. 

  Self-Delusion flourishes
A great many take their unreproved 
 spiritualities to lofty heights of fabrication.

For all the talk of spirit guides, dark dissimulative 
spirits operate behind the new age/law of attraction 
agenda, co-creating a quasi- cosmic reality designed 
to keep us all sound asleep dreaming lucid dreams. 
It's a complete existential mess clearly
reflected in the terrifying politics of our day.

I'm a UK resident. It's like Bedlam over here.

It's like Bedlam on the internet too. Jeepers. 
Instead of the World Wide Web it oughta be renamed
 The Wild Wild Web 
The internet reveals all the madness of the world
 Update April 2020: 
Now we have coronavirus ๐Ÿ˜ง
 I think I prefered Brexit.
Unless otherwise stated all pics of earth and sky were taken by me.
All words and concepts generally arise from Spirit inspiration.
As a lifelong new ager walkin' my own path 
thinkin' I had spirituality sussed out I'm well aware 
the masses are extremely defensive about their beliefs - 
especially their feeeelings - so I gotta warn you: 
 I hope to inspire but I'm sure to 
offend and appal in equal measure.
   At heart I'm a rather reserved englishman. I hate  
talkin' about myself but I'm urged that it's important.
With regards modern spirituality I've garnered much
insight and no little indignation. Founded as they are on  
spiritual mirage I no longer subscribe to new age platitudes.
   I refuse to tickle ears or play ball with truther activism, faux numinous narratives 
or "woke" mentality. I'm not enamoured by charismatic narcissists. I don't seek to 
dutifully oblige anyone. I don't like hurtin feelings but there are many factors 
tellin' me this isn't a time to hold back 'cos of a reluctance to upset people.
 I'm not into dishing out facts and figures: too many leading misleaders do 
that, and really: a great deal of their "facts" conflict with the truth. I don't share 
personal research either because - while often very useful - research can lead 
to a lotta foolhardy conclusions and opinions incompatible with the truth
 Don't we see a lot of that in the world today
 I don't enjoy sharing insight into the  
world conspiracy and dark spirituality
 'cos the implications are so HUGE, 
the upshot so MASSIVE and the  
popular resistance so very strong.
I'd rather not be
involved at all as it happens,
'cos it's all so
But I am involved whether I like it or lump it.
 I make no apologies for the polemic
style of my writing. The cause of it is just this:
the more I see the all-pervading occult
deception the more passionate I am in rebuke.

 In answer to any unctuous disapproval at any random 
slang words I may use: I am converted. My old life is finished.
 Only the the truth could change me from how I was, but I'm 
still somewhat in the manner in which I was called on purpose.
Besides anything else I'm a working class northern
with a native rude force endemic to our realm.

We generally don't take any shit ๐Ÿ˜Ž
 As an imperious new ager I denied 
 my roots 'cos they weren't the real me.
I was a cosmic spiritual being! 
 Now I'm grateful to my roots for 
helping me see through the bullshit.
   Witnessing so much esoteric prevarication taken 
for truth is the spur of my vocation to help bring 
 the truth to those who may not otherwise know.
Research is popular innit.  
 A lot of haughty people tout their research as the truth and place  
their own wisdom above the Divine and get real snotty about it. 

 Many profess their life experience as the truth but I'm in receipt of a certain Spirit which gives mine the proper perspective ๐Ÿ’ฅ ๐Ÿ’ฅ I only hope some of you don't stop up your ears but are open to the Spirit of the letter. I'm pointing out the dark heritage and intentions of the oldest religions and the modern new age* and helpin reveal the truth about the gamut of ascended masters, archangels and other specious "light beings" doin the rounds these days.
 *I use the term new age loosely in reference to occultists, spiritists, mediums, metaphysicians, diviners, gnostics, breatharians, starseeds, wiccans, esoteric teachers, shamans, luciferians, mystical kooks, truthers, yogi's and new earthers: 
basically the broad sweep of everyone going their own way. 
 It's all smoke 
'n' mirrors folks:
despite appearances to
the contrary there's only
 One Way to Divinity
 (Matthew 7:13)

A huge misapprehension infects
myriads of spiritual aspirants nowadays: 
that they're being guided truthfully. 
Sadly a great many are not.
Masses of people earnestly seeking truth 
fail to find because they're so easily led astray by  
sensuality, vain imagination and specious mysticisms.

I know I was
 I'm an ex neo-vedantic  
(hindu roots) new age gnostic ๐Ÿ˜ 
(it's not as disparate as it sounds)
 I used to be known on the merry ol' internet
by the "cosmic" name Da-Renn, with surnames appended o'er the 
years such as Da-Renn Zuvuya (riding the galactic wave to freedom
and the Brahman singed moniker of Da-Renn Avadhuta.
But I'm lately compelled to renounce all that and revert to my 
parental given name: a gesture of humility that's right and good.
As a new ager I happily flowed with 
the holistic course of love 'n' light unity:
hinduism, buddhism, kundalini, yogi's, guru's, David Icke, 
Eckhart Tolle and other "enlightened" sorts, and the streams of data
proffered by channeled beings such as the ascended masters, starpeople, 
angels, archangels et al. But in recent years I'm in a wHoly different Light 
which revealed the extreme deception of all my former beliefs.
  My spirit changed subtly yet dramatically with the arrival of 
this blessed Light, like I couldn't have believed beforehand.

For a long time I really thought I knew somethin'.

Now I know I knew nothin'.
Nothin' of true and everlasting worth anyway:
I've been as happy and joyous as anyone and 
could spout reams of esoteric wisdom, love 'n' light 
 poetry and gnostic balladry with the best of 'em. 
It'd all be very polite with lots of people figuratively
patting my back, vigorously nodding agreement.
Some of 'em would donate cash.
We'd all walk joyously, arms aloft 
 into the Sunset in glorious self-approval.
 However, I must use all my psychic resources 
to throw an almighty curveball into the vain and wholly 
presumptuous notions of planetary "awakening"  
 The shady zeitgeist behind the new age is obvious with eyes to see   
and once seen it can't be unseen.  With an open mind - free of bias - anyone 
can research the dark origin of the new age, which just so happens to be 
the substratum of the current "great awakening" absurdity...  
Apparently, we're livin' in a time of 
light, knowledge and spiritual activation.
 But au contraire folks:
it's an insidious mass produced fantasy.
For all the talk of awakening
billions of souls are fast asleep;  
dreaming lucidly 
Mankind currently slumbers in the 
deepest, darkest time of ALL TIME

We live in a sick, twisted world.
 Only those of worldly success and
wealth think everything's awesome.

 Only beguiled new agers believe "the universe" is 
guiding them to a Golden Age of Love n Light on their terms.
We think we're so great and lofty with all of our intellectual 
achievements; but our relatively short lives are surrounded on all sides 
by death and we've been lied to about the afterlife for thousands of years.
 We've been lied to about our spirituality since infancy,
and that includes the hindu's and buddhists of all time.
It's a terrible predicament:
For all the proclamations of truth 
we're essentially living a LIE. 
We've inherited a spiritually corrupted 
world in which positive spirituality ain't
synonymous with
 genuine spirituality.
 My whole life was about positive spirituality
and for a long time it all seemed well and good. But I 
never thought I'd be realising so much negative spirituality,
 and by that I mean counterfeit spirituality posing as truth.
Yet now I DO realise it and SEE it in many and 
varied, previously invisible and unsuspected forms.
 For over 3 decades I assumed there was only positive spirituality because
- I reasoned - we're all one people living in a spiritual universe. There was no evil, 
I wasn't a sinner; I was an intrinsic part of the universe; a developing god if you please and ultimately a righteous being of "light." I said so to a lotta people!
Back then I said a lotta stoopid 
things I avidly believed were true.
I thought it only a matter of time before the world came good, that a 
new age of love 'n' light would dawn and we'd all be enlightened and live in a free love utopia. I'd taken enough L.S.D. and psilocybin to back up my confidence: I was sure the experiences in meditation, the ideas evoked by my deep daily musings, the fantastic data conveyed by channeled beings and the lucid visions procured via psychedelics were part of a Greater Reality and truth beyond daily mundanity.

As a cosmic  
free spirited new ager
I sure had reality sussed out.
There was no foolin' me as
I'm sure there's no foolin'

I was a MASSIVE fool. And if you're a 
new ager/gnostic/psychic medium/guru acolyte 
 or a psilocybin/entheogen psychonaut you too are  
being fooled - to within an inch of your Eternal Life.
  Personally, I wouldn't mess around with that. 

There's a lotta lordly talk about our inner Divinity. 
 Too many harbour skew-whiff ideas about  
 the Divine. It's the nature of our world to give 
out mixed messages and be theologically deceived.
 For sure the upper heavens are everlastingly Divine. But 
not so on lil ol' planet earth. As above so below just doesn't 
cut it here, unless we factor in the subverted astral realms.
Then we have a more accurate reflection.
 Astral subversion is reflected in all historical cultures.
 The lower heavens are appropriated by  
divergent entities in firm opposition to the Divine. 
They're expert, ceaseless lying swindlers. 
 The intellect and spiritual faculties of the 
ancients were commandeered for nefarious purposes,
ultimately stimulating the high psychic attainments of hinduism, 
buddhism, Islam (sufism) and "mystical" christianity.

 Going right against pop cultural faux-numinosities I state that  
 Divinity is not within unless it's bestowed by grace - from without
in response to an overriding desire to know WTF is really what.
 Divinity is granted to us in our principle need 
for truth, IF we really need veracity above all else. 
 I​'ve​ realise​d​ that in our current  spiritual 
climate we're most certainly not God. 
Without the Grace of a certain Spirit we're nowhere near God. 
Mankind is encouraged to use it's creative powers 
and high imagination against God in both subliminal and open  
rebellion, creating a myriad of glossy imitations passed off as truth. 
 Following over 30 years of new age doctrine 
and "ancient wisdom" propaganda my spiritual eyes 
were opened and it was quite the surprise.
You know the old adage: when the student is ready 
the teacher appears? Well It took over 30 years for my teacher 
to appear and - lo and behold - it turned out to be  
 As a new ager I didn't believe in a literal holy Spirit.
I thought it astutely engineered christian myth.

How wrong I was...
... it's factual Revelation!
I took so darn long to believe 'cos I didn't think I needed an actual teacher,
I was teachin myself. I was my own guru and had all the data I needed from the recorded lives and words of the eminent mystics and gurus of the ages bolstered 
by a mass of "spiritual" channelings telling me how great and cosmic I AM ๐Ÿ˜ 
Turns out I was profoundly played and blindingly obdurate with it:
detached from reality and brimming with advanced spiritual deception.
It was almost impossible to find a chink 
in my "lightbody." But Spirit succeeded ๐Ÿ˜

 I've always had a degree of spiritual vision 
askew of the norm but it's opened so much wider I'm 
aghast at the length, breadth, height and depth of an 
ancient spiritual guile in full swing now I'm able to see it. 
I'd already deduced deception (somewhat) but wasn't 
sure if it was my own weird psyche messin' with me.

I thought I might be insane.
 Now I know I wasn't.
Now it's right in my face everyday.
 I'm glad of the extra clarity but it ain't easy:
I couldn't anticipate the extent of the deception.
  An ancient occult 
mechanism of psychic duplicity
operates at peak efficiency.  
There's a whole world of astute
psychic and energetic imitations of 
the Divine we must beware of.
 In my new age pomp I was as prideful and obdurate as anyone 
yet now I'm in a state of blessed relief from all that. Now I've changed tack 
I'm considered divisive, even outrageous, and I would think so too if it wasn't 
for the implicit proof of Spirit and my inner changing nature. 
 That's certainly countin' for somethin'

 Holy Spirit ain't like any hindu guru
buddhist mystic or pop psychologist.
It's a veritable heart surgeon.

For all the talk of awakening mankind is in 
a spiritually degenerate state of affairs needing
some serious brain and open-heart surgery 
to accurately comprehend the truth.
  Spirit gives insight wholy at variance with
any and all
new age or mystical belief systems
and fully explains my concern and attitude
woke/new age spirituality in general
(mild outrage)
 To the detriment of every guru, yogi or mystic ever
Spirit cannot be acquired by a whole lotta yogic huffin' and puffin, 
mantras, visualisations or new age fads such as "living on light" 
breatharianism, psychedelics, a still mind or WTF... 
... but only by Grace...
... through what the Divine has done 
for us, not what we do for the Divine. 
Of course there's more to receiving authentic Grace than most people 
think but it's essential to receive Grace for the gift of Spirit which follows.  
Spirit sheds clear Light on a whole lotta new age and other related dodgy  
occult business taken as read by too many prominent people. It's a long story but 
my personal, and quite final leap of faith was a mad situation involving 
such are the seemingly spiritual but actually  
elemental powers I was previously involved with.

I've had folks beating their chest against me with 
such resolute pride it's absurd. But no matter; I've become aware of a 
swindling "spiritual" light deceiving billions all through history, and an  
insidious supernal thrust for simulating the holy Spirit to boot.
When initially writing all this I held off coming to the heavenly point 
'cos I didn't wanna put people off. I thought I was astute enough to lead any 
seeker piecemeal to the Empyrean truth. Turns out I confused a lotta folks and so - 
given the times we're livin in - I can't beat around the burnin' bush anymore. 
 Spirit gives eyes to see and a heart to understand and 
with them we see and understand the truth in the Light of
I realise I'm losing many haughty spiritual narcissists 
or cosmic aspirants right here. But if you bear with me I've   
so much more to say about WHY I'm converted and will expound 
upon the darkness I was previously immersed so deeply within.
 After 3 decades of absorbing lies my mind 
adheres to the Light of Christ, allowin' for a much 
needed  spiritual clarity which don't require  
shitloads of meditation to acquire:
just an overriding desire to 
know the truth above all else.
Then the holy Spirit can respond. 
Before, I wasn't so sure.
But the holy Spirit made Jesus real 
and true and everything changed:
 This is being Born Again and 
it's an ongoing surprise to me ๐Ÿ˜

  I was initially rather uneasy about

proffering this insight, so I staggered sharing
 Now I'm FULL ON for the Gospel of Christ.
๐Ÿ˜ฎ I've become a christian ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Not a perfect one by any means,

'cos no one can be. Only Jesus was. 
Jesus did what we can't do!
 This is a spiritual sea-change I didn't see comin.
Given how I was it's a miracle I got converted.
  Now I'm out to help spread the most inconvenient truth, 
even the one and only authentic paradigm shift 
all other purely conceptual shifts detract from or bastardise. 

I can't change the world but along with a growing
number of like Spirited folk I can help clear the Way. If I
can reach a few I'm happy. Thankfully I already have.
If I can reach someone influential then great!
It's put on my heart there are people who won't be reached
except by me. I generally frequent twitter and youtube so if I've 
bothered you there I'm not at all sorry. Just doin' my job:

fishing for men and women.

Catchin' souls for Christ.

 My spiritual eyes are open. 
Which is funny 'cos as a new ager  
 I thought my eyes were WIDE OPEN
I naturally presumed an
alliance with my "higher self." 
My eyes were wide shut.
My higher-self was a higher conceit.
Prior to Spirit I thought I could see. But I was blind. 
Spiritually speaking I was an ignorant pagan savage.
 As a neo-vedantist I never dreamed 
I'd be saying any of this. I'm steppin way outta 
my english reserve by writing this entire blog. 
As a gnostic I didn't wanna believe (I was damn sure 
I knew better) but turns out Jesus Christ REALLY IS 
 the Way, the truth and the Life 
just like He said, and HE wasn't lying or mistaken.
 There's NO deception in HIM.
The masses are pig-ignorant of 
our common spiritual retardation. 
 We live in a flesh/sense elevating 
pagan world with added fancy tech,
where the truth is a very hard thing 
to realise and get to grips with.

In so many truth simply don't compute.

They prefer truth on their terms. 
Fantasy truth

But it's really all about JESUS.
 Holy Spirit testifies of 
the Glorified Jesus Christ. 

 Jesus elevated the flesh through a fire  
of suffering and death. It was a necessary fire 
and a crucial death given the ancient and current 
spiritual situation of mankind. Through it Jesus 
achieved a JOY that's Eternal and entirely 
 A JOY He wants YOU to share.
(Hebrews 12:2)
 As much as I would deny it 
as a self-exalting neo-vedantist,
 I now proclaim most heartily:

  In a world captivated by fictional superheroes
JESUS is a True and Everlasting SUPERHERO.
 The oft voiced proclamation that hinduism 
and buddhism came long before christianity 
as if it's a valid point is invalid reasoning: 
I've been into diverse spiritual luminaries ancient and  
modern, popular and peculiar; but the Holy Spirit has
no interest in any of 'em. There's no regard for Eckhart 
Tolle, Yogananda, Osho, Sadhguru and their ilk.
In the Light of Spirit they show up as  
strongly deluded as they always were.
And there's no regard for channeled beings:
Knowing how they're so soul deadly deceptive 
such a strong response is understandable.
Where once I was utterly enchanted by channeled 
spirits such as the Ascended Masters and Star-People
Turns out they're ALL
spiritual imposters and crooks 
systematically twisting the truth 
in numerous and varied ways
for thousands of years.

 Channeling and/or automatic -
writing is RIFE with DECEPTION
Imitating Jesus and GOD - ร  la 
Conversations with God and A Course in 
Miracles - are THE prime real estate for building 
and selling the most EPIC spiritual LIES.  
( I talk a lot more about channeling 
in The New Age section of this blog)
Jesus ain't affiliated with far eastern religions 
 such as hinduism, buddhism or Jainism. The only 
sign of authenticity in a text, or faith, is the Seal 
 of the Holy Spirit which the above don't have.  
 I used to be somewhat a gnostic.
As a young adult new ager 
I read all the gnostic texts several 
times. Some of 'em many times. 
I lapped 'em up like a thirsty dog.
But it was a waste of time! 
Turns out there's no inner gnosis  
involved in knowing the real Jesus.
 Gnosticism ain't adhered to the Light of truth. 
 Jesus is wHoly other than His creation; there's 
nothing in us that naturally resonates with Him.
Only the Holy Spirit Resonates and 
only Spirit can help us know Him.
Contrary to popular internal spiritualities 
the Holy Spirit comes to us from without -
bringing a wHoly extraneous but essential  
Revelation of Jesus CHRIST
 For all the obsession with esoterism and  
"going within," Jesus is quite EXOTERIC:
cloud study by Constable
If anyone finds it amusing to seriously consider 
Jesus' Return, well, the Holy Spirit came like Jesus 
said He would. So it follows that Jesus will Return
- just like He said He would.  
Matthew 24:30
  I find it amusing how anyone thinks that anything other  
than the Return of Jesus can sort out this batshit crazy world.
 A world wide Supernatural Event is already clearly occuring:
- Isaiah 60:2
  Although it appears light here, it's a sham light,
the purpose of which is to constantly deceive. 
If you're not responding to Jesus or find the idea
His Return laughable, it's because the gross darkness
covers your soul and deceives your mind.
 There's gonna be no true and 
lasting new age on human terms.
The E.T.s/star people aren't gonna save us.
They aren't who they say they are: they're highly 
intelligent yet highly deceptive fallen angels.
 The deviant sons of God of Biblical fame.
The "great awakening" multitudes long for on their 
terms will be terrifying for a great many people. 
Desiring "your best life now" is  
 ill preparation for what's comin.
The Power of Now is useless 
 before the LIGHT of Spirit

 In the Light of Spirit so much 
strongly advocated high spirituality 
shows up as high corruption.

Take the crazy kundalini craze for instance.
It's indicative of the rampant, witless naivety of spiritual 
seekers easily diverted by the sensual delusions of the flesh:
Holy Spirit ain't kundalini or analogous in any way. 
 I know the difference.  
Kundalini ain't a natural factor of our innermost 
psyche laying dormant. It's a psychic INCURSION by deviant 
spirits imitating the holy Spirit and feigning Divine Power.
 Those spirits come in and deceive us
when we open up and send out psychic signals
via our exotic meditations and visualisations.
We unwittingly invite psychic vampires 
into our souls which proceed to glamour 
our minds via telepathic hypnosis. 
It's serious shit, folks. I'm not messin' about: 
 the serpent powers POSSESS our psychic 
proclivities, instilling people with high deception.
Specifically they proffer the greatest deception  
of all by impressing the denial of the Saving Grace of  
 The BIG difference
between the 
Kundalini spirit and Holy Spirit is:

 Kundalini exalts itself through people.
 Holy Spirit EXALTS JESUS. 

 In Spirit there's no place for specious self-exaltations.
JESUS is the only Being worthy of DIVINE Exaltation.

Highfalutin kundalini powered activists such as David Icke
a man I used to love and respect - and other eminently self-approving 
"enlightened" ones have renounced and/or utterly denied the truth 
because they deny the significance - even the reality of -
Jesus Christ. They simply have to renounce Jesus' Saving Grace 
by reason of their vain illuminations and pantheistic theologies. 
 Backed by all the sophist knowledge on earth
I used to think like them. But now I see a world in 
the throes of an ancient spiritual deception
Our high intellect and innovative skills are 
exploited to co-create a system built on esoteric lies. 
Cosmic chumpsters like David Wilcock reckon they're at the 
vanguard of a cosmic consciousness revolution; but by the Light of Spirit 
they're witless recipients of a grandiose consciousness INVERSION

It's all about deceiving mankind and it's piss-easy to do it:

"illuminate" someone influential and the rest is history (and now).

Far eastern religions - regardless of their place in history -
and alternative/new age spiritualities are blatant distractions
and/or perversions of the truth of Jesus Christ.


Meditation is gaining a lotta  
self-importance these days innit.
Multitudes get all self-righteous about meditation
self being the operative word in the new age and the catalyst 
for a myriad of historical and voguish spiritualities blowing
a lotta absurd ego's outta all proportion. 
I believed meditation the way to my inner divinity. But now I know 
 the inner danger 'cos Spirit brings insight into the extrinsic malleability 
of the human mind and the twisted metaphysics behind the des nos jours of  waking consciousness. The vast majority are oblivious as to what meditation
opens their minds to or what the hell is occurin' on this mad planet.
What will they care as long as they're mollycoddled by 
materialism and feel "peaceful" in a batsh*t crazy world? ๐Ÿ˜ 
  They believe their peace affects the environment in a positive way.
Well it certainly affects their personal domain - more or less -
but in authentic spirituality only Righteousness elicits true Peace,
and they're far from Righteous in the true sense of the term.
They utterly fail to cognize the core
spiritual subversion of human nature.

 Meditation ain't a hotline to the Divine
Just the opposite in fact: 
the psychic and astral spheres are replete with duplicitous beings  
advancing spiritual deception. Meditation - the far eastern way -
opens wide the human psyche to occult skullduggery.
 By long-term experience I know deep meditation
leads to deeply misleading notions and reveries, 
 fostering a wide variety of fanciful speculations
lapped up by multitudes of gullible suckers.
  Don't we see a lot of those in the world today.
 I meditated for years but it led to strong delusion, 
the sorta delusion I now see manifest in myriads of 
criminal crackpot gurus and new age mystics today.
For sure meditation made me feel peaceful, happy and buoyant 
sometimes. The universe was (seemingly) my oyster. But in this world 
happiness is purely biological, often a fools paradise and - contrary 
to popular opinion - doesn't equate to genuine spiritual truth

For all the talk of enlightenment
it's shocking to realise how far mankind
unwittingly strays from genuine spiritual truth.
Turns out our world is governed by an advanced inversion 
of spirituality millennia in the making, for which the 
sustained deception of mankind is PARAMOUNT 

We aren't moving towards a higher life 
 of love 'n' light; not the new age way anyway.
 The truth is a good deal more sobering.
The cabal rabbit hole goes deeper than most care 
to imagine. The reports of a world conspiracy are true

and the source of it is M E T A PHYSICAL.
cloud study by Constable
 Something originally very beautiful   
went to total shit on this planet.
 Too many look with the myopic eyes  
and corrupted heart of a sullied world.
So many are seduced into believing cleverly devised fables.
 I look back at my previous new age
persona and think what unmitigated arrogance!

hat belligerence. What 
spiritual blindness!
And all of it founded on ancient lies.

see the same attitude operating at the same level or higher
in a variety of ways and means in a great many people today.
 A lotta folks think they know somethin profound and blurt it all out 
on the internet. They live in their little sovereign kingdoms while failing 
 to cognize that we've inherited an ancient spiritual subversion.
I used to believe we are Divine beings who can do 
whatever we like as long as we're not bothering anyone else. 
But now I'm learning to unlearn everything I absorbed from 
hinduism,  buddhism and the entirety of the new age.  
 Especially the new age of the passed 50 years.
 For all the high intelligence mankind is subservient to  
supernaturally astute overlords operating through a variety 
of seemingly benign guises such as lightbeings, starpeople etc 
and together we've co-created a reality estranged from Divinity.
Multitudes ply their divinatory trades and spread delusionary/narcissistic credo's in a manner utterly estranged from Christ. It never ceases to amaze and concern me all the inventive esoteric methods, non-secular ideologies and mystical fabrications man cooks up in ever more strident efforts to make intellectual and heartfelt sense of a spiritually divorced planet, even an astronomically deranged world wherein many falsehoods reign and cabalistic strongholds prosper.
Leading new agersspiritists and mystics are blithely 
unaware that they're imperilling multitudes of souls with 
their peculiar brands of psuedo-spirituality and psychobabble. 
To my renewed mind the air of self-sanctimony is 
nauseating, and somewhat absurd: they're just a lotta 
pretentious people regaling everyone with their demented  
 That's easier to see when we understand 
that the new age and all mainstream religions
 are rooted in luciferianism
 All those years in the new age revealed that rather than ushering 
in a Golden Age of Enlightenment the earth is overlorded by occulted  
luciferian beings for which the worldly powers are mere pawns. 
 For all the talk of paradigm shifts 
masses of mystics, new agers,
yogi's and psychonauts are 
heading full-tilt-boogie into a 
  As a new ager I was into some crazy characters.
Like attracts like eh!
 I used to think David Icke was the business:
a welcome BLAST of fresh Aquarian air! 
Now he's no business of mine.  
Now all I smell is the foul stench of luciferianism.
Despite the faulty theology David Icke gets some 
things right while interpreting them dead wrong:
we live on a PRISON PLANET alright.
Besides the unholy bondage to our deviant flesh 
nature we're stuck fast in strong psychic confinement
being force-fed copious amounts of beguiling spiritual lies.
For the most part people don't know 
what they're doing or what they're into.
Despite the earnest push for justice and freedom there's 
no true Judgement and liberty in the genuinely spiritual sense.
 Without the Light of Spirit everyone is 
quantumly entangled in spiritual darkness.
 Ten years ago I woulda welcomed the aquarian push for cosmic freedom  
and possible ET disclosure; but over the past 5-10 years a lotta sharp ex new agers are "woke" by the Light of Spirit just in time for this "great awakening" lark, 
which is really a bolstering of luciferianism pushing the prophesied 
 end-times deception to apotheosis. 
Regardless of the air of self-sanctimony, the abundance of 
smiling faces and the smug joviality there's nothin good about  
luciferianism. It isn't a means to a glorious end.  
Luciferianism is evil. 
Anything that detracts from, twists the truth 
of, or mocks Jesus Christ is thoroughly evil. 
The roots of the new age are deep
luciferianism, and by turns satanism.
 As a new ager I never thought myself a 
luciferian, much less a satanist. But I was.  

๐Ÿ’ฅIt's come to Light that a heck of a lotta 
things aren't what I previously thought๐Ÿ’ฅ  

Turns out that true awakening 
is nothing to do with the new age  
or "ancient wisdom" 
 ๐Ÿ’ฅI hate to be a party pooper but it transpires 
that the "great awakening" is sourced in luciferianism๐Ÿ’ฅ 
 That's not something easily digested through the emotions and  
outrage many feel, fueled by movements such as QAnon and popular "truther" 
videos. Well I'm sorry I don't toe the party line or follow movements but let's not 
be naive: the rabbit hole goes far deeper than most realise. Both light and 
dark are being played by willing and unwitting folks alike. 
There are many joining hands with systems of antichrist 
which are clothed in spiritual garments (QAnon), which includes 
using the name of *Jesus Christ.* Don't fall for them. If anyone talks 
 about unity and tolerance at the expense of actual *truth* you can 
be sure that person - or movement -isn't serving the true GOD.

New age notions of Divinity are engendered delusions.
 Regardless of the plentiful proclamations of personal  
divinity, this world is gravely out of tune with the Divine.
 A lotta people think they're so spiritual with 
their fancy ass psychic faculties; but the mystical
realm is choc-full of advanced psychical duplicity.
Good is deemed evil and evil good.  
Darkness is made Light and Vice Versa.
 Mankind is in a DEEP state 
of spiritual tenebrosity preventing 
many from understanding the truth.  
We need the Holy Spirit 
to even begin to properly realise the truth.  
But that sorta info is met with a lotta disdain.  
O'er the past 4 years there's been a gamut of facebook 
unfrienders. They simply don't wanna listen, so self-absorbed 
are they in their own vision and works. They don't like being 
told they're purveyors of ancient spiritual deception.
They can't comprehend that they're being systematically 
deceived, their attitude of cosmic entitlement precludes it. 
  They believe what they wanna 'cos it feeeels good,
'cos they "resonate" with some lore in particular. 
 The universe gives them the truth  
AND conspires to give all they desire.
 But the difference with me is 
 I didn't choose this path, it chose me; but it's not 'cos I'm 
anything special. I'm a terrible sinner. I surmise it's 'cos I was 
so long in the new age I can help expose the deception.
I see things different to regular christians, 
 30 plus years in the new age enabled a wider perspective.
I see the inherent absurdity of mankind in general.
 I can't help but see the inherited attitudes and endlessly repeating
and proliferating behavioural patterns all through society.
Especially pertaining to spirituality and mysticism.
There's hardly any originality. 
People parrot on the same old lies ad infinitum.
Spiritual corruption is more subtle, wily and widespread 
than most people realise. Affecting christianity too.
As a new ager I thought christianity a complete deception,
and I still see deception in a lotta presumed christianity; but I also see 
the veracity of authentic christianity as inspired by the holy Spirit
 I'm sad to say that christianity is 
as fractured and infiltrated by darkness
as anything in this perverted world.
 As ever it's people what are the problem.
 It's obvious christianity was and 
still is subverted by paganism, mysticism 
and contemporary new age thought. 
True christianity is set-apart from all that. 
  As a new ager it was the self-righteousness of 
 new agers which (eventually) put me right off and,
unfortunately, I'm the same way about many christians.
 "Mahatma" Gandhi had this to say:
 "I'd be a christian if it were not for the christians!" 
And, "I like your Christ, I do not like your christians. 
Your christians are so unlike your Christ."

With implicit hindu bias Gandhi failed to realise 
who Jesus really was but for the most part I have to agree with 
the sentiments 'cos - to be honest - I don't like a lotta christians. 
I LOVE many of 'em but I can't stand  
american christian patriots in particular. 
 American christians so easly fall back into 
patriotism. They're brainwashed from childhood. 

As an Englishman I'm alienated and rather nauseated.
As christians we're not of this world (John 17:16)
we hope in the sure Second Coming of Jesus Christ not 
Donald Trump. We look forward to the Kingdom of 
Heaven NOT make America great.
(1 John 2:15-17)
As a convert to the true faith I see the same forces at work in 
christianity as the new age. There's a lot of mental illness: too many 
bring their hang ups, grudges and imperious delusions into the faith. 
Droves of professed christians proffer wild speculation and no little perversion. Popular youtubers being a case in point: many (not all) exude a slimy me, me, me evangelism; twisting scripture to conform to their limited vision and obvious 
greed for money. More is never enough.

 Some "christians" make a lotta dough from youtube 
ministry. They got their rummaging snouts deep in the world's stinkin'  
money trough rakin' in $$$$ prophesying and sensationalising and 
their many supporters can't see past their own noses. 
It's wrongheaded and plum crazy:

A right mind elicits IRE not love.
 I'd be exceedingly vexed if I didn't 
know it's all coming to a (God) head.
 I'm sure a lotta popular preachers are with the holy Spirit 
but oftentimes it ain't driving the vehicle. Spirit so often takes 
a back seat to the blight of pride and ego aggrandizement.
The great danger in christian ministry and 
leadership is that we take over. We make our will 
substitute for God's Will, our plans for God's Plans. 
Our name for God's Name.
 It's the ugly, ubiquitous sin of PRIDE, folks.
It isn't our church or ministry: whoever 
you are it's GOD's church and ministry.  
 The new age is all about us and our relation to creation,
christianity is all about Jesus and our relationship with the Creator.
 It's obvious much of professed christianity 
is rank deception posing as christian. 
The Roman Catholic Church being a stand-out example.
 It's abundantly clear that it don't matter how long anyone's 
been a christian, the spirit of lies can make significant inroads 
into the more mature christian psyche in the subtlest ways. 
Satan operates right across the board in 
young and old, sowing seeds in unsuspecting minds. In 
some they quickly germinate, in others lay dormant.

 Thankfully, as acutely disturbing as it is, all the 
mighty christian BS don't stop me being a christian
 because I know Christ is REAL and said:  
 Regardless of the painful fact that many christians 
are really closet new agers following themselves, it's 
the wisest thing in the world to follow Jesus.
Becoming a Christ Follower opened my eyes
We're fighting a spiritual war against corrupt powers and principalities  
manifesting through massed ranks of haughty hearts and lordly intellects 
locked in high conceit, rectitudinous spiritualities and no little arrogance. 
Multitudes of asinine souls are higher strung and 
tetchier than ever yet all are soaking up supranatural 
 lies dressed up to the nines as spiritual truth. 
  I look on youtube and twitter regularly and see 
hordes of stuck-up folks thinkin they've a hotline to truth
talkin' so much fanciful bleedin' crap its incredible.
And somewhat heartbreaking:
I'm mildly mortified to see so many 
stuck fast in the deception I'm set free from.
It's disconcerting to cognize the extent of our mutual 
malady: it's an utterly dreadful state of spiritual affairs. 
I'm lightly grieved by the wide diversity  
of delusion and a little sympathetic, until I'm 
reminded of the insouciantly obdurate arrogance 
that oft accompanies "spiritual" folk
Then I just wanna stick the boot in ๐Ÿ˜œ

 There's a kind of humility that's verily sacred,
 the sort too many wilfully overlook or disregard. 
Humility arises naturally before genuine Divinity.  
The power inherent in authentic humility 
operates most successfully on the terms of the Divine 
not the implicitly biased terms of men and women. 
Spirit brings the truth about the Divine and we 
realise that much unbounded and highly energetic untruth 
surrounds and penetrates all areas of life - secular and non.
As we are (sans Spirit) our minds 
 exalt the flesh and worldly things. 
The urge for paganism - for nature 
worship - is strong in all our lives. 
 "Panpsychism" is trendy nowadays innit.
Popularised by cloyingly self-approving celebrities 
such as Russell Brand among others, it's another term for 
pantheism, which is paganism by any other name. 
If we resonate with notions of  pantheism we're pagans guided by 
compromised nature spirits, and worse: our feeeelings are paramount ๐Ÿ˜ข
If we follow our feelings - new age style - we're being 
carnal not spiritual, following the ways of the flesh not Spirit.  

A lotta folks believe in "mother earth."
But there's no mother earth.
GOD takes all the credit and the Glory

 The "Gaia" mind theology and modern climate change 
concerns are paganism by any other name, all wrapped in 
a highly pervasive and very persuasive sham light.
Ignoring that climate change is a natural process,
the earth's electromagnetic and morphogenic fields aren't operating 
at the frequencies of original creation. They are in fact in a fallen state,
which usually falls on stone deaf ears because hosts of pagan folks 
are fully enamoured by earth magik and their psychic faculties. 
 So beguiled are they by the elemental forces of the earth - which they 
take to be "spiritual" but are entirely deceptive - that they can't accept an 
eminently contrary view. They won't consider that they've inherited
and unwittingly propogate ancient spiritual inversion.
They're wholly immersed in a psycho-
genic darkness pretending to be Light
 They feeeel they must intercede on behalf of 
nature; but any magikal meddling or psychic hacking 
 only causes severe problems in the long term. 
Not least to their Eternal souls. 
 Paganism shows up in the overt body consciousness 
of charismatic celebrities, self-empowerment gurus and 
climate activists such as Greta Thunberg. 
None are in the Light of Christ,
Truth is obscured by nature worship. 
  Climate change activism is pure paganism:
the focus is on the world not GOD,
on creation not CREATOR
  The pagan Greta Thunberg skype 
sessions the Godless Dalai Lama.
 If Greta gets her way we're 
in for a disturbing future. 
Sadly she will. For a season.

Paganism is a lie foisted upon our souls from birth to the grave.
I was a pagan for a looonnnng time and considered myself 
properly spiritual with it. I've had spiritual friends who didn't consider 
themselves pagan, but they were - through and through. I've had loads 
of pagan friends and know how hard - if not impossible - it is to 
reach them with announcements of virtuous Spirit. 
The truth is genuine spirituality ain't in
the slightest bit pagan. It's not of this world
(as we know it)
By the Light of Spirit paganism is spiritual darkness.
 When Jesus said 
"if thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of Light"
He didn't mean in a personal sense. 
He wasn't implying a mystical experience of a far-eastern 
persuasion. Life - as we know it - is a spiritual inversion: the 
practise of paganism and self-absorption fills billions with false light. 
Jesus spoke to every disciple then and after. He speaks to 
the body of Christ on earth, the church. The church has to be 
united - of singular vision and purpose - to be filled with Light. 
The fact that mainstream christianity is 
failing miserably right now don't negate the truth. 
The true church, the Elect, are largely hidden from popular eyes. 
Both individually and collectively we must keep our eye 
(heart) single and fixed on Him who is the Light of the world.  
In contrast the illuminatus "all-seeing eye" is pagan and the
whole body of paganism is full of a light that's actually darkness.

I mentioned how my Spiritual conversion involved 
fire, destruction and DEATH
 One day I threw out some ornaments I owned: a large gold buddha head 
and a dancing Shivapagan idols by any other name - and over several weeks
came under psychic and physical attack: the guy living above me for a decade was
already somewhat unhinged but went
progressively crazier. I hadn't told him of
my conversion but he'd secretly hoarded steel jerry cans filled with diesel and
petrol, and on Valentines day blew up the 3 storey block of flats we lived in:

killing himself and destroying the entire building.
๐Ÿ’ฅ The rubble blazed like an INFERNO ๐Ÿ”ฅ
I lived on the ground floor.
 It made the national news.  

I was over a hundred miles away at the time.
But I could've been there. I was gonna 
go home that day, but delayed to the next.
 The inquest presumed it an accident 
that could've happened at any time. 
 Hindu/pagan/pantheistic energies are sweetness and 
light when we're in resonance but reject or go against them 
and they become positively demonic and try to KILL YOU.
Except they can't actually touch you because 
the Grace of holy Spirit is sure and true.

 This prologue to the main bulk of my 
rather lengthy "blog" gets to the poisoned heart of the 
pressing matter of the blighted spirituality of mankind.
I offer no apologies for throwing any 
wandering secularists or curious spiritual 
neophytes in at the deep end.

I offer no concessions to the more seasoned in spiritual affairs,
or those under sway of a grandiose guru, or those channeling specious
or those who only build on evidence, or the hordes under the
influence of one of the most heinous of modern deceptions:
the Law of Attraction Distraction
Spirit doesn't ingratiate the arrogant egotism of a 
David Icke, the imprudent wisdoms of the eminently Stoical Eckhart 
Tolle, the pilfering Alan Watts, the quasi- cosmic craziness of David Wilcock, 
the smarmy schmaltz of Matt Khan or the pig-ignorant blather of the 
singularly narcissistic faux philanthropist Russell Brand with his penchant 
for believing in, and copiously proffering, ages of faux enlightenment.
I used to love those sorta characters, now I'm repulsed 
by everything they say. They consistently pull the wool right 
over everyone's eyes because their own eyes are so very woolly. 
And they wear trendy new age  
magenta tinted specs over 'em too.

Such "luminaries" are spiritual perversions beguiling millions  
with fashionable platitudes; spoon-feeding legions of unwitting 
"spiritual" chumpsters with sugar-coated esoteric fabrications. 


  Many ingenious methods of fathoming reality are formulated,
which - clever as they are - nevertheless lead people far from the truth.

 As a new ager the fact (or nonsense) of enlightenment and mysticism  
of any sort was a subject close to my heart for nigh on 30 years. 
I was interested in every major hindu guru or buddhist mystic 
 of the last couple centuries - some minor ones too - and for all the proclaimed  
enlightenment they exude the deepest ignorance, the most deranged mentalities 
and indulge highly immoral behaviour. It's all about self-exaltation - which ain't 
at all good. Rather than accepting Jesus, which credits them for righteousness, 
they're wholly self-righteous and harbour dark thoughts/emotions aplenty. 
They live according to the flesh not SPIRIT. 
  In the face of so much preposterous spiritual tomfoolery 
I'm helping share insight which shows all the new age proprietors for 
what they are: utterly deceived and ultimately futile. Swayed by popular 
mysticisms and psuedo-numinosities many parade a once noble and 
Divinely situated spirituality turned upside down or back to front.
 Hardly anyone is tackling one of the MAJOR religious
head on with experience and insight, and so - with 
a sense of reluctant fortitude - I'm helping expose some quite 
duplicitous personalities and their convoluted spiritualities.
"... when we have no one to grope towards, no devil to lay our blame upon, no Personal God to carry our burdens, when we are alone responsible, then we shall rise to our highest and best. I am responsible for my fate, I am the bringer of good unto myself, I am the bringer of evil. I am the Pure and Blessed One... I have neither death nor fear, I have neither caste nor creed. I have neither father nor mother nor brother, neither friend nor foe, for I am Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss Absolute; I am the Blissful One, I am the Blissful One. I am not bound by either virtue or vice, by happiness or misery. Pilgrimages and books and ceremonies can never bind me. I have neither hunger nor thirst; the body is not mine, nor am I subject to the superstitions and decay that come to the body, I am Existence, Knowledge and Bliss Absolute; I am the blissful One, 
    I am the Blissful One." 
 Swami Vivekananda -

That's precisely the sorta uber-deluded bullshittery permeating 
this corrupted earth from deepest antiquity to the "power of now"  
Hypnotised by hindu thought waves and mesmerized by a variety of  
vain affirmations and perfidious mantras I used to think like Vivekananda; 
but nowadays I think the polar opposite. Turns out my former ways of perceiving and reasoning were founded on a primeval and prevailing psychic equivocation 
and - by the Spirit in me - I must resoundingly rebuke  
anyone so falsely identifying with 
The more I read such brazen self-assessments - verily going viral 
these days - the more hideously pompous they appear. What spiritual arrogance 
excretes from Vivekananda! What belligerence! What utter blasphemy! 
That's where rarefied hinduism can take an aspiring soul:
to the metaphysical heights of ancient spiritual perversion
 Contrary to popular opinion being older doesn't make a religion better 
situated in truth. Far from it as it happens: seemingly unbeknownst to multiple 
historical and contemporary "gurus" spiritual corruption is atavistic.
Hinduism ain't exempt from spiritual perversion and neither is 
buddhism, they're essential to it's maintenance and indicative of the 
loftiest delusions of grandeur an infringed psyche can conjure. 
Vivekananda's vain presumption ain't a 
result of spiritual enlightenment but of deviation.
 So many are living spiritual reality
 fabrications that are actually deviations.
 Spirituality ain't about being GOD.
It's about humility before GOD.
There was zero humility in Vivekananda,
just a really quite obscene megalomania.
I well understand the prophet Jeremiah's assertion that it 
isn't in men (or women) to direct their own steps. They lead
themselves and everyone who follows 'em into strong delusion.
Don't we see a lot of that in the world today

 An eager participant of the pagan Roman Catholic Church sanctioned  
World Parliament of Religions in 1893 Vivekananda gained posthumous success 
promoting neo-vedantic hinduism, paving the way for a gamut of 20th century 
spiritual criminals, and I don't say that lightly, such as Osho, Maharishi, Adi Da Samraj and "Sadhguru" (to name just four) to rise up and appoint themselves mediators between God and man, initiating large swathes of humanity into their  
exotic sense based mind-control cults.
 People are fools if they think "gurus" or Yogi's represent anything good or 
elevated about mankind. For all the psychological nous there's nothing 
Divine dwelling in them. They're living mockeries of the Divine: 
I used to consider neo-vedantic detachment endearingly 
eccentric and most enlightened. Now I know it's illumination by a 
very different light than the Light of Spirit. Now I consider it a deep 
corruption of the heart; even an inbred psychic madness endemic 
to the spiritual retardation of the ages.

 So called enlightened ones are spiritually perverted folk  
carelessly perpetuating an ancient human-Divine dichotomy.
   Vivekananda's brazen uber-delusion arose from a
spiritual misapprehension all too prominent these days:
a clear display of primal spiritual subterfuge.
Seductive yet irreverent by nature nothing of truth or Divinity can be 
gleaned from such impudent self-assessments; they're reflective of the fatuous 
"I Will" decrees of an ancient self-exalted cherubim; the self-same perverted entity 
possessing kings, "holy men" and mystics for millennia; and latterly through the 
self-obsessed new age, neo-vedantism and the original theosophists.
(Isaiah 14: 13-14)

Long before neo-vedantism I was into theosophy for a time, when I was much younger, insomuch that I read all the literature and was predisposed to seriously consider theosophy to be in touch with the Supreme Truth. Back then I eagerly absorbed as much "ancient wisdom" as I could find; generally from the local library (well stocked) but now I see Theosophy is one of many at variance cosmologies imposed upon the naked psyche of mankind for millennia. 
The elemental "I Will" intention behind 
Vivekananda's "I Am" proclamations continue to fuel the 
new age's blasphemous perspective on enlightenment.
 It transires that there's no actual Divine truth in  
Vivekananda's blatant God complex. His entire bearing 
projects subliminal rebellion against the Divine 

 We live in an eminently egotistical world 
brimming with haughty self-absorptions, over 
sensitive feelings and psychotic religious fervour. 
 "spiritual" people talk such a lotta spiritual BS
and much of the BS is extracted from channeling.
(Channeling is a nuanced 
yet highly deceptive practise
I talk more about in the
New Age section of this blog)
Vivekananda's sort, and many mystics besides,
channel the uber-delusion of a highfalutin  
fallen angel/cherubim. 
That cherubim's nefarious dark light flourishes 
in hindu godmen,  buddhist mystics and new agers everywhere. 
 It's no coincidence that the cult of Theosophy arose in synchro 
with the neo-vedantists during the late 19th century. 
Proffering a fresh spin on hinduism by astutely morphing vedantism into neo-vedantism, the lofty Vivekananda's foremost intent was negation of the despised influence of  christianity in India back then, which - in concordance with the duplicitous spirits initiating the Theosophical society - helped set up the 
final surge of luciferian anti-Christ supremacy in the end-time period.
As it happens the right here, right now period.
In stern rebuttal of Theosophical and by turns new age theology 
the whole order of nature does not evince a progressive march 
towards a higher life because - as it is - nature isn't at all natural: 
Life is fundamentally corrupt at the core vibrational level.
 Turns out the world is in a state of spiritual collapse:
 Nature functions in violation of Divine Laws


 The business of God realisation is a very
desirous business for many influential poobahs
 Following in the footsteps of the haughty Vivekananda we have in 
our day one Deepak Chopra - ex disciple of the Beatles' guru, the facetious 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - making similarly ostentatious claims:  

"In reality, we are divinity in disguise, and the gods and goddesses 
within us in embryo that are contained within us seek to be fully materialised. 
We must find out for ourselves that inside us is a god or goddess that wants 
to be born so that we can express our divinity."

  What a lotta high-end, plagiarised, vain speculative bollocks. 
Too many are besides themselves in
eagerness to lap up ear ticklin' porky pies.
It's frightening to consider just how many spiritually reprobate minds 
are fooled by similarly alluring sound bites and make them their own.
 Multitudes certainly aren't awakening to the truth 
and definitely ain't rising to the "highest and best" of themselves;
but to the worst of haughty self-appraisals and misapprehensions.
It's frickin' ridiculous. 
Viv and Deepak's ego enchanting spiel infects the hordes of 
theology dilettantes, idiot savants and alpha geeks running amok today: 
diverse and most vocal troops of purely beguiled ones who presume to know 
what spirituality is yet know nothin outside of the power of suggestion. 
The more I look at Viv and Deeps blustering proclamations 
the more unawakened they appear. Their conceited theology is
rooted in an ancient prevarication still twisting itself around and about 
in ever more strident efforts to radiate a hallucinatory sheen of truth.
It's time to realise that they don't speak for the 
actual truth of our spiritual life situation but SING of 
the theological belligerence and esoteric criminality 
multitudes of unwitting spiritual racketeers propagate. 
To pagan eyes hinduism appears deep and spiritual.  
But with eyes to See it's a monstrous fabrication.... 
As a hindu roots new ager the pantheism of hinduism, that every-
thing is ultimately God - made it stand tall above other religions.
I thought it the unsullied source of ALL religions. 
Turns out the opposite is the case:
there's nothin Godly about hinduism.  

Like pretty much everyone in history the migrating
indo-aryans were spiritually misinformed.
 Pantheistic notions of personal godhood arise from 
a primordially perverted core spiritual nature. The oft remarked 
notion that people meditated for thousands of years means nothin'
besides revealing the MASSIVE extent of psychic coercion 
and the attendant spiritual delusions rooted deep in the 
psyche of all cultures since deepest antiquity. 

 Around 2012 I'd exhausted hindu and neo-vedantic 
theology and - lookin at all the increasingly absurd new age folks  -
somethin' urged me to reject monism. At the time I was scrutinizing 
historical vedanta schools and their luminaries to see who 
I could find and what I could glean.
In the years leading to my conversion I identified with the  
Dvaita (dualism) teachings of Madhvacharya and his "realist viewpoint" which - with hindsight - set up the transition to the Light of Spirit relatively smoothly, allowing the rejection of all that I believed before fairly easily.

I initially found Madvhacharya interesting 'cos he debunked the 
monist views of Advaita Vedanta; even accusing one of it's leading the 
founders - the renowned Adi Shankara no less - and Advaitins 
in general of being deceitful demons  
Why would one steeped in the lore of the Vedas and the Upanishads, 
and an honoured self-realiser himself, be so bitchy? Nevertheless I'm
convinced he was right, 'cos - sans
Christ - no religion or state of
(or no-mind) is free from spiritual deception.
Unfortunately Advaita philosophy became the more 
widely accepted. As we see all too clearly in the new age. 
Although an outspoken maverick and a radical realiser Madvha 
was erroneous; harbouring the usual delusions of grandeur endemic 
to hindu thought waves and "self-realisation" in general: 
He thought he was the son of god. 
The son of the god Vishnu in his case - Vayu.
Madvha reckoned himself the third avatar of Vayu!
   After 3 decades of meditation, new age and Brahman  
I confidently conclude that hindu and buddhist approaches to  
God and/or moksha/nirvana are rife with the strongest delusion.  
I know those paths don't lead to real God
because they lead very far from Him.

God hates our self-absorbed ways. 
Self-Exaltation is of the devil.
Famous classical and "neo" vedantists
were/are conceited deviants simple as.
The reason comes into sharp relief in light of the 
scriptural statement that the heart (sans Spirit) is deceitful above all things. 
But of course it is: a heart left to it's own devices conceives all manner of 
deceptive thoughts which go on to find genius methods of expression.
Hinduism is a religion which a few headstrong, self-willed 
ancient hindus AMPLIFIED to such a pitch of madness that it still 
seems highly spiritual to the unguarded and unrenewed mind. 
On the surface India's gods and mythology seem unique, but they're intimately connected to Greece and Egypt and therefore wholly rooted in paganism. The hindu trinity of brahma, vishnu and shiva derive from the sons of Noah, which are - along with their children and grandchildren - the template for every god of the ancient world. It's said that "Sama,'" "Chama,'' and "Pra Japeti'' are born of every "Menu'' (also called ''Ish Nuh," "the man, Noah") and that these three were the human names of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. "Sama," "Chama" and "Pra japati"  
are Shem, Ham and Japheth.

You can dive deeper into the knowledge of the origin of all the 
 pagan deities behind hinduism, buddhism and the new age by reading  
The Worship of the Dead 
by John Garnier, written around 1908:


"True spirituality - a noble and sublime attainment -
now suffices in tantalizing and ostentatious display"

 It's sobering to realise that amidst the clamour of the many imposter 
gods and goddesses, the hindu's hadn't an actual clue who the real God is. 
So much falling out over truth occured because they didn't have the truth! 
They were so full of themselves, and their own works, they couldn't perceive 
never mind receive. For sure they would've heard of Yahshua/Jesus Christ 
but they were so enraptured by their presumed enlightenment 
 that they were utterly blind to the truth

Oh the irony.
The "godmen" and buddha's arose out of humanity's 
constant struggle with morality, passions, deeds, intrigues, 
evil, compassion, ambitions, subjugation, power struggles and 
class wars, racism, faithfulness, deception and of course:   
They were as wrongheaded as any modern new age 
persona because their enlightenment emerged from a 
drastically reduced level of native spiritual awareness. 
That really quite drastic reduction of original cognition is still 
the default setting of our minds, and the psychic space around us
is severely psychically polluted. Pretty much everything man 
discovered and achieved over thousands of years was 
procured and administered inappositely.
  Contrary to popular persuasion spiritual EVIL is 
very real and only spiritually deceived hearts deny that.
 Realising the extent of the astute cunning of EVIL is so disturbing 
that most resolutely ignore it and indulge instead their dreambodies. 
Considering reality an illusion (in the hindu/buddhist sense)
is quite the trendy thing. But it's the top-tier expression of
ancient EVIL converted to the modern mindset.

 Reality is not an illusion per se: 
 collectively - with the help of swindling supernal entities - mankind 
has made reality what it is and we have to deal with it realistically, not revert 
to practicing meditation under pretenses of connecting with our "higher self" 
'cos such things merely position our heads firmly up our arse and  
exacerbate our personal delusions. 
It's time to hit the illusion-delusion where it hurts, with a large shot of 
 Spiritual Reality sobriety. Reality (as we know it) is verily saturated with deep-seated deceptions upheld by a regnant spiritual artifice all of the distinguished hindu yogis and buddhist mystics were subject to, yet were completely oblivious of. 

The ancient rishis termed it mฤyฤ (sanskrit เคฎाเคฏा mฤyฤ) literally meaning "illusion" and "magic" which is only half the truth and very misleading, giving people all sorts of turgid ideas arising from the profoundest mercurial applesauce.
The renowned rishis of ancient India - the founders of hinduism and by turns buddhism - weren't exempt from the subtlest psychic coercions; they were as spiritually deceived as anyone can be. They were wide open vessels used by supernal spirits messin with their subconcious minds. For all the deep self-absorption and fancy ass rhetoric those rishi's never actually transcended mฤyฤ; they viewed reality through a very different light than the Light of Spirit and failed to see the perverted state of the world much less their own congenitally corrupted psyche.
The great and terrible irony is they were unwitting 
channels of mฤyฤ and subject to the extravagant lies of 
deviant spirits and rebel angels turned archons. 

Those wayward spirit's still operate behind the scenes of everyday life, channeling through chosen ones, guiding enquiring minds seeking answers, and messin' with the fabric of mฤyฤ for their own ends. David Copperfield, Dynamo et al are rank amateurs compared to the dark magicians mankind is constantly confounded by. 
 Another significant player - not sittin idly on the bench but 
in active play - is right here within us. Known in hinduism as  
"avidya" or personal delusion and cognitive limitation: 

"the entrenched misunderstanding of ourselves 
and the world. The effect of avidya is to suppress the real 
nature of things and present something else in its place." 

Basically that means we view 
the world through our own highly 
malleable psychic bullshit.

The awful paradox of the ancient rishi's is 
 they failed to realise that the world is fundamentally 
corrupted and ruled by luciferian powers/principalities.
  Yoga arose out of the numinous  
corruptions of ancient India.

 Yoga is union with "Brahman," which is a specious 
energy field in resonance with deviant angelic nature.
Yoga evokes "powerful ideas" for sure but they arise 
from aberrant entities exiled from the Light of Spirit.

      You know why yoga is so much spiritual BS?

A lotta vain, rich celebrities practise yoga!

Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds:

they want all the wealth of the
world AND Eternal Spiritual Security.
But real Spirituality don't work that way.  

We don't get into Heaven after doin' 
whatever the hell we like while on earth. 
The myth of the source of all yoga is based on an illustrious character: 
the original yogi, lately proffered by popular indian guru decepticon Jaggi Vasudev (the ridiculous Sadhguru) was inspired by the supposed first "adiyogi" - Shiva. It's all very convenient for the gullible yogi's of the world but turns out Shiva is a stylised depiction of a particular regnant spirit working hard to push an insidious agenda all it's own: that ol' cherubim known in ancient aramaic-hebrew as  
 We've inherited a planetary paroxysm of hatred 
for true Divinity; even a degradation of spirituality in favour 
of the debased philanderings of faux Godmen and over 
the top spiritual quackery all too apparent to my renewed mind.
 In Light of Spirit the hindu luminaries I used to love and respect 
turn out to be dead wrong. Spirit is completely at odds with hindu/buddhist/
pantheistic ways of perceiving reality. It transpires that hinduism was concocted 
by the same deviant beings who initiated the theosophical and new age beliefs 
of today, and are indicative of the manifold occult subversions imposed 
on the psyche of mankind for millennia:  
a prodigious spiritual ruse billions have literally fallen* for ๐Ÿ˜ต  
*The Fall is a tragic and universal affair addressed 
more firmly in the Spiritual Realisation section of this blog.
Vivekananda, Maharishi, Osho, Adi Da Samraj et al were steeped 
in ancient spiritual deceptions reinvented for the neo-vedantic mindset.  
Lookin closer at the wide range of hindu "masters" and self-realisers, hyper-delusion clearly reigns: sexual immorality is rife, perversion profligates and even pedophilia is present in the minds of yogis, maharishi's and bhagwan's heinously feigning wisdom and holiness; fooling millions with their charismatic mesmerism. 
There's nothing "Holy" about yoga. 
Hindu style god realisation isn't realising real GOD.
 It's inherently idolatrous pantheistic/nature worship. I no longer 
subscribe to pantheism, which considers GOD identical with nature.

The original metaphysics of human cognition have been 
compromised and we've inherited the consequencies: 
a world divorced from Divinity.

Hindu's and buddhists violate man's native spirituality.
The millions of perpetually stoned 
indian "holy men" or sadhus for instance... 

Yeah those jerk offs: 
a lotta folks think they're practising advanced spirituality.
Mind over matter. The gnostics began under the same impetus,
proclaiming matter essentially evil. Something to be set free from.
 Sadhus believe they're in a state of full power >SHIVA< 

Sadhus fully represent the sort of sly spiritual 
travesty I'm talkin a lot about in this 'ere blog.
what a grand show of spiritual misrepresentation. Not to mention rank idiocy.  
Sadhus are obsessed with death, covering themselves in the ashes of the dead  
and what have you. It's ridiculous, disturbing and not at all spiritual: 
with eyes to see Spiritual death dwells within so called "Sadhus" 
They're gross perversions of humanity
symbolic of the darkest spiritual subversions hinduism, 
buddhism and by turns the new age represent.

It's all so much bad to the bones baloney.
Hindu "holy" (sic) men damn their own souls and all who follow.

For all the grandiose statements and numinous fireworks  
hinduism is a deeply misleading faith. Instead of providing productive 
spirituality anchored in the Harmony of Divinity it deals in the 
deepest spiritual subversions.  
Hinduism is firmly secured in an esoteric duplicity 
obscuring truth from all sides of the human psyche. 
Hinduism provides no clear answers or practical solutions to the 
why's and wherefores of the extremes of historic and contemporary 
human suffering, intead it proffers abstract concepts such as "mฤyฤ" and 
a huge cosmic cycle we're expected to blithely accept without question.
 Hindu's skate around the big issues and never address 'em head on, 
decoying instead to yet another grandiose cosmology 
(among many available today) populated by freaky hybrid beings


It's glaringly obvious pagan forces run this planet.

We live in the midst of a darkness pretending to be Light:   

high deception posing as spiritual enlightenment.

Our innate psychic climate is highly populated 

by deviant angelic beings exiled from Divinity.


Hinduism was created by pagan "gods" by any other name:  

once Divine now fallen beings with earth their playground; setting 

themselves up as gods and goddesses (ministers of righteousness).

There is a mind - a self styled god - behind the myth of
the first yogi; the aforementioned adiyogi otherwise known as Shiva
currently idolised in a grotesque 40ft graven image by the abominably 
smarmy arch deceptor "Sadhguru" - sitting pretty within earth's electro-
magnetic fields; running the planetary show and the intelligence behind it.

That mind is entirely hostile towards true Divinity, methodically

deviating man's innate spirituality and true moral compass by fooling 

billions into believing massive esoteric perversions.


That "god" dwells within the minds and hearts

of hindu luminaries such as Vivekananda. 

  That spirit is the guiding light behind 

all enlightened ones and mystics 

right on up to our present day now.  


That mind, god and spirit is known as S A T A N



A lotta people struggle to believe in a literal satan.

They prefer to believe he's a christian myth

or an allegory of inner spiritual dynamics.

That's how I used to think of the Holy Spirit๐Ÿ˜


But there's no allegory of internal spiritual 

dynamics going on here. Zero gnosticism is involved.

  Our exoteric LORD Jesus testified of a literal satan. 


As a new ager I wasn't convinced

but by the Light of Spirit satan is real, 

highly active and diabolically clever.


We're all exposed to satan's 

influence 'cos he's the ruler of this world,

 "... that old serpent, called the Devil, and  

Satan, which deceiveth the whole world."

And that includes hindu's and buddhists.


 You may have heard the argument that since nowhere in 

the Bible is it directly stated that Lucifer is Satan, maybe he’s not.

However, reading scripture by the Light of Spirit you 
will see that it says so indirectly. Begin in Isaiah 14:12:

"How you are fallen from heaven, 
O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cast down 
 to the ground, you who weakened the nations."

Now compare that declaration with later 
clarification in the Revelation of Jesus Christ
Chapter 12 Verse 9,

"So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, 
the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; 
he was cast to the earth..."
Lucifer is indeed that old devil, Satan!
The fall of Lucifer is why Lucferianism is the 
initiator and guiding power of the 
new age and all the world's political affairs.


 Satan bewitches in crude ways but also in artful fashions:

bedevilling the minds of millions with ornamented 

spiritual and religious fabrications.


 Not only is satan able to deceive the self-assured 

(yogi's, bhagwans, maharishi's, buddha's and bodhi's

but also those who walk the christian faith. 


"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly,

that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, 

giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

  Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their 
conscience seared with a hot iron."


  Billions fall for the 

seductions of false beliefs. 

Satan has the uncanny ability to 

make people believe lies passionately

 Don't we see a lot of THAT in the world today. 

We have a spiritually retarded state

of affairs here on
planet earth. 
It's not hard to deceive mankind. If you think you have a progressive, 
radical mind following your own spiritual path to God, satan's mind overshadows you, implanting thoughts and ideas; using your God given abilities against you for his nefarious purposes. Legions of spirits secure our cooperation by whatever means necessary: appealing to intellect, stroking egos, deceiving with astral glamourings or drugging people with feelings of "bliss" like so many spiritual junkies; inducing manifold quasi- mystical DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR

 Hindu style "neo-vedantists" and theosophists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were occupied by a resurgent dark power they were either privy to or completely unaware of. The terrible irony is that those who vehemently consider themselves (or others) to be awake or enlightened are anything but: they're fast asleep dreaming lucid dreams. The "light" they shine is a form of darkness ๐Ÿ˜ง

The oversoul or "higher self" of the world is satan allied with a conglomerate of maverick spiritual beings hostile to the Creator and the original purpose of mankind. They manifest as angels of light or ministers of righteousness, gods and goddesses or artificial intelligence, or some trippy hybrid deity suiting the belief system of whatever aspiring soul or culture, tapping into their subjective romantic and spiritual ideals 

"Ramakrishna" was a major pawn in that respect

Ramakrishna was Vivekananda's revered guru from whom he received instruction and his blasphemous spiritual ideals. Rama held fast to the romanticized belief that all paths lead to the one true God: the all religions as one scenario. Which seems innocent enough on the surface but there's a seriously shady causality behind it it. 

 Rama was brimming with kundalini/serpent power  

which obviously rendered him completely mad: 

a madness some bum-steered folks consider Divine!


There was nothin' Divine about Ramakrishna.

He looked retarded to me, which I now know he was. 

Rama's an example of luminaries unwittingly waxing lyrical 

over ancient esoteric corruption, and the strong delusions

induced by hinduism's pantheon of "gods and goddesses" 


Below is a stylised depiction of an old photo of Rama  

giving the "Karana Mudra" hand signal of tibetan buddhism. 

 We know it as the hail satan salute. Which it is.

It goes to show that for all the "enlightenment" 

men like Rama failed to cognise what they were really into.  

  There he is saluting, and exalting, SATAN in his heart and - via his disciple 
Vivekananda - securing a great many unwitting souls in the 20th century 
by the deception of neo-vedantism still saturating new age theology. 
 Rama's obviously returning a gesture given in 

visions of the "mother goddess" he so venerated.

 It's no accident one of the 3 or 4 decent pics 

available of Rama caught that for posterity.
 I used to be enamoured by characters 
like Ramakrishna. Not anymore.

It's no coincidence Ramakrishna used the  
Karana Mudra/hail satan in his daily devotions.
However benign the meaning has become in our modern mind
(universal with hard rock/metal fans) it represents obeisance to the 
(presumed) Divine superiority of satan. A belief also proffered by the 
Theosophical society, which, coincidentally (not) was created in Rama's 
time by the same dark power active since deepest antiquity.
 It's no coincidence the darkly overshadowed Nazi party used 
the swastika under pretenses of national pride and unity, and then killed 
tens of millions over a relatively short amount of terrestrial time. 
Rama offers the mudra under pretence of  
religious unity which spiritually slays billions over a 
longer amount of time - stretching into Eternity.

 There's no use rationalising away Ramakrishna's hail satan anymore than 
it's useful to dismiss the nazi party's use of the swastika because (we're told) 
it's a benign symbol denoting goodness and "well being" used by Hitler for evil purposes. It isn't benign or good, it's a pagan/tibetan buddhist symbol of sun worship with all the pantheistic spiritual perversions inherent therein.
The prevalence of the swastika/pagan sun symbol in olde  
tibetan buddhism denotes the dark presence behind that religion's 
inception. Rama using the Mudra betrays the same secret  
dark force at work in his spiritual life.

Serious shit folks!
For all the presumed enlightenment Ramakrishna  
hadn't an actual clue what he was really into:  
Hindu style guru's - whether Bhagwan's, Yogi's or Maharishi's
are clear indication of nefarious esoteric powers which have 
made a monumental spiritual conspiracy.
The likes of Ramakrishna, Vivekananda and "Sadhguru"
arise from an ancient spiritual subversion utilising an  
endgame stratagem fast reaching apotheosis 

This is but a prologue to the rest of my blog ๐Ÿ˜ 

It's necessarily lengthy and presented in 4 sections: 
Hindu Godmen
Spiritual Realisation
The New Age
Spirit vs. the New Age 
I got lots to say.
If you think I've somethin' to say, you'll stay.
If you resonate you'll acclimate.
 If you don't you won't.
In this section I frequently mentioned spiritual 
perversion and corruption. In the following section titled 
I divulge WHY things are so perverted and corrupted.
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